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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to handwritten documents, and may also be used to distinguish certain documents from published or otherwise printed documents, as in the cases of typed personal letters or a typescript from which printed versions are made.

Found in 6599 Collections and/or Records:

`Adversaria`, being miscellaneous notes and copies of correspondence of Sir Robert Sibbald, with scholars such as William Nicolson, Edward Lhuyd and John Smith of Durham on Scottish history and antiquities.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.3.19
Scope and Contents Smith`s letters (folios 47-61), some of which are originals, concern the records of Scottish history surviving at Durham. Other contents are as follows:(i) Notes on historical manuscripts in Edinburgh University Library (folio 2).(ii) The life of Robert Morison copied from his ‘Plantarum Historiae Universalis Oxoniensis’, part 3, with notes on the same volume (folio 4 verso).(iii) `A list of Gold Scotch Coyns` (folios 13 verso, 18).(iv) `The...
Dates: Circa 1682-1706, and undated.

Al-faraj ba‘d al-shiddah, a Turkish manuscript, probably of the eighteenth century, written in a current, fairly readable Naskhi hand, with Persian titles in red., 18th century.

Identifier: MS.2753
Scope and Contents The manuscript is a copy of the Turkish collection of tales which was based closely on a medieval Persian collection. The full complement of 42 tales is present, but not in the traditional order; there are four additional tales from other sources.The words 'Persian Tales in Turkish Translated by me into English' followed by an erased and now indecipherable signature, appear on folio 178 verso.A fuller description, by C S Mundy of the School of Oriental and African...
Dates: 18th century.

Album containing copies of religious tracts, at least one of which is of John Livingstone, Minister of Ancrum, in the same hand as the 'Life' of Livingstone in Adv. MS.34.5.19.

Identifier: MS.3858
Scope and Contents The date 1673 (folio 53 verso) indicates that the manuscript was written after John Livingstone's death.The contents are as follows.(i) Livingstone's 'Memorable Characteristics' (folio 1); this is not one of the copies used for W K Tweedie's edition in ‘Select Biographies’ (Wodrow Society, 1845), volume i;(ii) 'The notes of some sermons knit together anent personall covenanting &c.' (folio 30);(iii) Questions on the duties of Christians,...
Dates: 1673.

Album, containing 'Universal grammar...' written by James Trail, Minister of St Cyrus, and lecture notes on logic by his brother David Trail, Minister of Panbride.

Identifier: MS.3125
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) 'Universal Grammar, written by James Trail ... Panbride ... 1773' (folio iv);(ii) 'A Compend of Logic, in four parts, by Robert Watson, Master of Arts, Professor of Rhetoric & Logic in the University of St. Andrews' (folio 30).From the notices on folio i, 'James Trail, May, 1775', 'To Da. Trail, 1782', and 'Bot at Dr. Trail's roup by C.R.' (i.e., