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Commonplace books.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Books in which noteworthy literary passages, cogent quotations, poems, comments, recipes, prescriptions, and other miscellaneous document types are written.

Found in 231 Collections and/or Records:

Commonplace-book, containing moral discourses, maxims, 'devices', and verse, including hymns and 'bouts-rimés', chiefly in French, but also in Latin and German., Late 17th century.

Identifier: MS.1882
Scope and Contents Some pieces are described as being 'par moi-même'; others are copied from other authors. The sentiments are Protestant. Several of the poems are in honour of persons belonging to the reigning houses of Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Gotha, and Brandenburg; the works from which extracts are given include those of Madam and Mademoiselle Deshoulières, Tavernier, and Gregorio Leti. From these references, the manuscript seems to have been written at the end of the seventeenth century. The first leaf of the...
Dates: Late 17th century.

Commonplace book containing notes, sermons and newspaper cuttings, 1885 - 1919

Identifier: Acc.14025/3
Scope and Contents Contains press cuttings mainly on Gaelic and Highland subjects, including obituaries of persons with Highland origins, for example the Gaelic poet Neil MacLeod (d. 1913) and Archibald Menzies, founder member of An Comunn Gaidhealach (d. 1914). Two newspaper cuttings concern Tolmie's own ministry in Kintyre. Items are dated up to 1919, with those dating from after Tolmie's death in 1909 being loosely inserted rather than pasted in, probably by his brother John Tolmie.The volume...
Dates: 1885 - 1919

Commonplace book containing poems, household and medical recipes, riddles and notes, written in several hands.

Identifier: MS.14275
Scope and Contents

Folios 1-20 contain a collection of verses, most of which are dated 1789.

Dates: 1783-1828.

Commonplace book in French and English., 17th century-18th century.

Identifier: MS.165
Scope and Contents

The contents include ‘Miscellanea’ (folios 3, 96); ‘Metaphysique’ (folio 14); characteristics of European countries (folio 22); medical and cookery recipes (folios 49, 93). On folio 1 is written in a 17th century hand: ‘Je apartien a monsieur Hopton gentlehomme anglois demeurant a Kentwell Sufk cadet’.

Dates: 17th century-18th century.

Commonplace book in the hand of William Clydesdale., 1823, undated.

Identifier: MS.2746
Scope and Contents

William Clydesdale was a Glasgow character and a fellow student of Thomas Muir, the political reformer (note inside front cover).

The commonplace book contains satirical, comic, and reflective verses by Clydesdale in Scots and English, some dated 1823, a few anecdotes, and annotations by Peter Mackenzie, author of ‘The life of Thomas Muir’ (Glasgow, 1831).

Dates: 1823, undated.

Commonplace book in verse and prose.

Identifier: Acc.6824
Scope and Contents

701 pages, with Aberdeen connections, bookplate of Charles Gordon of Beldornie and Wardhouse, and ownership inscription of Thomas Mercer.

Dates: late 17th century.

Commonplace book, June-July 1701, of Thomas Ruddiman., 1701.

Identifier: MS.20495
Scope and Contents

The commonplace book is labelled ‘RG’.

The manuscript contains excerpts from classical authors, philosophers, historians, and grammarians, with at the end a fragment (foliated 6) of Έρωτýματα on Greek grammar (folio 99), a list of French irregular verbs (folio 100), and the beginning of excerpts from 'De veritate inquirenda' by Malebranche dated 9 December, 1700 (folio 102).

Dates: 1701.

Commonplace book of Alexander Fraser Tytler., ?1778-1802.

Identifier: Acc.11737/5
Scope and Contents

Includes observations and anecdotes on contemporary Enlightenment figures including Dugald Stewart, James Boswell, Tobias Smollett and Lord Kames, and an inventory of Fraser Tytler’s publications up to 1793. Also included are copies of letters sent by David Dalrymple (Lord Hailes), and a number of verses by William Shenstone, Allan Ramsay, James Beattie and William Shakespeare translated into Latin by Fraser Tytler.

Dates: ?1778-1802.

Commonplace book of Alexander Fraser Tytler., 1802-1812.

Identifier: Acc.11737/6
Scope and Contents

Includes further observations and anecdotes on contemporary Enlightenment figures including Lord Kames, Adam Smith, David Hume, Lord Monboddo and William Robertson. There are extensive extracts of David Dalrymple’s (Lord Hailes) commonplace book and Alexander Carlyle’s autobiography. Several letters and notes on Tytler have been added to the volume after his death. Three printed dedications, including those to Joseph Black and James Beattie, have been tipped in by Tytler.

Dates: 1802-1812.

Commonplace book of Alexander Keith of Ravelston, (died 1751), but written in more than one hand., 1684-?1688.

Identifier: MS.21186
Scope and Contents The commonplace book contains Latin poetry (including extracts from Horace, Virgil and Juvenal), songs, prose and exercises; astronomical, navigational, and mathematical notes and exercises, with some diagrams and tables; notes on the art of gunnery; some common psalm tunes; prayers; English proverbs, verse and poetry; extracts from a guide to the education of children and youth; instructions concerning card tricks; some verse attributed to the 1st Marquis of Montrose and notes on his role...
Dates: 1684-?1688.