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Family papers, including contracts, retours and sasines, some concerning Gilbert Skene., 1540-1661.

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39. Copy assedation Alexander, Bishop of Brechin, in favour of James Guthrie burgess of Edinburgh and Christiane Barron his spouse of the teinds of the lands of Bannabrioth and half of the mill-lands thereof in liferent and for three heirs lives and 90 years thereafter. Edinburgh, 27 January 1577.

40. Contract at Edinburgh 16 September 1575 between Mr Gilbert Skene, doctor of medicine on one part and John Melros, writer burgess of Edinburgh on the other part that the latter shall infeft the former and his spouse Agnes Lawsonn in conjoint fee and heretage in an annual rent of 10 merks from a tenement on the East side of Nudreis wynd in Edinburgh between Nicoll Udwart on the north and Patrick, Lord Lindesay on the South redeemable on payment of 100 merks. Witnesses: James Harlaw, writer, Robert Hendersoun, chirurgeon, and Mr John Skene, advocate.

41. Extract registered contract dated at Edinburgh 10 June 1593 between Mr Gilbert Skene, doctor of medicine and mediciner to the King on the one part and Mr John Skene advocate and brother german to Mr Gilbert on the other part with Mr James Wardlaw as cautioner whereby for £100 Gilbert sells his tenement on the East side of Nidreis wynd between Nicoll Edward, Provost of Edinburgh on the north, the deceased David Landroke on the South and the deceased Alexander Bynning on the east and also an annualrent of £100 obtained from the deceased John, Lord Glamis from the barony of Glamis but Mr Gilbert reserving the liferent of the tenement to himself and Agnes Lausoun his spouse. Witnesses: William Ogilvie of Craigmelie, Mr James Wardlaw advocate, David Fleschour servitor to Mr John Skene, David Lindsay, Mr James Gray, advocate, Robert Henrysone, Mr Duncan Skene and Patrick Innes. Also registered is an obligation by Mr Gilbert to Mr John for £143 at Edinburgh 18 August 1592. Witnesses: Mr Duncan Skene their brother, David Fleschour,

and Thomas Burnet, servitor to Mr Gilbert, also another similar obligation for £7:6:8, £5:9:-, £10, £20 and £100 at Edinburgh 27 September 1594. Witnesses: Mr James Gray, advocate, David Fleschour, and Robert Foullis servitor to Mr Gilbert. Registered 9 November 1596.

42. Poinding at the instance of Mr Duncan Skein, brother germane to Mr John Skein, clerk register against James Guthrie of Eister Balnabreith, Christian Barroun his spouse and Mr James Guthrie their son and apparent heir for nonpayment of two annualrents of £40 and 40 merks due out of the lands of Eister Balnabreith to the pursuer and his heirs whom failing to John Skein, son to Mr John. Edinburgh, 11 March 1594.

43. Part of the contract for 40 merks referred to in 42. Date and witnesses missing. A witness list engrossed reads John Leslie, younger in Brechin, Alexander Ogilvie servant to James Guthrie, Henry Futhye of Ballysik, John Renny, servant to James Guthrie, Thomas Guthrie son natural to said James Guthrie and Mr Andrew Elder, vicar of Menmuir. [Document much wasted.] With this are (a) a list of writs relating to the two annual rents referred to in 42 and (b) a list of persons with claims on the lands of Eister Balnabreiche before Mr Duncan Skeine's contracts.

44. Extract registered obligations Mr Gilbert Skene, doctor of medicine to Mr John Skene, advocate, his brother, as recorded in 41. Registered Edinburgh, 9 November 1596.

45. Contract at Balnabreyth 12 June 1589 between James Guthrie of Eister Balnabreyth, Christian Barrone his spouse and Mr James Guthrie their son and heir apparent on the one part and Mr Duncan Skene, notary on the other part whereby the former for 600 merks is to grant an annual rent of £40 out of Balnabreyth to the second party and his heirs whom failing to John Skene son to Mr John Skene advocate in Edinburgh. Witnesses: John Leslye younger in Brechin, Alexander Ogilve servant to James Guthrie, John Rennye also his servant, Thomas Guthrie, son natural to the said James, Henry Futhye of Ballysak and Mr Andrew Elder vicar of Menmuir, notary.

