Accounts and vouchers of transactions with the Oliphant family and the estate of Gask. Edit


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  • 1796-1838. (Creation)


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    28 volumes. Folio and under.



  • Scope and Contents

    The papers concern transactions by Dr Joseph Robertson (1796-1798), John Rutherford (1798-1803), the agents of the Commissioners (Robert Dundas, 1808-1817; John Archibald Campbell, 1817-1826; William Keith, 1826; Messrs Youngs, Aytoun and Rutherford, 1827-1832), and the factors on the estate (Robert Reid, 1806-1814; John Douglas, 1814-1830; Alexander Drummond, 1830-1834; Messrs Hunter and Conning, 1834-1838). Consolidated accounts for 1820-1833, vouchers for 1835-1838, agent`s papers for 1821-1822, 1827-1831, and after 1832, and all papers for 1827-1828 and 1830-1831 are wanting.

  • Arrangement

    The original arrangement has been preserved wherever it could be seen; the financial year begins mostly at Martinmas, occasionally at 31 December or 1 September; each year`s vouchers are divided into branches (variable, but mostly including debts repaid, interest paid, public and parochial burdens, payments to the family, estate and household expenses, management expenses); where the original order within each branch is not indicated by endorsements, a chronological sequence has been imposed. Between the death of Laurence Blair Oliphant in 1819 and that of his widow in 1827, vouchers relating to Mrs Oliphant and to her estate of Ardblair are separated from those relating to Gask.