Indexes and transcripts by Robert Mylne, the antiquary. Edit




  • Early 18th century. (Creation)


  • 0.00 linear metres (Whole)
    viii + 441 folios. Quarto.



  • Scope and Contents

    Mylne`s pagination and the size of paper show that the volume is composed of seven separate parts: section (i), section (ii), section (iii), sections (iv) and (v), section (vi), sections (vii)-(xiii), section (xiv). None are exactly dated, but (v) must be later than 1705, (xiv) later than 1700; and probably all were compiled in the early 18th century.

    The contents are as follows:

    (i) `Ane Alphabeticall Index [A-C only] To the Book of Collections of Notes of Charters Taken out of the publick Registers in the Laigh Parliament House` (folio 1). The book of collections referred to has not been identified (it is not Adv.MS.34.7.10).

    (ii) `Ane Extract of the originall and succession of the noble hous of Drummond collected out of many Records and evidents be Mr John Friebairn Minister at Madertie` (folio 45). For other copies by Mylne of this, the second part of Freebairn`s unpublished work, see Adv.MS.16.1.1, folios 1, 19; for a copy by Mylne of the first part see Adv.MS.73.1.17(iii) (since the pagination of the latter manuscript stops at 90, and that of this one originally started at 91 [corrected to 90], these may belong together, although in Adv.MS.73.1.17 Mylne refers for the second part to Adv.MS.16.1.1).

    (iii) `Ane Alphabeticall Index of some of the Collections of Master [Alexander] Nisbet Teacher of Herauldrie And of Charters In the Earle of Mortons Charter chist and others` (folio 77). No references are given. Several pages are blank, more space having been left under some letters than was required. For notes of Morton charters by Mylne see Adv.MS.49.7.8.

    (iv) `Ane Alphabeticall Inventar of Charters passed under the Great Seale During the Reigns of King Robert the 1, 2, 3 and David 2, and R:D: of Albany` (folio 202). This is a rearrangement of the index to these charters published as Index B in ‘Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum, 1306-1424’; only a small part of that index is included here.

    (v) Alphabetical index mainly to Sir George Mackenzie`s collections (see Adv.MSS.32.6.1, 34.3.19) and to ‘Collections concerning the Scottish History’ (folio 108). Other sources are mentioned occasionally. There are some blank pages as in section (iii).

    (vi) `Sir William Drummond of Hawthornden his Historie of the familie of Perth` (folio 264). This work was printed, probably from this manuscript, as Appendix I in ‘The Genealogy of the most noble and ancient House of Drummond’. For abridgements by Mylne see Adv.MSS.23.3.24, folio 78, and 34.6.12, page 410.

    (vii) Copies of documents from various trials of the Commonwealth and Restoration periods (folio 282). They mainly concern Sir Archibald Johnston, James Guthrie, Robert McWard, John Dickson, the Earl of Traquair, the Marquess of Argyll, and Sir John Christie.

    (viii) Index to `Diplomatum veterum collectio` by R A Hay (Adv.MS.34.1.10), volume 1 (folio 326).

    (ix) Extracts from and index to `Diplomatum veterum collectio` by R A Hay (Adv.MS.34.1.10), volume 2 (`Chartulary of Arbroath`) (folio 346). The extracts consist of the supposed Holyrood calendar (pages 500-552), the account of Thomas Becket (pages 438-460; enlarged by Mylne), the account of the Abbots of Arbroath (pages 434-438, 460-467; reduced to a list by Mylne), and the list of churches belonging to Arbroath (pages 468-469).

    (x) `Ane Account of Fynes for Conventicles Absents from his Majesties host Forfeturs 15 pairts of pryzes of ships taken from Sir Wm. Sharp Cashkeeper his Book of Charge and Discharge of his Intromissions’, 1670-1682 (folio 394), with an index (folio 402).

    (xi) ‘Letters from ye Drummonds yt went from Scotland And settled in ye Madera Islands about 1418 to the Earle of Perth 1623` (folio 407). An account of these Drummonds is given in chapters 1-3 of the first part of John Freebairn`s history or the Drummonds (Adv.MS.73.1.17).

    (xii) Extracts from ‘Natural History of Staffordshire’ by Robert Plot (folio 410).

    (xiii) `The Secret Commonwealth ... by Mr Robert Kirk minister at Aberfoyle 1691` (folio 413 verso). This copy is the basis of the first and subsequent editions. See "Text-Criticism of Robert Kirk`s Secret Commonwealth" and "A manuscript of Kirk`s `Secret Commonwealth`".

    (xiv) Extracts from ‘Apparatus ad Historiam Scoticam’ by Thomas Dempster, ‘Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the Peak

    in Derbyshire’ by Charles Leigh, and ‘Natural History of Stafford¬shire’ by Robert Plot (folio 434).

  • Existence and Location of Copies

    Microfilms available: Mf.Sec.MSS.16-17.

  • Related Materials

    Adv.MS.16.1.1: Volume of miscellaneous papers concerning genealogy and religion which belonged to Robert Mylne, the antiquary.









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  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Presented, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates to the nation on the foundation of the National Library of Scotland.