Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames from Williams, L. to Williams, O. Edit


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  • 1871-1911. (Creation)


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    The letters are arranged chronologically under each correspondent.

    Williams, Llewellyn Paganus.

    Three letters, [1893], of Llewellyn Williams to John Murray IV. Two are written on behalf of Williams’s son, Philip, requesting that Murray recommend someone to assess Philip’s literary endeavours. The other acknowledges a gift of books by Murray to Williams for a bazaar to raise funds for the restoration work on his church. Folios 1-6.

    Williams, Monier Monier-

    Letters, 1871-1898, of Monier Monier-Williams to John Murray III, John Murray IV, and Hallam Murray. They concern works by Monier-Williams on Indian religion, language and literature, among them: “Religious thought and life in India”; “Brahmanism and Hinduism”; “Buddhism”; and, “Sakuntala”.

    1871, 1882-1884, 1886-1888: folios 7-48 [Note 1];

    1889: folios 49-66 [Notes 2-3];

    1890-1891, 1893-1898: folios 67-105 [Notes 4-5].

    Letters, 1899, 1904-1906, of M.J. Monier-Williams to John Murray IV and Hallam Murray concerning publications of his late father, Monier Monier-Williams. Folios 106-114.


    [Note 1.] Folios 41-42. Letter, 9 June 1888, of W. Newman and Co., Limited, publishers, Calcutta, to Monier Monier-Williams concerning an order for copies of the revised edition of “Sakuntala”. The letter was forwarded as an enclosure to Monier-Williams’s letter to John Murray IV, 3 July 1888 (folios 39-40).

    [Note 2.] Folios 49-50. Letter, 1 January 1889, of George Macmillan to John Murray IV concerning an order for Monier-Williams’s forthcoming book on Buddhism.

    [Note 3.] Folio 66. Copy, by Monier Monier-Williams, of a letter, 4 December 1889, of Horace Hart to [Monier Monier-Williams] concerning the latter’s work, “Buddhism”. The copy was forwarded as an enclosure to Monier Monier-Williams’s letter to John Murray IV, 5 December 1889 (folios 64-65).

    [Note 4.] Folio 81. Postcard, 9 November 1891, of Carl Cappeller to “Mr Murray” acknowledging the receipt of a copy of “Brahmanism and Hinduism”, by Monier Monier-Williams.

    [Note 5.] Folio 98. Letter, 26 January 1897, of S.F. Monier-Williams, on behalf of his father, Monier Monier-Williams, to John Murray IV concerning Murray’s decision not to publish a work by Raja Sir Sourindro MohanTagore.

    Williams, Neil Wynn.

    Letter, 23 March 1899, of Neil Williams to C.E. Lawrence, of John Murray, publishers, forwarding his manuscript, “Greek peasant stories”, for consideration by the publisher. Folio 115.

    Letter, 29 March 1899, of Neil Williams to John Murray IV concerning his “Greek peasant stories”. Folio 116.

    Williams, Oliver.

    Letters, 1894, of Oliver Williams to John Murray IV concerning his wish to publish the diary of his journey to the Kara Sea. Folios 117-122.

    Note. Folios 118-119. Letter, 7 June 1894, of Francis Lawley, to John Murray IV introducing Oliver Williams. The letter was forwarded as an enclosure to Williams’s letter to John Murray IV, 8 June 1894 (folio 117).

    Williams, Owen G.

    Letters, June 1911, of Owen Williams to John Murray IV concerning the publication of the “Albion Magazine for the deaf”. Folios 123-125.

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