Collection consisting chiefly of sketches and drawings by Lieutenant-General G H Hutton, part 2, box 1. Edit


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Adv.MS.30.5.23 (1 of 14), numbers 1a-14b
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  • 1781-1820, and undated. (Creation)


  • 25 Items (Whole)



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    The contents are as follows: Fife (1a) St. Andrews, view from the east, print taken from a copy of ‘Reliquiae divi Andreae’ by George Martine (St. Andrews: James Morison, 1797), where it is the first illustration); (1b) St. Andrews, drawing, undated of view from the west, with the sea combat of the Dolphin and Solbay with the French frigate Belleisle, 1758, copied from an etching by – Clerk; (2) St. Andrews, Holy Trinity Church, drawing, undated; (3a) St. Andrews, Cathedral, plan, 1813, by Alexander Morton of remains, with elevation of St Regulus’ Tower; (3b) St. Andrews, Castel, Cathedral and St. Regulus’ Tower, drawing, [?1813], possibly by Alexander Morton; (4a) St. Andrews, St. Salvator’s, elevation and plan; and, Abercrombie, St. Monan’s Church, elevation and plan; all by Alexander Morton, [circa 1813]; (4b) St. Andrews, St. Salvator’s, drawing, undated, copied from sketch, undated, by James Cordiner; (5) Balmerino, Abbey, drawing, ?1781, (damaged) of part of interior; reproduced in ‘The antiquities of Scotland’ by Francis Grose (London: Samuel Hooper, 1791), volume 2, facing page 284; (6a) Balmerino, Abbey, plan, 1813, by Alexander Morton; (6b) Balmerino, Abbey, perspective view from north-east by Alexander Morton, 1813; (7) Crail, St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, plan, 1796, communicated by Andrew Bell; (8a)-(8b) Dogton, standing stone, drawings, 1785; (9a) Dunfermline, Abbey, drawing, undated; (9b) Dunfermline, Abbey, drawing, undated; (9c) Dunfermline, Abbey, pencil sketch, undated; (10a) Dunfermline, Abbey, drawing, undated; (10b) Dunfermline, Abbey, sketch, 1785, of interiors; (11) Dunfermline, Abbey, drawing, [?1791], of vaults by Francis Grose; (12a) Dunfermline, Abbey, plan and section, ?1806; (12b) Dunfermline, Abbey, plan, 1812, by Alexander Morton communicated by John Fernie; (13a) Inchcolm, Abbey, drawing, 1784, of north-east view; (13b) Inchcolm, Abbey, drawing, 1784, of west view; (14a) Inchcolm, plan, 1822, of island, showing abbey and military installations; (14b) Inchcolm, Abbey, plan and elevations, 1822.