Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames from Bannerman, M to Baring, T. Edit


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  • 1822-1916. (Creation)


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    The letters are arranged chronologically under each correspondent. A further correspondent has been added to the end of the sequence.

    Bannerman, M.

    Letter, 1850, of M Bannerman to ‘Robert’. Folios 1-2.

    Barber, F M.

    Letters, 1898, of F M Barber to John Murray IV and to Hallam Murray.

    Folios 3-5.

    Barber, H A.

    Letter, 1855, of H A Barber to ‘Sir’. Folios 6-9.

    Bar?ber, Katie.

    Letter, 1910, of Katie Bar?ber to John Murray IV. Folios 10-11.

    Barber, Thomas.

    Letter, 1885, of Thomas Barber to John Murray III. Folios 12-13.

    Enclosed with the letter is a printed letter, 1878, of Herbert Marriott, of the Three Towns’ Branch of the Christian Evidence Society, commending the lectures of Thomas Barber. Folio 14.

    Barbèra, G.

    Letter, 1871, of G Barbèra to John Murray III. Folio 15.

    Letter, 1891, on behalf of G Barbèra, publisher, to John Murray III. Folios 16-17.

    Barbury, L J.

    Letter, 1848, L J Barbury, Worcestershire, to ‘Sir’, possibly John Murray III. Folios 18-19.

    Barch, Luc.

    Letter, 1888, of Luc Barch probably to John Murray III. Folios 20-21.

    Barclay, George.

    Letters, 1889, of George Barclay to John Murray IV. Folios 22-25.

    Barclay, John.

    Letters, 1887 and 1896, of John Barclay to John Murray III and to John Murray IV. Folios 26-31.

    Barclay, Joseph.

    Letters, 1876-1878, of Joseph Barclay to John Murray III. Folios 32-47.

    Miscellaneous notes, [?1876-?1877], in the hands of John Murray III and John

    Murray IV, concerning the preparation for publication of “The Talmud”, by Joseph Barclay. Folios 48-51.

    Barclay, May.

    Letter, 1903, of May Barclay probably to Hallam Murray. Folios 52-53.

    Barclay, Robert.

    Letter, 1872, of Robert Barclay to John Murray III. Folios 54-55.

    Barff, William Anastasius.

    Letters, 1901, of William Barff to John Murray IV. Folios 56-58.

    Bargon, A.

    Letter, 1871, of A Bargon to John Murray III. The letter is in Italian.

    Folios 59-60.

    Barham, Francis Foster.

    Letters, 1838, of Francis Barham to John Murray, publishers. Folios 61-64.

    Baring, —

    Letter, 1839, of “Mr Baring”, Pall Mall, probably to John Murray II. Folios 65-66.

    Baring, Alexander.

    Letters, 1847, of Alexander Baring to John Murray III. Folios 67-74.

    Baring, B.

    Letters, 1898, of B Baring to John Murray IV. Folios 75-76.

    Baring, Evelyn.

    Letters, 1910, 1912 and 1916 of Evelyn Baring to John Murray IV.

    Folios 77-94.

    Press cuttings, 1916, of a letter of Evelyn Baring, concerning womens’ suffrage, sent to “The Editor” of “The Daily News and Leader”, the “Sheffield Daily Telegraph” and “The Yorkshire Herald”. A draft of the letter (folio 91) was sent as an enclosure to Baring’s letter to John Murray IV of the 7 November 1916 (folio 90). Folios 95-97.

    Press cutting, [?1916], possibly from “The Manchester Guardian”, of an article on womens’ suffrage, “The war register”. Folio 98.

    Folio 82. Note, [1912], of George Prothero to John Murray IV. The note would appear to relate to Murray’s letter to Evelyn Baring of the 8 December 1912 (folios 83-85).

    Folios 83-85. Wet-press copy of a letter, 8 December 1912, of John Murray IV to Evelyn Baring.

    Folio 94. Wet-press copy of a letter, 1916, of John Murray IV to Evelyn Baring.

    Baring, Helen.

    Letter, 1907, of Helen Baring to John Murray IV. Folios 99-100.

    Baring, Olive Althea.

    Letters. 1911, of Olive Baring to John Murray IV. Folios 101-105.

    Baring, Susan.

    Letter, 1822, of Susan Baring to William Gifford. Folios 106-107.

    Baring, Thomas George.

    Letters, 1897, of Thomas Baring to John Murray IV. Folios 108-112.

    Barber, Margaret Fairless.

    Letters, 1901, of Margaret Fairless to John Murray IV. Folios 113-118.

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