Manuscript of the ‘Regiam Maiestatem’, ‘Quoniam attachiamenta’, statutes, and burgh laws, written in 1439. Edit




  • ?14th century-1439. (Creation)


  • 0.00 linear metres (Whole)
    172 folios.



  • Physical Description

    0.00 linear metres172 folios.200.00 x 285.00 millimetres

  • Dimensions

    200.00 x 285.00 millimetres

  • Scope and Contents

    The contents of the volume are as follows:

    (i) Table for the volume (folio 1). The sections appear in the order (ii)-(iv), (vi), (v), (vii). Single leaves are lost before folio 1 (for section (ii), part 1 and part 2, chapters 1-9) and folio 12 (for section (v), chapters 109-154).

    (ii) `Regiam Maiestatem` in 3 parts of 34, 114, and 64 chapters (folio 13). ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 233-277.

    (iii) ‘Quoniam attachiamenta` in 95 chapters (not numbered in the text; the modern pencil numeration is faulty) (folio 94 verso). ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 281-295.

    (iv) `Assise Regis David` in 41 chapters (including also some of William and Alexander II) (folio 115 verso). ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 3-13.

    (v) `Leges quatuor burgorum` in 186 chapters (136-140 are lost) (folio 126). Chapter 186 is `De custuma portuum`. ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 17-44, 303-308.

    Folio 164 verso blank.

    (vi) `Assisa Roberti de Brwys` in 22 chapters (21 in the table; 1-4 are lost) (folio 165). ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 107-114.

    (vii) `Iter camerarii` in 18 chapters (17-18 are lost) (folio 169). ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’, i, pages 329-338.

    Space has been left throughout for initials, which have not been added. Subscription on folio 164: `Expliciunt leges burgorum xvij die mensis decembris Anno domini mº ccccº xxxnono. Deo gratias.`

  • Arrangement

    Collation: 1¹⁶ (-1, 2, 3, 13), 2-5¹⁶, 6¹⁴, 7-9¹⁶, 10¹⁶ (-10, 11), 11¹⁴ (-13, 14), 12¹⁰ (-9, 10). No signatures. Catchwords in extreme lower right-hand margin of last verso, parallel to the text (preserved in gatherings 2-10). Ruling in ink. 1 column. 24-28 lines. Ruled area 180-190 x 110-125 millimetres.

  • Bibliography

    ‘Acts of the Scottish Parliament’.

  • Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

    Paper (watermarks: gatherings 1-3, 6, 9-12 crossed keys, similar to Briquet 3867-3868, Germany 1417-1458; gatherings 4-5 unidentified; gatherings 7-8 two-wheeled cart). Full leather binding with Advocates` Library stamp, late 18th century.

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Presented, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates to the nation on the foundation of the National Library of Scotland.

  • Custodial History

    The name Jhone -- is on folio 12 verso, and Knox on folio 89 verso Former pressmark: W.4.5. The manuscript was acquired by the Advocates’ Library before 1787.