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17 letters of 1st Earl Haig to the Very Reverend G S Duncan.

Identifier: Acc.7706
Scope and Contents

Concerning Haig`s religious convictions, his British Legion work, and other topics.

Dates: 1918-1924, 1926.

17 letters of Andrew K H Boyd.

Identifier: Acc.5373
Dates: 1865-1897 and undated.

17 letters of James Logan to Sir John Philippart.

Identifier: Acc.7182
Scope and Contents

Concerning Logan`s edition of "The Clans of the Scottish Highlands..." (London, 1845-1847), and to his other contributions to the "Naval and Military Gazette".

Dates: 1842-1847.

17 letters of James Nasmyth to Henry Bicknell.

Identifier: Acc.4953- is now MS.11000, ff 140-176

17 letters of Neil Gunn to Naomi Mitchison.

Identifier: Acc.5813
Scope and Contents

Copy of letter, 1944, of Naomi Mitchison to Neil Gunn, and one other letter, undated, of Mitchison to an unknown recipient.

Dates: 1942-1971.

17 letters to Gavin Ewart from various publishers.

Identifier: Acc.11226
Scope and Contents

Letters concern Ewart`s novel, "The Adventures of Arthur".

Dates: 1972-1974.

17 letters to James Wilson.

Identifier: Acc.7774
Scope and Contents

Concerning economic and political matters.

Dates: 1842-1853.

17 letters to Sir John Kirk.

Identifier: Acc.4084- is now MS.20311, ff 233-275.
Dates: 1867-1903 and undated.

17 postcards of Stansmore Dean Stevenson and Jean Stevenson to Elise Pruvost, their housekeeper in France.

Identifier: Acc.14471
Scope and Contents The postcards, all except one written in French, were formerly part of the family album of Elise Pruvost and her daughter Christiane Lavoger. They date from the period when Stansmore Dean Stevenson and her husband, the painter R. Macaulay Stevenson, and step-daughter Jean Stevenson, stayed in Montreiul-sur-mer, France. The collection also includes a photograph of Elise Pruvost and the Stevenson family on a visit to London, c.1925.With biographical information, in French, compiled...
Dates: 1910-1926.

17th-century extracts and transcripts, in the hand of Sir James Balfour, of chartularies and other historical works.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.2.9
Scope and Contents 17th-century manuscript written and compiled by Sir James Balfour containing the following works:1. Copy by Sir James Balfour of George Marjorybanks, 'Annals of Scotland, 1514-94'. Folios 6r-23r.A history of Scotland in the form of annals written in Scots, originally written in the late 16th century by George Marjoribanks, burgess of Edinburgh. The location of the original manuscript from which Balfour made his copy is unknown. The work is separated into...
Dates: 17th century.

17th-century manuscript, probably written in Scotland, containing a translation into Latin of the 'Οἰκουμένης περιήγησις' ['Description of the Known World'], by Dionysius Periegetes.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.5.7
Scope and Contents 17th-century manuscript, probably written in Scotland, containing a translation into Latin of the 'Οἰκουμένης περιήγησις' of Dionysius Periegetes, also known as the Description of the Known World.The translation is probably the work of Sir John Nisbet, Lord Dirleton, as suggested in a heading on page 1 in the hand of Sir Robert Sibbald, which reads: 'Dionisii Alexandrini Perihegesis Carmine Heroico Latino e Graeco reddita per Anonymum Scotum (ut creditur D. Jo. Nisbeti de...
Dates: 17th century.

17th-century transcripts of foundation charters of religious houses in Scotland made by Sir James Balfour; and a transcript, probably late 16th-century, of the Chartulary of Balmerino Abbey.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.2.5
Scope and Contents A volume containing transcripts of foundation charters of religious houses in Scotland in the hand of Sir James Balfour, and a late 16th-century transcript of the Chartulary of Balmerino Abbey.The two sets of transcripts were probably brought together in the mid-17th century, and were certainly together before the death of Charles Fairfax in 1673. The volume is interleaved, which was probably done in the late 18th century, with insertions also added at the end.Folios...
Dates: Late 16th century and 1st half of 17th century.

