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Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 56 Collections and/or Records:

12 volumes relating to the peerage of Great Britain collected by James Maidment.

Identifier: Acc.12424
Scope and Contents

Includes cuttings from newspapers and magazines, portraits, broadsides, genealogical tables and notes. Also includes notes on cases on which Maidment was working.

Dates: 18th century to 19 century.

Album concerning Thomas Carlyle.

Identifier: Acc.10484
Scope and Contents

Includes press cuttings, photographs and a portrait of Carlyle.

Dates: late 19th century.

Alexander "Antique" Smith forgery of letter of Rob Roy MacGregor.

Identifier: Acc.9255
Scope and Contents

With portrait of Rob Roy MacGregor and engraving of Sir Joseph Banks.

Dates: 19th century.

Anonymous Italian work entitled “La giusta statera de` porporati doue s`intende la Vita, Nascità, Costumi, discendenza, ricchezze, possibilità, inclinationi, Virtù, e Vitij di tutti li Cardinali che uiuono in quest`An̄o i646”.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.5.2
Scope and Contents The work is a collection of biographical accounts of the Cardinals, preceded by a dedicatory epistle, signed N N, to an unnamed prince or nobleman, and followed by a concluding address signed H H. It is apparently compiled in chronological order of appointment, with accounts of those appointed in 1647 (folios 40-59, written in the same hand) added to the volume. Printed portraits, to most of which red has been added, have been pasted in at the beginning of almost every account, and a...
Dates: 1646-1647.

Collection of papers of Mark Alexander Boyd, including a few of members of his family.

Identifier: Adv.MS.15.1.7
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) an engraved portrait of Boyd, 1596, by Thomas de Leu, or De Leeuw (folio 1), made probably when he was at Paris;(ii) an account of the family of Boyd (by Robert Boyd of Trochrig), undated, written to an unidentified correspondent (folio 1);(iii) heads of lectures on the Institutions of Justinian, entitled `In Instituta Imperatoris commenta, 1591` (folio 3), accompanied by marginalia, some lengthy, as far as folio 52 verso;...
Dates: 1590-1596, 1671, and undated.

Copy, 17th century, of `Prince Henry his Life, Death and Funeralles`, the life of the Prince of Wales, which was published in 1641 attributed to Sir Charles Cornwallis.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.7.14
Scope and Contents The author`s name is not given, and, as in the other manuscripts, the introduction to the printed edition is replaced by a preface `To the Reader`. On folio 2 is a dedication by John Woodward to James Douglas, `one of his Majesties Seacretaries for the Kingdome of Scotland`, stating that the author was dead (Cornwallis died in 1629). For possible identifications of Douglas, see Adv.MS.19.3.3.A trimmed engraved portrait of Prince Henry by Francis Delaram taken from ‘Baziliwlogia’...
Dates: 1641.

Copy, 17th century, of `The Life, Araignment, and Death of the famous and learned Sir Thomas More Knight, sometimes Lord Chauncellor of England. Together with his Vision`.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.7.16
Scope and Contents The text is closely related to the life by William Roper, but there are interpolations and the dialogues are in the third person. Roper`s preface is replaced by a dedicatory letter to Captain Marmaduke Rawdon from John Hawkins, stating that Hawkins had originally intended to publish the text (Roper`s biography was first published in 1626). The life is followed by a poem `Sir Thomas More his Vision` (folio 80) which has been published by Constance Smith in ‘Moreana’, number 37 (1973), pages...
Dates: Early 17th century.

Engraved and manuscript Jacobite keepsake.

Identifier: Acc.11736
Scope and Contents

Features a portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and an emblematic design, possibly for a medal. Includes verses, all within a frame with the stars of British orders.

Dates: Late 18th century.

Engraving of a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots as a young woman.

Identifier: Acc.8420
Scope and Contents

Made to commemorate her marriage to the Dauphin in 1558.

Dates: circa 1558-circa 1599.

