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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Chronological records of events, as of the life or development of a people, country, or institution.

Found in 777 Collections and/or Records:

Typescripts, manuscripts, research notes, correspondence and other papers of Duncan Fraser and of Standard Press publishers, Montrose.

Identifier: Acc.8058/1-239
Scope and Contents

Including corrected typescripts and proofs of historical and topographical works, and circa 400 letters and copies of letters.

With papers, 1928-1959, of the Standard Press, Montrose.

Dates: 1765-1983.

Various papers of the family of Fletcher of Saltoun concerning religion and morals., 18th century.

Identifier: MS.17781
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows:

(i) A draft of part of the text of MS.17780 (folio 1);

(ii) 'History of Cardinal Mazarin'; 'The Memoirs of the Count of Comminge translated from the French beginne Dec[r].25.1753'; and a catalogue of books, 1757 (folio 1 inverted).

Dates: 18th century.

Videocassette recordings and a DVD produced by Jim Taylor of reminiscences of life and work in north-east Scotland and of World War II.

Identifier: Acc.12939/1-26
Scope and Contents

Each of the videocassettes has a label on it. There are also labels on both the card sleeve and the plastic outer container. The label on the plastic container has been used to provide the descriptions as it has, generally, fuller information.

Included is an account book, 1918-1922, of George Riddle, shoemaker, Rosehearty.

Dates: Circa 1980-1994.

‘View of the diocese of Aberdeen’, a volume of historical narrative written by Alexander Keith, episcopal minister at Cruden.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.2.12
Scope and Contents

It includes descriptions of the civil parishes, biographies of bishops of the diocese, accounts of the old religious houses, collegiate churches and deaneries and of King`s College and University, parochial histories arranged by presbyteries and transcripts and extracts of documents relating to the history of the see.

Dates: 1732.

Volume containing an account of Leven`s Regiment (which later became the 25th Foot) from 1688, when it was raised by David Leslie, 3rd Earl of Leven, to 1826.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.6.21
Scope and Contents The volume would appear to have been the first of two, for the leaves are watermarked 1860 and folio 175 is inscribed in pencil `See Book No II`. The work is anonymous: it appears to have been made the basis of the text of ‘Records of the King`s Own Borderers’ by R T Higgins, but neither the text nor the many pencil additions and alterations appear to be in his hand. The account begins at folio 13, being preceded by a summary account to 1793 (folio 1) and `A List of His Majesty`s...
Dates: 1860, or after-1908.

Volume containing copies, written on sheets watermarked 1798, of notes of events, and the sources in which they are recorded, in the reigns of the kings of Scotland from 1040 (the beginning of the reign of Macbeth) to 1570.

Identifier: Adv.MS.22.2.7
Scope and Contents A page is accorded to each year, even when there is little or nothing recorded; but 1199 is followed by 1277 (the pagination is continuous) without any explanation for the gap being given. From 1537 several (from 1559, most) of the years are accorded more than one page. The manuscript appears to have written by James Chalmers for his uncle George Chalmers the antiquary, whose bookplate is pasted inside the front cover. The source is unidentified, but may have been notes compiled by Thomas...
Dates: 1798, or after.

Volume containing four items transcribed by Robert Mylne, the Antiquary, between the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.3.15
Scope and Contents The contents of the volume are as follows:(i) ‘The Staggering State of Scottish Statesmen’ by Sir John Scot of Scotstarvet, written about 1665 (folio 1).(ii) ‘The History of the Picts’, written by Henry Maule of Melgum sometime in the 17th century (folio 43).(iii) ‘The Genealogies of the Nobility of Scotland Present and Extinct`, by Sir James Dalrymple of Borthwick, undated and apparently unpublished (folio 65).(iv) `The Historie of the Kings...
Dates: 17th century.

Volume entitled "Some Events in the Early Days of the Socialist Movement in Bo'ness" by James Livingstone.

Identifier: Acc.9629
Scope and Contents

An unpublished history, compiled from family papers, newspapers and other contemporary sources, of Independent Labour Party and other socialist activities in the burgh of Bo'ness and district, 1903-1914.

Dates: 1985.

Volume of anonymous historical dissertations.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.6.20
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) a history of Scotland from the legendary period to the 18th Century (page 1);(ii) historical remarks on the antiquity and anecdotes of the noble family of Buccleuch (page 111) (incomplete);(iii) historical remarks concerning the antiquity of the Macdonalds of Sleat Lords of the Isles, Thains of Argyllshire and Lochaber. (page 122);(iv) dissertation concerning the Family of Ruthven, Earls of...
Dates: 18th century.

Volume of genealogies and poems in the hand of Robert Mylne, engraver, son of the writer and antiquary of the same name (see folio 82), with a few additions by his father.

Identifier: Adv.MS.23.3.24
Scope and Contents The following dates of writing are given: 15 September 1712 (folio 2), 10 April 1713 (folio 76), 13 November 1712 (folio 80).The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) `The Pourtrait of True Loyalty exposed in the Family of Gordon, without interruption to this present year of God, 1691. With a copious relation of the siege of the Castle of Edinburgh in the year 1689. By W.S. An. 1691.` The original manuscript of this work, which was in Blairs College, Aberdeen...
Dates: 1338, circa 1670-1732.

Volume of historical and literary works, 13th century, written in England in the early 14th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.4.9
Scope and Contents

Sections iv-vii are in the same hand. Folios 33 verso-34 verso are blank. There are a few pen drawings of faces in the margins.

Fragments of a 13th-century contents list from a collection of sermons have been used as binding strips; other fragments from the same source are in Adv.MS.18.2.4 and 18.4.5.

Dates: 14th century.

Volume on ecclesiastical antiquities, being the first part of a work in three volumes by Richard Augustine Hay on the ecclesiastical and secular antiquities of Scotland., 1700-1707, or after.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.1.8
Scope and Contents The volume, known and frequently cited as ‘Scotia Sacra’, contains an account of the introduction and spread of Christianity in Scotland (page 1), and brief historical descriptions of the various Scottish dioceses, as well as those of Carlisle (page 219) and Durham (page 339) down to the later 17th century (page 63). Each account is followed by a list of bishops and notes on the various monasteries and other religious houses located in the diocese, with notes on some of the abbots and other...
Dates: 1700-1707, or after.

Volume titled, 'Copies of Warrants and Orders by Lieut. General St Clair Commander in Chief of an Expedition intended for North America, and afterwards sent to the Coast of Brittany, 1746 and 1747’., 1687, 1746-1747.

Identifier: MS.25690
Scope and Contents

Many of the Orders were issued by David Hume, then Secretary to James St Clair. The volume is inscribed at the front 'Miscellaneous Records on The History of Scotland by Sir D D'. At the back is a copy of 'An Answer to some Considerations on the Spirit of Martin Luther And The Original of the Reformations; Lately Printed at Oxford ... 1687'. With miscellaneous historical notes in Lord Hailes' hand.

Dates: 1687, 1746-1747.

Wardlaw manuscript: 'Polichronicon, seu Policratica Temporum. Many histories in one, or nearer, the true genealogy of the Frasers', by James Fraser of Phopachy, Minister of Wardlaw (Kirkhill), begun in 1666 and continued at least until 1699.

Identifier: MS.3658
Scope and Contents

A letter, 1870, of Francis Harvey, the London bookseller, to Sir William Fraser, Baronet, offering the manuscript for sale, has been pasted in at the end.

Dates: 1666-1699.