18 letters and one telegram, 1945-1954, of Walter de la Mare to Alice V Stuart.

Identifier: Acc.4875
Scope and Contents

With letter, 1961, of Theresa Whistler to Alice V Stuart, concerning Walter de la Mare.

Dates: 1945-1961.

18 letters concerning Wemyss Castle estate, Fife.

Identifier: Acc.3110- is now MS.10686.

18 letters of 5th Earl of Rosebery.

Identifier: Acc.5149- is now MS.10250.

18 letters of Allan Cunningham.

Identifier: Acc.600- is now MS.1808.

18 letters of and to Andrew James Cochrane Johnstone.

Identifier: Acc.8967
Scope and Contents

Concerning his business affairs in Spain and Portugal.

Dates: 1808-1833.

18 letters of Henry Dundas to his son Robert.

Identifier: Acc.6409- is now MS.14839, ff 48-101.

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Scott, Walter, Sir, 1st Baronet of Abbotsford (poet and novelist) (1771-1832) 174
Grieve, Christopher Murray, 1892-1978 (poet, writer, and cultural activist, pseudonym Hugh MacDiarmid) 97
Mitchison, Naomi Mary Margaret (née Haldane), Baroness Mitchison (author) 93
Carlyle, Thomas, essayist and historian, 1795-1881 78
Burns, Robert (poet) (1759–1796) 69
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British Broadcasting Corporation 65
Brown, George Mackay (poet and writer) 46
Roberts, David, painter, 1796-1864 46
Buchan, John, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, author, publisher, Governor-General of Canada, 1875-1940 44
Livingstone, David, explorer and missionary, 1813-1873 43
Gray, Alasdair (author) (1934-2019) 41
Gunn, Neil Miller (author) 40
Stevenson, Robert Louis Balfour, novelist, 1850–1894 40
Stevenson, Ronald J, composer and pianist, 1928-2015 36
Bruce, George Robert, poet and broadcaster, 1909-2002 32
Spark, Muriel Sarah, Dame (née Camberg, author) 32
Haig, Douglas, 1st Earl Haig, 1861-1928 31
Saltire Society 31
Hogg, James, the Ettrick Shepherd (Scottish poet, novelist and essayist) 30
Soutar, William (poet) 29
Carlyle, Jane Baillie Welsh, poet and writer, née Welsh, 1801-1866 27
Hamilton, James Alexander Douglas-, Baron Selkirk of Douglas, solicitor and politician, b 1942 27
Finlay, Ian Hamilton, poet and sculptor, 1925-2006 26
National Library of Scotland 25
Smith, Sydney Goodsir, poet, playwright, 1915-1975 25
Muir, Edwin, poet, 1887-1959 24
Church of Scotland 23
Cockburn, Henry, Lord Cockburn, Senator of the College of Justice, 1779-1854 23
Mackenzie, Sir Edward Montague Anthony Compton, Knight, author, formerly Compton, 1883-1972 23
Young, Douglas Cuthbert Colquhoun, poet, 1913-1973 23
Balfour, James, Sir, 1st Baronet of Denmilne and Kinnaird (antiquary) 22
Glen, Duncan Munro, editor and author, 1933-2008 22
Cunningham, Allan, miscellaneous writer, 1784-1842 21
Primrose, Archibald Philip, 5th Earl of Rosebery (statesman) 21
Ewart, Gavin Buchanan, poet, 1916-1995 20
McLean, John David Ruari McDowall Hardie, typographer and author, 1917-2006 20
Morrison, David Ralston, Editor of 'Scotia Review', 1941-2012 20
Scottish National Party 20
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 20
Graham, William Sydney, poet, 1918-1986 19
Henderson, Hamish, poet and folklorist, 1919-2002 19
Linklater, Eric Robert Russell, author, 1899-1974 19
Lockhart, John Gibson (biographer of Scott) 19
Mavor, Osborne Henry, playwright, pseudonym James Bridie, 1888-1951 19