'Fitzalan Prayerbook', a 15th-century devotional manuscript written and illuminated in England, bearing the arms of the Fitzalan Earls of Arundel.

Identifier: Adv.MS.53.3.14
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) The Roman series of psalter collects. See ‘The Psalter Collects’. Each collect is preceded by the incipit of its psalm. Folios containing the collects for psalms 1-8, 68-83, 91-97, 104-110 and 146-150 are missing. (Folio 1.)(ii) Psalter of Saint Jerome. (Folio 16.)(iii) Litany. (Folio 24.)(iv) The verses `In iiij poyntis my will or I hens departe`, in a 16th-century hand. They are published from...
Dates: 15th century.

Letter, 1835, of Thomas Carlyle to James Fraser.

Identifier: Acc.6430
Scope and Contents

Concerning the destruction of his manuscript of "The French Revolution".

With portrait, 1825, of Carlyle by Daniel Maclise, and a copy of Cardinal Newman, "Lead, Kindly Light" (1872).

Dates: 1825, 1835 and 1872.

Letter of Archibald Menzies to Dr James Edward Smith.

Identifier: Acc.10443
Scope and Contents

Includes an engraved portrait of Menzies.

Dates: 1804.

Letter of George Dempster of Dunnichen to George Chalmers.

Identifier: Acc.8525
Scope and Contents

With an engraved portrait of Dempster.

Dates: 1799.

Letters of James Nasmyth to John Murray III; with letters of several correspondents to John Murray III concerning Nasmyth. Also included are various illustrations relating to works by Nasmyth., 1873-1891.

Identifier: MS.42502
Scope and Contents

Illustrations :

(1) illustration in ink, 1882, by Nasmyth of his steam hammer. The illustration was used as the cover design to Nasmyth`s autobiography;

(2) engraved portrait, ? 1883, of Nasmyth which formed the frontispiece to Nasmyth`s autobiography.

Dates: 1873-1891.

Letters of Jane Carlyle Aitken, four of her daughter, Mary, and others of the Carlyle family.

Identifier: Acc.6267
Scope and Contents

With a copy of "The Saints` Everlasting Rest (1833), inscribed by Thomas Carlyle, and an engraved portrait of him.

Dates: 1833, 1858-? 1866, and undated.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames and company names from Bigge, C. to Billing and Sons, Ltd., 1829-1923.

Identifier: MS.40100
Scope and Contents The letters are arranged chronologically under each correspondent.Bigge, Constance.Letter, [1916], of Constance Bigge to John Murray IV. Folios 1-2.Bigge, George Richard.Letters, 1870-1871, 1879-1880 and 1882, of George Bigge to John Murray III. Folios 3-13.Bigge, Lewis Amherst Selby.Letters, 1889-1890, 1893-1895, 1898-1899, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1909, 1920 and undated, of Lewis Bigge to John Murray III, to John Murray IV...
Dates: 1829-1923.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of George Smith., 1878-1894.

Identifier: MS.41109
Scope and Contents The letters appear to be to John Murray III, John Murray IV and Robert Cooke. They concern the preparation and publication of various works by George Smith, including:“The life of John Wilson, D.D., F.R.S.” (1878, 1879);“The geography of British India, political and physical” (1882);“The life of William Carey, D.D.” (1885 and subsequent editions);“Stephen Hislop pioneer missionary and naturalist in Central India from 1844-1863” (1888, 1889);...
Dates: 1878-1894.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of George Smith., 1895-1907.

Identifier: MS.41110
Scope and Contents The letters appear to be to John Murray IV and Hallam Murray. They concern the preparation and publication of various works by George Smith, including:“Bishop Heber, poet and chief missionary to the East, second Lord Bishop of Calcutta, 1783-1826” (1895);“Twelve Indian statesmen” (1897); and, edited by Smith,“Physician and friend: Alexander Grant, F.R.C.S.” (1902).The letters are arranged chronologically.1895-1899: folios 1-66;...
Dates: 1895-1907.