46. Execution dated 30 March & 4 May 1608 by William Hume, unicorn pursevant of a summons of exhibition and declarator at the instance of Janet Drumond spouse to John Skeine of Hallyeardis against Francis, Charles and Cathrine Skeines children to the deceased Mr Thomas Skeine, advocate being furth of Scotland and [ ] Hepburn relict of the said Mr Thomas. Witnesses: Donald Camerone and Robert Wilson messenger in Edinburgh.

47. Copy retour in Aberdeen sheriff court 30 September 1600 of Mr Gilbert Skene as heir to his father Mr James Skene of Westercors in an annual rent of 35 merks 6 shillings and 8 pence from the lands of Wester Corss and Northam in the parish of Coull, Aberdeenshire.

Inquest: William Forbes of Tolqhone, Patrick Copland of Udoche, Arthur Skene, portioner of Auchterdine, Thomas Douglas, burgess of Aberdeen, Thomas Ciding, burgess there, Alexander Mollyson, burgess there, Mr John Robertson burgess there, James Donaldson burgess there, Alexander Alschonar, burgess there, James Forbes, burgess there, Andrew Lyon in Ardothe, Andrew Gray at Mill of Fowerne, Andrew Straquhan in Gugisardoth, Mr John Lumsdean at Bridge of Don and Patrick Lesly in Chepilton.

48. Order at Edinburgh 14 July 1601 at the instance of Sir James Sandelandis of Slamanno Kt and Mr Thomas Hammilton of Drumcairne, advocate against Margaret Robertsone daughter and heir of the deceased Mr Nicoll Robertsone notary and John Davidson her spouse to produce her fathers protocol book to prove the resignation made by the deceased Dame Janet Murray, Lady Torphichen on 10 July 1560 of the lands of Halzairds and Halbarnis in the hands of the deceased James Lord Torphichen her spouse, reserving her liferent, relating to an action raised by John Earl of Mar and James Murray.

49. Summons at Edinburgh 8 December 1601 at the instance of Sir James Sandelandis of Slamanno, Kt and Mr Thomas Hammiltoun of Drumcairne, advocate against James Sandelandis of Calder, Lord of Torphichin Thomas Bynning in Torphichin, James Murray brother to the deceased Dame Janet Murray, Lady Torphichin, Mr Peter Zoung of Seytoun and Alexander Craufurd of Keras relating to a resignation alleged to have been made by the said Dane Janet on 10 July 1560 in favour of the deceased James Lord Torphichin of the lands of Halzairdis and Halbarnis reserving only her liferent.

50. Fixing of proof at Edinburgh 3 July 1602 for 12 July for John Earl of Mar and James Murray of Halzairds to produce Thomas Barbour, James Stalker, James Bowie and Mr Peter Young as witnesses in action at their instance against Mr Edward Merschell clerk of the commissariot of Edinburgh, Magdalen Barroun, relict of Mr James Richie, clerk of the said commissariot, James Sandelandis of Calder, Sir James Sandelandis of Slamanno concerning a process of adherence at the instance of the deceased Janet Murray, lady Torphichen against the deceased James, Lord Torphichen her spouse.

51. Continuation at Edinburgh 5 January 1602 in the action described in 49.

52. Copy instrument of sasine.

(a) dated 18 November 1661 for the lands of Carnquhin, Ramore, Catterloch and Tilnaboe and mill of Ramore in the parish of Banchorie Trinitie, in Kincardineshire in favour of Robert Skein of Ramore following on a precept of clare constat by Sir Alexander Burnet of Leys Bt as superior. Baillie for sasine James Burnet in Ramore [the Precept says he is heir to his grandfather Mr Gilbert Skein of Waster Corss and is dated at Banchorie 8 November 1661 witnesses: Robert Douglas of Tilliequhillie, William Couts of Clunie and John Kennedie of Stroma.] Witnesses to sasine: John Kennedie in Catterloch, Alexander Anderson in Ramore, James Smith servitor to Robert Skeen and Robert Mearnis at mill of Ramore. Notary: Robert Ross.

(b) dated [ ] April 1606 for the lands of Ramollot in the barony of Clunie, Aberdeenshire for Robert Skein son of the deceased Mr James Skein of Wester Cors following on alienation by Mr James Skein second son of Sir John Skeen of Currihill, Baillie for sasine Robert Forbes of Eister Tolmeid. Charter & precept of sasine written by John Robertson notary in Ramollot at Edinburgh 23 February 1606. Witnesses: Patrick Innes and Walter Crawfurd. Witnesses to sasine: Robert Forbes in Ramollot, Walter Donald there, William Ramsay there and Thomas Reid servitor to Robert Skein. Notary: John Robertson.