Muir, Wilhelmina Johnston, née Anderson, author, pseudonym 'Agnes Neill Scott' , 1890-1970 19
Campbell, Thomas (poet) 18
Erskine, David Steuart, 11th Earl of Buchan (succ 1767), 1742-1829 18
Jeffrey, Francis, Lord Jeffrey, Senator of the College of Justice, 1773-1850 18
MacGill-Eain, Somhairle (poet) 18
Scottish Film Council (SFC) 18
Tranter, Nigel Godwin , author, 1909-2000 18
Turnbull, Gael Lundin, poet and physician, 1928-2004 18
Annand, James King, poet, 1908-1993 17
Graham, Robert Bontine Cunninghame (of Gartmore and Ardoch, author, formerly Bontine) (1852-1936) 17
Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587 17
Morrison, Trevor, poet, d 2013 17
Scott, Thomas McLaughlin, poet and editor, 1918-1995 17
Scottish Mountaineering Club 17
Stuart, Charles, Baron Stuart de Rothesay, 1779-1845 17
Wilkie, Sir David, Knight, painter, 1785-1841 17
Brown, Hamish Macmillan (author and mountaineer) 16
MacCaig, Norman Alexander, poet, 1910-1996 16
Macgregor, Forbes, poet and teacher, 1904-1991 16
Sutherland, Robert Garioch, poet, pseudonym Robert Garioch, 1909-1981 16
Beattie, William, Librarian of the National Library of Scotland, 1903-1986 15
Gordon, Seton Paul, naturalist and author, 1886-1977 15
Hume, David, philosopher, 1711-1776 15
Raffalovich, Marc André, poet, 1864-1934 15
Scott, Francis George, composer, 1880-1958 15
Jamieson, Morley, Edinburgh, bookseller, fl 1940-1988 14
Oliphant, Margaret Oliphant Wilson, novelist and biographer, née Wilson, 1828-1897 14
Stuart, Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir, Prince, 1720-1788 14
Ballantyne, James (printer) 13
Brown, John, author of "Rab" and physician 13
Douglas, family, of Cavers 13
Fowler, Alastair David Shaw, Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, University of Edinburgh, b 1930 13
MacDonald, James Ramsay, statesman, 1866-1937 13
Macleod, Joseph Todd Gordon, poet and radio announcer, pseudonym Adam Drinan, 1903–1984 13
Meacham, Gwendoline Emily, Scottish nationalist, pseudonym Wendy Wood, 1892-1981 13
Smith, Iain Crichton (poet and author) 13
Bold, Alan Norman (poet, writer, critic and artist) 12
John Murray (publishers, London) 12
Mackenzie, Henry, author of "The Man of Feeling", 1745-1831 12
White, Kenneth, poet and writer, b 1936 12
Wilson, John, author and journalist, pseudonym Christopher North, 1785-1854 12
Brewster, Sir David, Knight, natural philosopher and academic administrator, 1781–1868 11
Cameron, Sir David Young, Knight, painter and etcher, 1865-1945 11
Chambers, Robert (publisher and writer) 11
Fermor, Patrick Michael Leigh, Sir, knight (travel writer and soldier) 11
Hay, George Campbell, poet, 1915-1984 11
James I, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1566-1625 11
Mitchell, James Leslie, author, pseudonym Lewis Grassic Gibbon, 1901-1935 11
Morgan, Edwin George, Professor of English, University of Glasgow, and poet, 1920-2010 11
Paton, Sir Joseph Nöel, Knight, painter, 1821-1901 11
Blackie, John Stuart, Professor of Greek, University of Edinburgh, 1809-1895 10
Boswell, James, of Auchinleck, author, 1740–1795 10
Byron, George Gordon, 6th Baron Byron (afterwards Noel, poet, known as 'Lord Byron') (1788-1824) 10
Church of Scotland, Foreign Missions Board 10
Edinburgh International Festival 10
Fraser, George Sutherland, poet and critic, 1915-1980 10
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