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Collection name. Carlyle, Thomas, Essayist and Historian

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Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

Correspondence and papers of and relating to Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.2883-2888
Scope and Contents

MSS.2884-2888 and several letters in MS.2883 (indicated under that number) formed part of a collection of material relating to Thomas Carlyle, formed, at least in part, by Frederick Martin, a copyist employed by Carlyle, who commenced a biography of Carlyle in the ‘Biographical Magazine’, 1877.

Dates: 1816-1877, undated.

Correspondence of Thomas and Jane Carlyle and Joseph Neuberg.

Identifier: MSS.551-554
Scope and Contents

The letters (in continuation of MSS.519-534) cover the period of the composition of ‘Frederick the Great’, for which Joseph Neuberg acted as Thomas Carlyle’s voluntary secretary.

Dates: 1839-1867.

Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and John Stuart Mill.

Identifier: MS.618
Scope and Contents

The letters are in continuation of MSS.610-617. Seven of the letters are copies.

Dates: 1831-1869.

Letters and papers concerning honours bestowed on Thomas Carlyle.

Identifier: MS.1795
Scope and Contents The contents concern the following:Membership of the Gesellschaft für in- und ausländische schöne Literatur in Berlin, 1830, 1835 (folio 1); of the Orden der Wachsamkeit, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, 1859 (folio 7); of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1866 (folio 16); and of the Prussian order, Pour le Mérite, 1874 (folio 18); with a letter forwarding an article published in the ‘Deutscher Reichs- und Königlich-Preussischer Staats-Anzeiger’ in honour of Thomas Carlyle's birthday, 1875...
Dates: 1830-1875.

Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.601-609
Scope and Contents These letters are in continuation of MS.568.Included are letters of Thomas Carlyle, 1835, 1839-1840, John Sterling, 1843, Dr John Aitken Carlyle, 1843-1844, 1853, 1864, undated, Thomas Erskine of Linlathen, 1844, 1853, Varnhagen von Ense, 1845, two Ladies Ashburton, 1849, 1856, 1864, Lady Sandwich, 1859, Professor George Lillie Craik, 1859, Lord de Grey, 1860, Richard Monkton Milnes, 1860, Jean Carlyle Aitken, 1861, Carlyle’s sister Mary Austin, undated, Geraldine Jewsbury, 1865,...
Dates: 1812-1866.

Letters of John Ruskin to Thomas Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.555-556
Scope and Contents

Included are letters to Jane Welsh Carlyle and to Mary Aitken, Thomas Carlyle’s niece, afterwards wife of the donor, Alexander Carlyle.

Dates: 1855-1879.

Letters of Thomas Carlyle.

Identifier: MS.7197
Scope and Contents

The letters of Thomas Carlyle include one to his mother and four to his wife; others are to Alexander Baring (Baron Ashburton) and members of his family, John Ruskin, George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll, and Sir John Murray Nasmyth.

Dates: 1841-1870, undated.

Letters of Thomas Carlyle to his family.

Identifier: MSS.511-518
Scope and Contents

There are no letters of Thomas Carlyle to his father. Several letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle (sometimes added to Carlyle’s letters as postscripts) and of various members of Carlyle’s family are included. Other writers are Daniel Corrie, Bishop of Madras, 1836; W H Wills, ‘Editor and factotum‘ of Charles Dickens, 1855; and Rudolf Sonnenburg, who brought out a German edition of ‘Frederick’, 1867. There are also letters of Carlyle to Whewell, 1861, Emerson, 1869, and others.

Dates: 1821-1870, undated.

Letters of Thomas Carlyle to his wife Jane Welsh Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.610-617
Scope and Contents

Also included are a joint letter of Thomas and Jane Carlyle to Carlyle’s mother, 1831, and letters of Lady Harriet Baring, 1848, John Stuart Mill, 1858, and Émile Montégut, 1865.

Dates: 1827-1866.

Letters to Thomas Carlyle, with a few addressed to his wife, Jane Welsh Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.665-666
Scope and Contents

The writers include Althaus, Thomas Arnold, Dickens, Varnhagen von Ense, Governor Eyre, Froude, Leigh Hunt, Mazzini, Leopold von Orlitz, Thackeray, and Turgenev.

Dates: 1814-1881.

Miscellaneous purchases.

Identifier: MS.20766
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: (i) Correspondence, 1802-1815, undated, of and concerning R B Sheridan (including letters of Sir John Macpherson and Samuel Whitbread, and material on the Drury Lane Theatre) and his son Thomas (including descriptions of a journey to Edinburgh and of Madeira); a poem, 1772, of Sheridan to his future wife; and various notes and press cuttings, 1788-1914, undated, on Sheridan and his works (folio 1); (ii) Letters, 1922-1928, of Sir James G Frazer to William...
Dates: 1772-1930, undated.

Six letters of Thomas Carlyle to John Fergusson.

Identifier: MS.568
Scope and Contents

The letters are in continuation of MSS.555-556.

Dates: 1819-1822.

Typescript copies of unpublished letters of Thomas Carlyle.

Identifier: MSS.619-620
Scope and Contents

The letters are in continuation of MS.618.

Dates: 1866-1875.