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Music books.

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Books or booklets, bound or unbound, in which personal compositions or favourite musical pieces by other composers are recorded in some form of musical notation. Most commonly the pages are pre marked with music staves to be completed in manuscript; but volumes of blank pages in which only musical compositions in manuscript have been recorded should be considered music books too. Other than stave notation, other notations might include tablature, canntaireachd, etc. Where only songs have been recorded use 'Songbooks'.

Found in 242 Collections and/or Records:

Music book, compiled apparently towards the end of the eighteenth century, containing dances, marches and some songs.

Identifier: MS.21752
Scope and Contents The owner is not known, but was presumably a resident of Edinburgh (folios 30 verso, 31). Eight printed songs and a fragment of a ninth, all datable to the last decade of the eighteenth century, have been tipped in at folios 62-79, which have been cut down to stubs for the purpose. Folios 80-81 also are cut down, but nothing has been attached to them. A march written apparently in the owner's hand is pasted to folio 80. The owner's incomplete pagination has been ignored. The book was...
Dates: Late 18th century.

Music book compiled by J Crichton Donaldson.

Identifier: MS.22170
Scope and Contents The signature of J Crichton Donaldson has been written on the pastedowns inside both front and back covers and at folio 55.The music book was begun in 1853 and continued until at least 20 September 1855 and contains a large number of tunes, numbered to 1080 (folio 97 verso), followed by more, unnumbered, tunes. They consist chiefly of dances, together with several military marches, some songs, sets of variations and a few original solos requiring a more developed technique and...
Dates: 1853-[1855, or after].

Music book containing dances, songs, and hymns, in various hands., [Circa 1814.]

Identifier: MS.5781
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

The collection consists of manuscripts on a wide variety of subjects, many copied from manuscript or printed works, and chiefly dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Among them are some account-books, diaries, and other manuscripts of family interest (including a few concerning the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, father of the 6th Marchioness of Lothian), but very few letters.

Dates: [Circa 1814.]

Music book containing music apparently for fife., 1813.

Identifier: MS.21744
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

The music is almost the same in each volume. It would appear from annotations in MS.21742 that the music was played by the Morvern Company of the 42nd Regiment (the Black Watch).

Dates: 1813.

Music book containing pipe and fiddle music., Mid 19th century.

Identifier: MS.22121
Scope and Contents

The volume, which lacks both covers, is written in an unidentified hand. A number of the pieces have been marked 'not correct' and crossed out.

Dates: Mid 19th century.

Music book containing Scottish dance tunes (very largely reels and strathspeys) for violin.

Identifier: MS.22169
Scope and Contents

The music book is gold-stamped 'violin' on the front cover.

Many of the tunes appear to be of late eighteenth- or early nineteenth-century provenance. The volume appears to have been compiled in the mid nineteenth century (cf., for example, folios 41, 47).

The leaves of the volume exhibit much handling, but the identity of the compiler is unknown. The volume is thought to have had a possible Perthshire provenance.

Dates: Late 18th century-early 19th century.

Music book containing songs, March 1858-December 1864, in various languages., 1858-1864.

Identifier: MS.22167
Scope and Contents

The second and subsequent stanzas of some songs have been written on small sheets of paper and tipped in at the appropriate places. A few headings and sketches written on scraps of paper have been pasted in. Sheets found loosely enclosed have been transferred to MS.22168.

Dates: 1858-1864.

Music book, dated Quebec 26 March 1763, of Captain Hugh Montgomerie of the 78th Foot (later 12th Earl of Eglinten), containing various Scottish dance tunes and marches.

Identifier: MS.21750
Scope and Contents

Leaves have been torn out after folios 21, 22, 23, 28 (inverted), 37 (inverted), 40 (inverted), and 41 (inverted).

Dates: 1763.

Music book, including some Scottish tunes.

Identifier: MS.782
Scope and Contents

The fly-leaf bears the date 1822. On some of the blank folios exercises have been written in more modern times.

Dates: 1822.