(c) dated 27 August 1605 for the lands of Rumollot in favour of Mr James Skein, clerk register, son of Sir John Skein of Allich, Kt following on alienation by Sir John Skein of Urchil and Helen Sumervell his spouse. Baillie for sasine Mr Gilbert Skeyne of Waster Corss. Witnesses: Robert Skeyne of Tullebirloche, Robert Skeyn servitor to Mr James Skeyne, Duncan Forbes son of John Forbes of Camphir, Patrick Innes servitor to Sir John Skeyne of Corrihill and Walter Crawfurd, servitor to Mr James Skeyne.

53. Contract of marriage dated at Edinburgh 17 December 1607 between Sir John Skene of Curryhill Kt, clerk of his hienes register, Mr James Skene, fear of Curryhill and Mr John Skene, younger his sons on behalf of Katherine Skene, his daughter on the one part and Mr Alexander Hay of Forrestersaitt, senator of the College of Justice on the other part whereby the said Mr Alexander is to infeft his wife in the lands of Drumkintie and the lands of Scottistounhill in the barony of Kilmalemok in Elgin and also that manse with yard and doocot of the vicarage of Elgin founded within the Cathedral college of Elgin, bounded as specified and also a life interest in an annual rent of 10,000 merks. A tocher of 6000 merks is to be provided for Katherine. Witnesses: Mr William Scott of Elie, Mr Robert Lermonth of St Nicolas, advocate, Mr James Carmichaell, minister at Hadingtoun, Walter Hay, brother to the said Mr Alexander, Walter Hay servitor to the said Mr Robert Lermonth and Alexander Dunlop writer whose servitor William Young writes the document.

54. Warrant at Edinburgh 28 May 1607 at the instance of Sir James Sandielandis of Slamannomure Kt for horning against James Johnnstoun, notary, sometime in Torphichin and now in Blaikburne for non compearance in the action of improbation against the said Mr James by Sir Thomas Hammiltoun of Monkland Kt advocate, James Murray of Halyards, John Cambell of Arkinglas, John Erle of Mar etc,

55. Interlocutor at Edinburgh, [ 1606] in the case referred to in 49. [Much wasted by damp].

56. Warrant for letters of horning at Edinburgh 1 July 1609 at the instance of James Murray of Halzairdis against Robert Stewart baillie in Lynlythgow, James Mekill there, James Johnsoun, notary there, Robert Small flesher there, William Kaa there, James Keilling messenger there, Henry Keir there, John Inglis in Harwod,

Diksone in Edinburgh, and Mr Robert Gimour, minister at Calder for non compearance as witnesses in an action against James, Lord of Torphichen, Sir James Sandelandis of Slamanno Kt, Robert Heriot, younger of Trabroun, Thomas Inglis in Auld [lisone], Bessie Muirhame his spouse, Thomas Inglis younger his son there, George Spens elder there, George Spens younger there, David Spens there, Patrick Barroun there, John Stevinsone there, James Samuell there, Alexander Wilkie there, and Alexander Mathie there relating to the lands of Halbarnis and Halzairdis.

57. Summons of continuation at the instance of James, Lord of Torphichen against Sir James Sandelands of Slamanno, Kt and others, Edinburgh, 20 May 1609.

58. Inventory of writs relating mainly to the lands of Ramalloch (Ramollet) and Wester Corse belonging to the Skene family, 1593-1662. (13 docs listed).

59. Inventory of bonds and debts owed to [? Skene] 1637-45.

60. Minutes of decreets in processes anent Halzairds 1601-13.

61. Minutes of decreets in processes anent Halzairds, 1601-12.

62. Inventory of writs relating to wadsets on the lands of Balnabreich, 1583-95 [23 burdens listed].

63. Minutes in process anent the house of Lothquott (Halzairdis) 1598-99.

64. Notes on the writs of Halzardis, 1540-1618. [c. 1618].

65. Notes on the retour of Mr John Skene younger as heir to Mr Duncan Skene, notary in Perth 1602.

66. Inventory, writs of Halzairds and Halbarns, 1579-1634.


  • Creation: 1540-1661.

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