Gaelic material, chiefly plays and broadcasts, of Hector MacIver. Edit


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Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic


  • 1934-1962, undated. (Creation)


  • 271 Leaves (Whole)



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    271 folios.

  • Scope and Contents

    The contents are as follows.

    Autograph verse by Sorley MacLean (folios 1-2):

    (i) “Bho mhullaichean a’ chuilthinn chràcaich”, 29 lines. From part III of ‘An Cuilthionn’ (folio 1 recto);

    (ii) ‘Aigich Sgitheanaich’, 8 stanzas. From the ‘Aigeach’ lyrics in part V of ‘An Cuilthionn’ (folio 2 recto);

    (iii) ‘Mo lamhan air lapadh’, 10 stanzas. ‘Crath dhiot an cadal’. With lines addressed to Hector MacIver beginning ‘Eachainn dhuinn an leadain dualaich’, 4 stanzas. Hand anonymous (folio 3);

    (iv) Letter of Hector MacIver to Duncan M Morison, dated 10 October 1934. With English version of “O Rìgh nan Dùl” (folio 4);

    (v) Typescript of “Dh’fhalbhainn leat do Mhiabhaig an Uig”, 4 quatrains. ‘The Lewis Bridal Processional’. With English translation (folio 6);

    (vi) Letter of Hector MacIver to John Lorne Campbell, dated 18 November 1958 (folio 8);

    (vii) Letter of Derick Thomson to Hector MacIver, dated 30 June 1962 (folio 9);

    (viii) List of plays and broadcasts (folio 10);

    (ix) Summary of broadcast series on Highland history, with script of talk “Fuadach nan Gàidheal” (1939) (folio 12);

    (x) Wartime Gaelic broadcast ‘Hebridean Day’ for Irish radio (folio 28);

    (xi) Radio play ‘Dorsan na h-Oidhche’ (1948) (folio 34);

    (xii) Radio review of George Campbell Hay’s “Fuaran Sléibh. Rainn Ghaidhlig” (1948) (folio 73);

    (xiii) Radio play ‘An Cadal Gorm’ (1949) (folio 82);

    (xiv) Radio play “Rogha nan Òg brìoghmhor” (1953) (folio 129);

    (xv) Radio play “Tìr nam Beann” (undated) (folio 173);

    (xvi) Broadcast “Oidhche Dhonnchaidh Bhàin” (undated) (folio 193);

    (xvii) Broadcast “Òr is Airgiod” – selections from Gaelic literature (1962) (folio 225);

    (xviii) “Dubhradh a’ Ghlinne”, translated by MacIver from Synge’s ‘Shadow of the glen and Riders to the sea’ (folio 254).

  • Bibliography

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