Collection consisting chiefly of sketches and drawings by Lieutenant-General G H Hutton, part 2, box 10. Edit


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Adv.MS.30.5.23 (10 of 14), numbers 118-129c
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  • 1781-1820, and undated. (Creation)


  • 24 Items (Whole)



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    The contents are as follows: Perthshire (118) Perth, Barracks, drawing, 1783, of back looking west; (119) Perth, drawing, 1790, possibly by Francis Grose of cruciform monument on road three miles from Perth to Huntingtower; (120) Perth, copy, undated, by Hutton of (119); (121a) Scone, Palace, drawing, 1783; (121b) Scone, Palace, print, 1775, by A Rutherford; (122) Stobhall, print, [?1798], by D B Pyet; see also ‘Scots peerage’, volume 7, page 58; (123a) Strathfillan, Priory, sketch, 1820, of view of remains looking west; (123b) Strathfillan, Priory, sketch, 1789, of north view of remains; (123c) Strathfillan, Priory, descriptive notes, ?1789; (123d) Strathfillan, Priory, sketch, 1820, of north-west view; (124a) Loch Tay, drawing. 1789, of north view of remains of possible priory; (124b) Loch Tay, drawing, 1820, of view of possible priory from east; (124c) Loch Tay, notes, 1820, on remains; (125a) Loch Tay, drawing, 1789, of south-west view of remains of possible priory; (125b) Loch Tay, sketch, 1820, of remains of possible priory looking west; (126) Tullibardine, Church, drawing of south prospect; and, Tullibardine, Castle, in background, 1789; Renfrewshire (126a) Paisley, Abbey, sketch, 1813, of south-west view; Ross-shire (127) Applecross, drawing, undated (watermark, 1814), of cruciform monument; (128a) Fearn, Abbey, drawing, 1815, of south-east view; (128b) Fearn, Abbey, sketch, 1819, of north-east view; (128c) Fearn, Abbey, drawing, undated, of tombstone in churchyard; (129a) Fearn, Abbey, sketch, undated, of arch of funeral monument possibly of Earl Ferquhard; (129b) Fearn, Abbey, drawing, 1815, of funeral monument of Abbot Finlay McFaid; (129c) Fearn, Abbey, drawing of gravestone of Earl Ferquhard, with copy of notes of Hugh Ross, 1819.