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Family papers, including correspondence, genealogies and inventories of documents, some concerning business of George Skene in Danzig, Poland., 1597-1709.

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Scope and Contents

Contains: 85. Summons at the instance of James Murray of Halzardis against his tenants of Halkernis and Toddis hauch for nonpayment of rent - Joseph Dowglas in Halkernis and Elizabeth Thomesoun his spouse, Alexander Mathy there, John Wilsoun there, James Sammell there, John Bell in Halbernis, Marioun Dicksoun, Thomas Tait in Halbernis, James Zoung in Toddishauch and Margaret Polwarth, James Wast her son and James Zoung her spouse. Edinburgh, 24 March 1597.

[On an attached sheet is a rental or the lands].

86. Letter of Sir John Skene to John Norton stationer in London about certain books given to him by Skenes servant, James Skene on 15 June 1610. He has now given authority to his son Mr John Skene to deal with the matter, n.p. n.d. [1612 or later] [Bears cancelled beginning of discharge by Mr John Skene to Barbara Nortoun executor of John Norton for …..]

87. Summons at the instance of John Earl of Mar, Dame Marie Stewart countess of Mar his spouse and John Murray of Touchadame against James, Lord Torphichen for reduction of a decreet arbitral anent the lands of Lochcoitis, Todishauche, Halbarnes, Listoun and Halzairdis dated 19 August 1618, Edinburgh, 8 February 1619.

88. Note of Curriehill papers, 1625-1814. [2 documents listed.]

89. Diploma of master of arts awarded to John Skene [of Halyards] at Edinburgh University, 27 July 1628.

90. Account of payment due to the Exchequer by Mr John Skene fear of the barony of Halzairdis to 14 July 1634. Receipted by Sir Henry Wardlaw, Bt.

91. Letter of Dr Davissone to Mr John Skein. Advises Skene to make for Paris to be cut for the stone where are the most skilly men in Europe. Paris, 27 January 1637.

92. Fragment of an extract registered discharge laird of Bruntsfield to Mr John Skene, Edinburgh and Haddington 10 & 12 July 1637.

93. Rental of Halzairdis crop 1638 with full information about the tacks. [On the back is "A not that I had of Thomas Grosier, my hird, concerning muirland roums"].

94. Letter of John Seton to the laird of Tibertis (Tipperty) sending pieces of wood as a cure for the gravel for recipient's wife and his cousin Mr John Skene. Auchquhorthy, 17 June 1638.

95. Note relating to Robert Skene of Ramor(e)'s lands of Tamequhinn, 1500-1662.

96. Letter of William Brown to Mr George Skein in Danzigh. Sends sweet bread. Thoren, 10 August 1663.

97. Receipt John Skein burges of Dumferling to Mr John Skein of Hallyairds for £20 Scots as annual rent due on 500 merks. Dated 3 May 1664.

98. Letter of Hew Broun to his cousin Mrs Helen Skine. Asks recipient to let him know her mind about some matter. Edinburgh, 1 May 1666.

99. Letter of James Gordon to Mr George Skene of Fintray. Sends bill for £700 payable to recipient's nephew, Robert Skene, Amsterdam, 27 February 1669.

Endorsed: “Received the 10 of March 1669 in Aberdeen".

100. Extracts from documents in Skene Box, 1670-1705, relating amongst others to David Skene, merchant in Zamoscig, Poland and Robert Skene, treasurer of Aberdeen. [19th century compilation.]

101. Horning and poinding at the instance of John Arthur, merchant burgess of Edinburgh against John Skein of Halyeards for nonpayment of part of a bond of £54 dated 11 January 1672, granted to Robert Handiside, merchant in Edinburgh and assigned to the complainer 18 May 1672. Edinburgh, 11 December 1672.

Endorsed with execution dated 23 December 1672 by Robert Wallace, messenger. Witnesses John Steinstoune in Clestanhall and James Innes in Edinburgh.

102. Letter of John [Turner] to George Skien of Wasterfintrie. Election of John Sobieski; political and economic situation in Poland; refers to Mr Aidie and Mr Seaton. Dantzig, 30 May 1674.

