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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Transcribed collections of numbers, names, or other text indicating tallies of concepts collocated for any particular purpose.

Found in 1671 Collections and/or Records:

Volume of works relating to Scots law chiefly in hands of the late seventeenth century., Late 15th century-early 18th century.

Identifier: MS.3171
Scope and Contents The volume contains three sections, written by different persons.(i) The Law Repertory of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie (folio 1). The text contains several differences from the copies of this work in Adv.MS.24.3.2 and MS.943. In other hands, some more modern, are: a note stating that the work 'is thought to have bein done by Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigy, lately on of the Lords of Session, & compiled by him for his readier use when he was ane Advocat' (folio 1); occasional...
Dates: Late 15th century-early 18th century.

Volume on ecclesiastical antiquities, being the first part of a work in three volumes by Richard Augustine Hay on the ecclesiastical and secular antiquities of Scotland., 1700-1707, or after.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.1.8
Scope and Contents The volume, known and frequently cited as ‘Scotia Sacra’, contains an account of the introduction and spread of Christianity in Scotland (page 1), and brief historical descriptions of the various Scottish dioceses, as well as those of Carlisle (page 219) and Durham (page 339) down to the later 17th century (page 63). Each account is followed by a list of bishops and notes on the various monasteries and other religious houses located in the diocese, with notes on some of the abbots and other...
Dates: 1700-1707, or after.

Volume, stamped on the spine `Papers relating to Cromwell and the Regicides`, containing materials assembled by George Chalmers.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.28
Scope and Contents The date is given on folio 34 verso. The papers consist of:(i) notes and extracts relating to the history of Great Britain in the mid 17th century, in particular notes of treaties with other countries, 1654, and their provisions (folio 1), extracts from the Books of the Privy Council, 1660 (folio 7) and notes and extracts concerning the Regicides 1660-1662 (folio 12); (ii) a chronological list, compiled apparently about the same time, of treaties between...
Dates: 1792.

Volume written in 1796 entitled `Copy Search of Charters, Diplomas, andc in favours of the Peers of Scotland containing the Charts of Dignities and Series of Heirs`.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.3.20
Scope and Contents The volume consists of a collection of copies and extracts of charters and other formal documents dating from the early 14th to the early 18th century from the Register of the Great Seal and the Records in Chancery (folio 2), an appendix concerning certain Scottish peerages (folio 63 verso), a list of the Parliaments of England and of Great Britain (folio 96 verso), names of Scots Representative Peers who sat in the House of Lords in the 18th century (folio 97 verso), and an index to the...
Dates: Early 14th century-18th century.

Work in three volumes by Richard Augustine Hay on the ecclesiastical (Adv.MS.34.1.8) and secular (Adv.MSS.34.1.9(i)-34.1.9(ii)) antiquities of Scotland.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.34.1.8-34.1.9
Scope and Contents

The work is in the same hand as, and was begun probably as the consequence to, Hay’s ‘Diplomatum veterum collectio` (Adv.MS.34.1.10) in 1700 (the date quoted on each title page) and completed in 1707 or later (Adv.MS.34.1.9(ii), folio 62).

Dates: 1700-1707, or after.

Work on digestion, incipit 'Premissis quibusdam que certa corpus humanum'., 13th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.6.1(iii), folios 24-31
Scope and Contents

Initials are alternately blue and red.

At the end are added a note from Henry of Huntingdon, book 6, and a list (incomplete) of battles between the English (`nos`) and Scots from 1307 to 1385 (late 14th century, folio 31 verso).

Dates: 13th century.

Working notebooks of William Sharp containing miscellaneous notes., [Before 1906.]

Identifier: MSS.8778-8782
Scope and Contents

On the whole, the notebooks were used for quotations from English, Italian, Gaelic and Greek writers, as well as for many Gaelic expressions, customs, etc., which William Sharp evidently considered for possible inclusion in his own writings. The notebooks contain lists and arrangements of stories, poems, etc., as well as outlines and rough drafts of particular works.

Dates: [Before 1906.]

Working papers of William Skeoch Cumming, comprising notes, sketches, photographs, and other material collected by him in the course of his work., 1893-1919, undated.

Identifier: MSS.9773-9795
Scope and Contents

Most of the material is undated and fragmentary in nature. Rough sketches, notes taken from printed books, addresses, accounts, and descriptions of portraits and uniforms are scattered throughout.

Dates: 1893-1919, undated.