Dalziel Camcorder Club. Dalziel Cine Club (amatuer film making club) Edit


Agent Type
Corporate Entity


  • 1960-2008 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • Dalziel Camcorder Club. Dalziel Cine Club (amatuer film making club)


  • Biography/Historical Note

    The club was founded by Jessie Matthews and started out as the Cine Section of Motherwell YMCA Camera Club and then in 1988, the club changed its name to Dalziel Cine & Video Club. The club needed new premises in 1962 and subsequently became a part of the Dalziel Co-op Educational Committee with the offer of free premises that the club began using in 1962. Throughout the clubs history it had to change premises four times.

    The club advertised meetings in newspapers, notably the Motherwell Times in order to recruit new members and the highest amount of subscribed members of the club at any one time was in 1964 with 79 members.

    The club comprised of committee members with the roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary and in 1979 Dr Norman T. Spiers was made Honary President. With a decrease in members and subscriptions over the years, the club had to come to an end with a final meeting held in March of 2008.

    This information was provided in the ‘Year by year summary of the clubs history 1960-2008’ by Brian Saberton.