Manuscript of a commentary on the `De consolatione philosophiae` of Boethius, written by Michael Miniclardi, probably notary in Dieppe. Edit




  • 1443. (Creation)


  • 0.00 linear metres (Whole)
    230 folios.



  • Physical Description

    0.00 linear metres230 folios.142.00 x 227.00 millimetres

  • Dimensions

    142.00 x 227.00 millimetres

  • Scope and Contents

    The main text ends on folio 221 verso. Folio 222 contains 30 hexameters on Boethius (incipit `Floruit hic doctor clarusque Boetius autor`). Folios 223-228 recto contain an `exortatio` `ad honorem dei et sanctorum apostolorum petri et pauli`, written by Miniclardi in 1444. Folio 228 verso-230 verso contain, in a different hand, a draft speech against Q Ligarius (defended by Cicero in his extant speech `Pro Ligario`), presumably a school exercise; interlinear corrections are possibly by Miniclardi; the first line is repeated in a blank space on folio 139 recto.

    The text is written in a small cursive hand with frequent abbreviations. Initials, some infilled, paragraph marks, and underlining of lemmata are in red. There are diagrams on folios 43, 163, and 164, and spaces left for others on folios 17 verso, 24, 46, 49, 81, 115, and 116 verso.

    The scribe gives his name and the date of writing in several places: folio 139 verso `Explicit liber 3us boetii de consolatione scriptus penultima mensis Junii 1443`; folio 186 `Explicit 4us liber boetii de consolatione philosophie completus In vigilia decollationis Sancti Johannis Baptiste 1443º`; folio 221 verso `Et sic finitur glosa super quinque partiales libros tocius operis boetii de consolatione philosophic quam ego michael miniclardi raanu propria scripsi anno domini milesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo tercio et illius anni quarta decima mensis augusti dominus delphinus v...ensis anglicos incredibiliter ordinatos ac per magnum temporis spacium fortificatos in obsidione posita per eos ante villam nominatum diepe favente deo per insultum trium horarum mirabiliter expugnavit et expulit non modicam ipsorum copiam occidendo et dictam villam strenue liberando quare sibi laus et honor`; folio 228 `Explicit optima exortatio scripta per manum michaelis miniclardi incepta xxv rnensis Septembris et eadem die finita 1444. Ita est. M.Miniclardi [notarial mark].`

  • Arrangement

    Collation: 1¹² (-1), 2-3¹², 4¹⁶, 5¹², 6¹⁰, 7¹², 8-9¹⁶, 10¹², 11-13¹⁶, 14¹², 15¹⁰, 16¹², 17¹⁶, 18⁴ (-4). Quire numbering in red in the outer lower corner of the verso in gathering 5. Catchwords in the inner lower margin of the last verso of each gathering (lost in 4 and 17). Ruling in ink. 1 column. 26-29 lines. Ruled area 142-150 x 90-100 millimetres.

  • Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

    Paper (watermarks: 2 versions of ox-head, one similar to Piccard ii VIII, Netherlands and Germany, 15th century; 2 versions of anchor, Mosin Fr.I.1.b and g, France, mid 15th century; unidentified).

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Presented, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates to the nation on the foundation of the National Library of Scotland.

  • Custodial History

    The manuscript was presented to the Advocates’ Library in 1820 by William Earl of Mansfield.