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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents showing items supplied, together with the prices charged for each; also, itemized bills or accounts.

Found in 250 Collections and/or Records:

Account book kept by George Seton., 1820-1822.

Identifier: MS.19217
Scope and Contents

The account book consists chiefly of lists of Bombay tradesmen’s bills, but some personal accounts are to be found here (inverted folios 1-7).

Dates: 1820-1822.

Accounts., 1776-1802.

Identifier: MS.14689
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Indian accounts, 1782-1785 (folio 1);(ii) Accounts of the 7th Marquess of Tweeddale when residing at Thirlestane Castle, 1784-1786 (folio 9);(iii) Accounts relating to the lease of Bonnington House, Ratho, 1786-1788 (folio 32);(iv) Discharges by Margaret, daughter of Lord William Hay of Newhall, 1792-1794 (folio 48), and by Mary Campbell of Shawfield, widow of Major William Hay, 1792-1800 (folio 54);...
Dates: 1776-1802.

Accounts and bills for building and structural repairs chiefly at Yester House, Gifford, and Tweeddale House., 1717-1762.

Identifier: MS.14666
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Disbound account book, 1736, of Joseph Enzer for plaster and stucco work at Yester with 'Observations on Joseph Enzers Accompts' (folio 1);(ii) Glaziers' bills: George Rouchead, Gifford, 1727-1739 (folio 16); Alexander Burton, Edinburgh, 1736-1757 (folio 18); William Burn, Gifford, 1752-1762 (folio 27);(iii) Painters' bills: James and George Norrie, Edinburgh, 1736-1755 (folio 45); James Fisher, Gifford, 1759-1762 (folio...
Dates: 1717-1762.

Accounts and bills of, to or concerning Sir Robert Hay, and Lord Charles Hay, of Linplum., 1704-1765.

Identifier: MS.14674
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Accounts, 1704-1765, of and concerning Sir Robert Hay, 2nd Baronet of Linplum to whose estate Lord Charles Hay succeeded in 1752 (folio 1);(ii) Account, 1750-1751, between Sir Robert Hay and his grieve, William Grierson (folio 103);(iii) Account, 1753, between the 4th Marquess of Tweeddale and Charles Murray, factor, after the death of Sir Robert Hay (folio 121);(iv) Bills of exchange, 1724-1729, of Lord Charles...
Dates: 1704-1765.

Accounts and vouchers of Hannagalla Coffee Plantation, Ceylon., 1844-1863.

Identifier: MS.19229
Scope and Contents

The papers include, details of the cost of bringing the land into cultivation (folio 1), Alexander Gedde's expenses as estate manager 1844-1854 (folios 2-3), accounts, 1859-1863, of the agents, George Stewart and Company (folios 4-37), and of the estate manager, Walter Agar (folios 38-85), and bills and receipts for shipping charges, 1846-1863 (folios 86-160).

Dates: 1844-1863.

Accounts and vouchers of the Hunter family., 1764-1871, undated.

Identifier: MS.19716
Scope and Contents

The accounts and vouchers being chiefly Charles Hunters bills and receipts for his estates of Glencarse and Seaside with some household accounts of Glencarse (folio 2). Also with accounts of Patrick Hunter of Knap, 1764 (folio 1), James Hunter of Kellyfield, 1856-1857 (folio 180), and Robert Webster of Cranley, circa 1811 (folio 212).

Dates: 1764-1871, undated.

Accounts of English expenses., 1668-1704, undated.

Identifier: MS.14647
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Bills for various provisions, 1671-1704 (folio 1);(ii) Disbound household account book, 1704 (folio 10);(iii) Clothing bills from merchants and tradesmen; mercers, haberdashers, etc., 1668-1704 (folio 19); tailors, 1672-1704 (folio 91); shoemakers, 1672-1704 (folio 104); hatters, 1669-1704 (folio 69); glovers, 1670-1704 (folio 119); belt-makers, 1670-1679 (folio 123);(iv) Clothing bills for Lord John Hay, 1697...
Dates: 1668-1704, undated.

Accounts of English expenses., 1670-1710, undated.

Identifier: MS.14648
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Bills from Jacob Huysmanns, 1670, for a picture frame and Gilbert [sic] Soest, 1673, ‘for a picture drawne by me of two children’ (folio 1);(ii) Bills of exchange, 1671-1701, (folio 3);(iii) Bills for freight, customs and packing expenses, 1672-1704 (folio 39);(iv) Accounts, 1675-1704, of postage expenses (folio 48);(v) Bill, 1678, from Thomas Bowlby, saddler, Darlington (folio 51);(vi)...
Dates: 1670-1710, undated.

Accounts of Lady Meade and of her son, Thomas Meade., 1764-1779, undated.

Identifier: MS.12947
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows. (i) Apothecaries’ bills, 1764-1779 (folio 1); (ii) Letter, 1772, of Francis Paynter to Thomas Meade, enclosing a rental of Thomas Meade's estates at Mitchell in Cornwall (folio 46); (iii) Extract copy of Lady Meade's will, 1772 (folio 48); (iv) Miscellaneous Meade family accounts, 1718-1779, undated chiefly of Thomas Meade at Bath (folio 50).

Dates: 1764-1779, undated.

Accounts of Susan, Marchioness of Tweeddale., 1715-1736.

Identifier: MS.14657
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Account, 1715, of funeral expenses for the 3rd Marquess of Tweeddale (folio 1);(ii) Servants' and factors' accounts, 1716-1734 (folio 3);(iii) Accounts, 1716-1722, for the 4th Marquess of Tweeddale, and for Lords James and Charles Hay, (folio 43);(iv) Scottish inn and horse bills, 1716, 1722 (folio 48);(v) London bills of exchange, 1729 (folio 70);(vi) Bills, 1719-1736, for various goods...
Dates: 1715-1736.

Accounts of Susan, Marchioness of Tweeddale., 1715-1736, undated.

Identifier: MS.14658
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Cloth and clothing bills, 1717-1736, undated (folio 1);(ii) Cloth bill, 1729-1730, to the Marquess of Clydesdale (folio 34);(iii) Bills, 1717-1721, of Edinburgh shoemakers (folio 35);(iv) Bills, 1719-1736, of East Lothian weavers (folio 39);(v) Bill, 1721, for wine glasses to Lady Mary Hamilton of Baldoon, Edinburgh (folio 48);(vi) Bill, 1722, for mirrors, Edinburgh (folio 49);...
Dates: 1715-1736, undated.