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Instructions. Document genre.

Subject Source: Other Source
Scope Note: Information in the form of outlines of procedures, as directions or commands.

Found in 200 Collections and/or Records:

'Instructions to Master David Erskine by his Father The Earl of Buchan 29 March 1784'.

Identifier: MS.806
Scope and Contents

The instructions were drawn up by the Earl of Buchan when his son (afterwards Sir David Erskine) entered Mr de Ribouville's Academy, Old Cavendish Street, London. Before the precepts, the Earl gives a brief account of his son's life up to that date. He gives the date of his birth as December 1771 (not 1772, as in the Dictionary of National Biography).

Dates: 1784.

Legal and historical collections of Sir Lewis Stewart of Kirkhill, advocate, compiled early in the 17th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.22.1.14
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:List, 1606, of Scottish nobility (folio 1);Process of apprising of the Bishop of Orkney against Sinclair, 1572 (folio 3);Process of apprising of Sir Thomas Hamilton against Sir Blaise Belmer, 1607 (folio 13 verso);Reduction of a decreet of perambulation obtained by Lord Hay of Yester against the James Heriot of Trabroun, 1572 (folio 21 verso);Registered submission and decreet arbitral, 1614, between...
Dates: Early 17th century.

Legal documents concerning the families of Stuart of Castlemilk, and the Stuarts of Torrance., 1664-1829.

Identifier: MS.5327
Scope and Contents The legal documents comprise the following: (i) Condescendences, 1766-1822 (number 1); (ii) Submissions, 1703-1812 (number 7); (iii) Summonses, 1654-1818 (number 12); (iv) Executions, 1664-1804 (number 23); (v) Protests, 1724-1779 (number 43); (vi) Suspensions, 1672-1772 (number 82); (vii) Declarations, 1674-1824 (number 97); (viii) Instructions, 1672-1822 (number 113); (ix) Intimations, 1793-1820 (number 132); (x) Minutes, 1676-1825 (number 139); (xi) Instruments, 1678-1680 (number...
Dates: 1664-1829.

Letter-book of Andrew Fletcher, auditor of exchequer, containing largely letters to James Gray, gardener at Saltoun, with instructions and comments on his work, and also some to his father and others on political and other subjects., 1755-1757.

Identifier: MS.16754
Scope and Contents From the Series: The Fletchers were merchants in Dundee, who came to prominence towards the end of the sixteenth century in the person of Robert, burgess and bailie of Dundee, who purchased various lands in Forfar which were consolidated into the estate of Innerpeffer; he died in 1622. His eldest son Sir Andrew was admitted an ordinary judge in 1623 (his brothers were James, merchant burgess of Dundee; Robert, of Bencho; and Sir George, of Restennet, advocate, through whose holding of the priory lands of...
Dates: 1755-1757.

‘Letters and instructions of state between England and Scotland’, a volume of copies in a modern hand from original papers in the Cotton Library being chiefly letters of English Ambassadors in Scotland.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.6.18
Scope and Contents

The description of the manuscript in the folio catalogue (F.R.186) includes the reference: Jac.5.7.2.

Dates: 1580-1581.

Letters and papers, chiefly addressed to Raimond, Baron de Fourquevaux, concerning his mission to Mary of Guise, Regent of Scotland., 1548-1550, undated.

Identifier: MS.2991
Scope and Contents Each item is accompanied by a modern abstract in French and, in most cases, a typed English translation.The contents are as follows.(i) Contemporary copy of instructions given by the Dukes de Guise and de Montmorency to the Seigneurs de Fourquevaux and de Visque regarding their mission to Scotland with 1200 men and munitions, Bordeaux, 1548(folio 7). Preceded by an abstract (folio 1 verso) and a translation (folio 2).(ii) Abstract, early twentieth century,...
Dates: 1548-1550, undated.

Letters and papers, mostly concerning the Church of Scotland., 1231-1641.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.8
Scope and Contents The subjects include the case brought by John Lindsay, Lord Menmuir, against Robert Wallace; the ‘Second Book of Discipline’; the Act of Revocation; and the protests against the Service-book. Most of the papers concerning the Covenant have been published more than once, and some appeared as contemporary pamphlets.Copy of a charter, 1360, granted by David II to the Bishop of Aberdeen; in Latin (folio 1). - This was printed from Adv.MS.16.1.10 in ‘Registrum episcopatus...
Dates: 1231-1641.

Letters and papers, mostly of the Regent, James Douglas, Earl of Morton, to David Borthwick of Lochill, Lord Advocate., 1574-1604.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.9a
Scope and Contents All the documents concern legal actions, and most contain the Regent`s instructions in each case. Unless otherwise stated, the papers are addressed to David Borthwick by the Regent.Writ to the Lord Advocates, David Borthwick and Robert Crichton of Elliock, to call a summons of error at the instance of Mungo Johnston of Locharby, against Laurence Simpson and others, Dalkeith, 24 March 1573/1574 (folio 1).Instructions to the Lord Advocates to summons certain unnamed...
Dates: 1574-1604.

Letters and papers of the family of Campbell of Inverawe.

