Scottish chartularies and other works transcribed for Walter Macfarlane of Macfarlane by his earlier copyist in 1742 and 1746. Edit




  • Late 13th century-1707, or after. (Creation)


  • 0.00 linear metres (Whole)
    vi + 298 folios. Folio.



  • Scope and Contents

    The sources are mainly the original manuscripts then in the Advocates` Library. Only those documents not known from other sources are indexed in detail. The contents are as follows:

    (i) `Registra Coenobiorum de Melrose et Balmerino Impensis Walteri McFarlan de eodem Transcripta Anno MDCCXLII`, copied from Adv.MSS.34.4.11, late 13th century (folio 1), and 34.5.3, 14th century (folio 67), with extracts from Richard Augustine Hay on Melrose, 1700-1707, or after (folio 54; from Adv.MS.34.1.8, pages 527-550) and Balmerino (folio 96; from Adv.MS.34.1.8, page 204). A list of the charters is given below (folio 192).

    (ii) `Vitae Episcoporum Dunkeldensium et Aberdonensium Una cum Rentali Coenobii de Dunfermlin et Libro Kinlossensi Impensis Walteri MacFarlan de Eodem Transcriptae Anno MDCCXLVI.` This section consists of transcripts of Alexander Mylne`s history of the bishops of Dunkeld, 16th century (folio 104; from Adv.MS.34.5.4), R A Hay on Dunkeld, 1700-1707, or after (folio 127 verso; from Adv.MS.34.1.8, pages 355-373), ‘Episcoporum Murrhlacen̄ and Aberdonen̄ ... Vitae’ by Hector Boece (folio 138; from the copy then in the Advocates` Library, H.34.c.6, identi¬fiable by damage to folio Il), a rental of Dunfermline Abbey, 1595 (folio 170; from Adv.MS.34.2.16, folios 1-13), an index to the volume up to this point, including lists of the charters in section (i) (folio 192), `Vitae abbatum monasterii a Kinloss` by Johannes Ferrerius (folio 198; from ‘Veterum scriptorum ... amplissima collectio’ volume 6, columns 319-327), R A Hay on Kinloss, 1700-1707, or after (folio 203 verso; from Adv.MS.34.1.8, page 507), part of the Chronicle of Holyrood (folio 206; from Henry Wharton, ‘Anglia sacra’, volume 1, pages 160-162), `Vitae abbatum monasterii a Ilinloss` by Johannes Ferrerius (two copies, folios 208, 222; from unidentified manuscripts, neither of which is Adv.MS.35.5.5B), charters of Kinloss (folio 240 verso; `ex autographis pergamenis penes [blank]`; printed from here in ‘Registrum Moraviense’, pages 454-459), charters, mostly royal, concerning Scottish religious houses and bishoprics (folio 244 verso; source unidentified), and charters from the collections of Haddington (folio 272; from Adv.MS.34.2.1) and Stewart (folio 285; from Adv.MS.34.3.11).

  • Arrangement

    The original pagination of the volume is:

    from the beginning to the rental of Dunfermline, pages 1-366;

    the index, pages 1-7;

    the first copy of Ferrerius, Hay, and the Chronicle are unpaginated;

    the remainder, pages1-170.

  • Existence and Location of Originals






  • Related Materials

    Cf. Adv.MSS.35.2.5-35.3.9.

  • Bibliography

    Boece, Hector. ‘Episcoporum Murrhlacen̄ and Aberdonen̄ ... Vitae’ (Paris, 1522).

    Martene, Edmund. ‘Veterum scriptorum ... amplissima collectio’ (Paris, 1724-1733).

    Wharton, Henry. ‘Anglia sacra’ (London, 1691).

    ‘Registrum Moragiease’ (Bannatyne Club, 1837).

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Presented, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates to the nation on the foundation of the National Library of Scotland.

  • Custodial History

    The manuscript was bought by the Advocates’ Library in 1783.