103. Letter of J[ames] Skene to his brother John Skene of Hailzairds (to be found at Hew Brouns chirugien at the back of the Tollbuith in Edinbrough). Is to leave London with Old Nidderie & [Sir?] George Lockhart; has received £10 from Mr Donaldson & John Swinton will supply the rest. London, 18 December 1675.

104. Extract from letters by Mr John Turner, Dantzic and other foreign merchants to Sir George Skene, 1676-88 [made by W.F. Skene].

105. Account rendered by Robert Hamilton to old lady Halzardis for cloth etc, 7 January 1676.

106. Draft commission to John Skeine, mariner, indweller in Bredsnose to go to Holland to get a merchant ship of 100 and [ ] tons with equipment built and equipped to be brought to the harbour of Leith. Written by William Hall writer in Edinburgh. [1680].

107. Letter of James Kennedy to John Skene of Hallyards at the Venetian coffee house in the Pellmell, Westminster, London. About preventing Stephen Lynch, consul of Bridges exacting dues from Scottish ships. Calais, 21 November 1685.

108. Letter of J Skene to Lady Hallzairds. About writer’s children; writer’s brother returning from [London] as his business is done. Edinburgh, 21 April 1686.

109. Letter Alice Paterson to Elizabeth Skine at Edinburgh. Arrangements for sending a horse to fetch her; commission to engage a servant to cook, bake and clean with minute directions as to her duties and abilities. Dalmahoy, 10 April 1704,

110. Miscellaneous notes circa 1705.

111. Letter Hew Broun to John Skene of Halzairds to be left at the Earl of Lauderdail's lodgings to be sent with the first occasion for him at Thirlston Castill. About writer's son's wife's tocher. Valefild, 23 July 1707.

112. Summons of exhibition and declaration at the instance of Janet Drummond spouse to John Skeen of Hallyeards against (Francis, Charles and Cathrine Skeine out of the country, executed 30 March 1708, and John Hepburne, James and Elizabeth Skene within the country, executed 4 May 1708). Edinburgh, 26 December 1707.

113. Letter J Brown to his uncle [John Skene of Hallyards]. Thanks for agreeing to be trustee for his wife's tocher. Durham, 5 August 1707.

114. Copy testament of Ensign John Skein murdered by ------ Cartett 8 September 1707. [Copy made 1819].

115. Letter John Skene to the laird of Halyards to be found at his lodgings in the Tylours land, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Asks him to look amongst his brother Thomas's papers for documents relating to the Earl of Lowdon belonging to the writer. Edinburgh 11 February 1710.

116. Letter John Wilkie to the laird of Halyards at his lodgings in the Cowgate, Edinburgh. Wife has been delivered of a son. Hopetone house, 4 August 1711.

117. Letter Margaret Johnstone to Mrs Elizabeth Sken at Hopetoun house. About lending money to Mrs Christy, Edinburgh, 2 October 1711.

118. Letter Frances Skeen to his uncle Captain John Skene of Halyards at his lodgings in the Taylors land over against the meal market, Edinburgh, North Britain. Writer’s mother’s death; wishes just portion secured; suspicious of sister Elizabeth. Ghent, 30 January 1711/12.

119. Letter Janet Drummond to her husband [John Skene of Halyards]. Reminds him to look after various business affairs. Uphall, 17 February 1713.

120. Discharge Frances Broun, relict of James Vert writer in Edinburgh to Mr Robert Kinkaid of Gogarmains for £20 Scots as part of a bill drawn on him to her by Frances Fullarton his spouse. At Edinburgh, 3 June 1717. Witnesses: Mr Robert Skeen minister of the gospel and Thomas Spark writer in Edinburgh,

121. Letter Hugh Skene to his mother, sisters and brother (to the Lady Halyards living in the Skinners Closs, Edinburgh) Farewell letter as he is dying; asks them to look after his wife and children. Tournay, 23 July 1724. [Printed in Memorials of the family of Skene of Skene p. 225-226. Ex Curriehill Charter Chest].

122. Letter Pieternella van Sorgen to her mother in law Lady Halyards in the Skinners Closs in Edinburgh. About expenses of sending her son

Drumondus to Scotland; her bad financial condition; her daughter Helina. Tournay, 24 February 1725.