Identifier: MS.1672
Scope and Contents Most of the letters and papers are of the 17th century, and deal with the garrisoning of Lochaber and district, the payment of the garrisons, the patrolling of unruly neighbourhoods, and similar measures for the establishment and maintenance of law and order. There are several instructions signed by the Marquess of Argyll, and letters from him, one of which contains the command to fire Lord Ogilvy's Castle of Forther, if necessary, with further orders as to the disposition of his goods and...
Dates: 1639-1837, undated.

Letters and state papers of James VI., 1578-1621.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.6
Scope and Contents Many of the papers are drafts made or collected by John Lindsay, Lord Menmuir, the Secretary of State. Letter, The Hague, 30 January 1587, of the Council of State of the United Provinces to James VI; in French (folios 1-2). - This letter does not appear to have been published or summarised elsewhere, and is briefly summarized here:The Council have received James’s letters concerning restitution to be made for Scottish merchandise seized by warships from...
Dates: 1578-1621.

Letters of various correspondents mostly addressed to Mary of Lorraine., [?1536]-1556, 1588, and undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.2
Scope and Contents The letters are all in French. Five letters, 1538-1541, of Antoinette de Bourbon, Duchesse de Guise (items 1-5). - ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS, 3rd Series, volume 4). Page 1: for ‘Vol. ii. 2’ read ‘Vol. ii. [1]’; page 2: for ‘Vol. ii. 3’ read ‘Vol. ii. [2]’; page 60: for ‘Vol. ii. 4’ read ‘Vol. ii. [3]’.Letter, [1541], of Antoinette de Bourbon to James V (item 6). - ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS,...
Dates: [?1536]-1556, 1588, and undated.

Letters of various correspondents mostly addressed to Mary of Lorraine, Queen Consort of James V., 1473-1568, and undated.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.29.2.1-29.2.4
Scope and Contents

Unless otherwise stated the letters are in French and are addressed to Mary of Lorraine. The correspondents are mostly members of the French royal family, of the Guise-Lorraine family and of Mary`s household in France. The subjects of the letters include family news and affairs of state.

Dates: 1473-1568, and undated.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames from Jebb to Jeffs., 1785-1928, 1976.

Identifier: MS.40612
Scope and Contents All the letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent and by date under each name.Jebb, Camilla.Letters, 1908-1909, of Camilla Jebb to John Murray IV. Folios 1-5.Jebb, Heneage Horsley.Letter, 1905, of Heneage Horsley Jebb to John Murray IV. Folios 6-11.Jebb, John.Letters, 1853-1854, of John Jebb to John Murray III. Folios 12-17.Jebb, Richard Claverhouse.Letter, 1899, of Sir Richard...
Dates: 1785-1928, 1976.

Local affairs and election papers of the 4th Marquess of Tweeddale., 1695-1748.

Identifier: MS.14522
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Extract of Haddington Presbytery minutes concerning Andrew Dunlop, 1722 (folio 1);(ii) Printed Act of the Justices of the Peace of East Lothian dividing the county into three districts, 1737 (folio 2);(iii) Printed Act of the Justices of the Peace of Roxburghshire for the maintenance of the poor, supressing vagarancy and repairing roads, bridges and ferries, 1737 (folio 3);(iv) Printed queries of the East Lothian...
Dates: 1695-1748.

Manuscript chiefly concerning alchemy., 17th century.

Identifier: MS.5776
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Two poems about alchemy, in different hands, entitled 'Amen his huntinge of the Green Lyon' (an account of an experiment with green vitriol), and 'The vision of Sir George Ripley, Chanon of Bridlington' (folios 1, 4);(ii) Directions for alchemical experiments to find the quintessence of wine, honey, sugar, blood, etc., taken from 'the first part of the vegetables of Mr Isaac of Holland, philosophe' and others of his works (presumably...
Dates: 17th century.

Memoranda-book of Andrew Fletcher, Lord Milton, 1765, undated.

Identifier: MS.17046
Scope and Contents

On the inverted folios are estimates for building a road at the back of the Canongate in Edinburgh, and instructions for preparing ground for growing osiers, undated.

Dates: 1765, undated.

Microfilm of correspondence and papers of General Sir George Murray., 1808-1811

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.1076
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: Instructions to officers in the quartermaster-general’s department, with specimens of forms and returns, compiled by George Murray apparently in 1811 (Adv.MS.46.5.2);Copies of letters and orders, October 1808-November 1809 (Adv.MS.46.5.3);Copies of letters and orders, September 1808-February 1810 (Adv.MS.46.5.4);Copies of letters and orders, February 1810-May 1914 (Adv.MS.46.5.5);‘Registre de la campagne d’Espagne’,...
Dates: 1808-1811

Microfilm of letters and papers, 1826-1831, undated, of Sir Walter Scott and correspondence, 1831-1846, of his son Walter and Lady Scott, and some other papers.

Identifier: MS.15555 [Mf.MSS.63]
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: (i) Letters and papers of Sir Walter Scott, consisting of notes on Malta, undated, fragments of the manuscript of an article, 'Ancient history of Scotland' in ‘Quarterly review’, volume xli (1828), instructions for his will, 1831, and some letters, 1826, undated. (The letters from this collection which are published in ‘The letters of Sir Walter Scott’, edited by Sir Herbert J C Grierson (London, 1932-1937) or copies of which are included in MSS.1750-1753, are...
Dates: 1826-1846, undated.