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Collection consisting chiefly of sketches and drawings by Lieutenant-General G H Hutton, part 1, box 5., 1789-1815, undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.30.5.22 (5 of 7), numbers 26e-30c

Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows: Argyllshire (26e) Drawing, ‘Monument at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey, 13 Aug. 1802. It lies within the church, to the east near the burial place of Dugald Campbell Esqr. of Carradale’. (26f) Drawing, ‘Monument of Ronald More Macalaster in Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey, 18 Aug. 1802. He was contemporary with Macdonald of [unclear] in N Cantyre. Another old monument lies close to it, as above deliniated [sic] but I could not procure any information concerning it’. (26g) Drawing, ‘Part of a cross at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey, Aug. 1802. It is said to have stood some yards to the north east of the church’. (26h) Sketch, ‘Monument at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey, 21 Augt. 1802. It lies to the east end of the burial ground’. (26i) Rubbing, ‘No. 1. Inscription on the monument of an ecclesiastic at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey in Cantyre, 17 Aug. 1802.’ (26j) Rubbing, ‘No. 2. Inscription on the monument of an ecclesiastic at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey in Cantyre, 17th Augt. 1802.’ (26k) Rubbing, ‘Inscription upon the monument of an ecclesiastic at Sadael [i.e. Saddell] Abbey in Argyllshire - 1802. The inscription occupies five lines.’

Ayrshire (27a) Reduced drawing, with areas of wash, ‘Ayr old bridge at from the Black Bull, 1789’. The drawing is marked ‘No. 24’. (27b) Sketch, ‘King Cave near Ayr, 10 Oct. 1811.’ (28a) Sketch, in pencil over worked in ink , ‘Monument near the east end of the church of Corsugal [i.e. Crossraguel] Abbey, on the south side of the great alter. 11th April 1813.’ (28b) Sketch, in pencil overworked in ink, ‘Monument in the church of Corssegul [i.e. Crossraguel] Abbey, on the north side of the church, on the west side of (& very near) the wall wch. divides the church. 11 Apl. 1813.’ (28c) Drawings, undated, of capitals of columns ‘In the chapter house & chapel of Corse Regal [i.e. Crossraguel] Abbey’. (28d) Sketch, ’The monastery of Fail, Ayrshire, south-west view, 10 Oct. 1800’. (28e) Sketch, ‘Fail [Trinitarian House] east view; Oct. 1800.’ (28f) Watercolour, ‘Ruins of the monastery of Failfurd from the west, 1800’ by R Taylor. (28g) Drawing, ‘Old tower of Kilwinning Abbey as it stood in 1806. Comd. by the Rev. Mr [William M] Stirling, minr. of Port Monteath.’ (28h) Drawing, circa 1789, in pencil overworked in ink, with areas of wash, of Kilwinning Abbey, by Francis Grose. Reproduced in ‘The antiquities of Scotland’ by Francis Grose, volume 2, facing page 212. (28i) Drawing, ‘Kilwinning [Abbey], 1789, communicated by the Revd. Mr. [William] Pollock.’

Banffshire (29a) Sketch, undated, ‘The old church [i.e. St. Mary’s Church] at Banff, [copied] from a sketch by the Revd. J[ames] Cordiner.’ (29b) Watercolour, ‘Remains of the old church [i.e. St. Mary’s Church] of Banff from the south west, 1815’, by William Hay. (29c) Drawings, [?1815], of monuments to Sir Walter Ogilvy of Dunlugus in St. Mary’s Church, Banff, by William Hay. (29d) Plan, [?1815], of St. Mary’s Church, Banff by William Hay. (29e) Drawing, undated, of Duff House, Banff. (30a) Sketch, “[St. Mary’s] Collegiate Church & cross at Cullen, east view. Aug 1 1815.” (30b) Drawing, undated, “Inscription in [St. Mary’s] the Col. Church of Cullen, on [monument on] the west side of the south aisle.” (30c) Drawing, undated, of monuments on south side of south aisle in St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Cullen.


  • Creation: 1789-1815, undated.


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