123. Letter George Currie to his cousin Elizabeth Currie relict of Lt George Skene of Halyards. Is glad recipient has got tutorship of her children; wishes news of friends, Athlone, 1 January 1735/6.

124. Deposition by Janet Bauchop spouse to John Leishman, chairmaster in Edinburgh and her husband, Elizabeth Cairns, spouse to Walter Pearson, printer in Edinburgh and her husband and Peter Robertson, late brewer in Water of Leith that Lieutenant George Skene deceased of the Scots Fusiliers and Elizabeth Currie lived together as man and wife in 1730-31 and were reputed so by the neighbourhood and that they had two children. Edinburgh, 26 July 1733.

125. Consent by James Watson of Scuchton as having right by adjudication to the lands of Overgogarmains that Elizabeth Curry relict of Lt George Skene of the Royal Regiment of North British Fusiliers as tutrix to John Skene who also has right by an adjudication originally led at the instance of Alexander Arbuthnot, merchant and late baillie Edinburgh that she might renounce her right to crops 1734-36 in favour of John Kincaid son to the deceased Mr Robert Kincaid of Overgogarmains. Written by John Chalmer servitor to Andrew Chalmer writer in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh, 28 March 1735. Witnesses: George Somervell and John Gray, clerks to Mr Hugh Somervell, W.S.

126. Letter of Francis Skeen to his cousin Madam Skeen living next closs to Weirs Land, Cannongate, Edinburgh by Donachadee and Port Patrick. Answers letter about her affairs - wrongs by Mr Kincaid; she should apply to Sir James Wood or Col Fleming and have benefit of an officer's widow. Charles Fort, 21 January 1737/8.

127. Petition of Alexander Kincaid, bookseller in Edinburgh relating to action involving Thomas and John Kincaid, eldest and second son to Mr Robert Kincaid of Overgogarmains and Lt George Skeen on various burdens on Overgogarmains, 22 February 1737. [Printed].

128. Account of the family of Skene of Skene. 8ff. [“copied from an old MS 28.5.1803”].

129. Account rendered by Mauss Don to the laird of Halzeards for buttons and also to Captain Drummond for the same. n.d. [mid 17th century].

130. Petition by Captain John Skein of Hallyeards to John, Earl of Roxburgh for payment of bond for £45-15- English granted by the deceased Lord Henry Ker of Cesfoord to the deceased Robert Ker brother german to the laird of Mesington to which Skene has right as sister's son. n.d. [c.1680].

131. List of bonds in which Hallyeards and Carlowrie are bound, 1672-83. n.d. [c. 1684].

132. List of Carlowrie’s debts in parts of which Hallyeards, Mr Alexander Drummond, George and James Drummond are bound. n.d. [c.1684].

133. Draft petition to the commissary of Lauder by Marie and Anna Ker, sisters to the deceased Robert Ker, brother german to Thomas Ker of Mersingtone with Mr John Skene of' Halzairdis and Alexander Trotter of Chesteris their husbands for their interest as executors of the said Robert who died 165[ ]. [Incomplete.] n.d. [mid 17th century].

134. Letter of Mr Andrew Skene to Mr John Skene of Halzairdis. About Mr Alexander Skene needing money. n. p., n.d. [mid 17th century].

135. List of debts due by Carlowry and his cautioners, n.d. [c. 1684].

136. List of Carlowry’s debts, n.d. [c. 1684].

137. Draft decreet arbitral between Sir John Skene and his son, Sir James, Mr John, Mr Alexander and Mr William Skene. [middle of document only] n.d. [before 1614]

138. Note of documents to be got from Lord Torphichen about lands of Hallyards. n.d. [early 17th century]

139. Story of the origin or the surname Naughtie in a homicide by a servant of Kilravock, n.d. [mid 17th century].

140. Inventory of Skene documents, 1670-1709. [19th century]

141. Genealogy of Sir John Skene, clerk register, Lord Curriehill [mid 17th century].

142. Genealogy of the family of Skene of Curriehill and Hallyards. Undated [late 18th century].

143. Letter of Sir John Preston of Pennycook to Mr John Skene of Hallyards. About bond; mentions Mr Alexander Skene and recipient’s cousin, Mr John Skene. 24 April 1637.


  • Creation: 1597-1709.

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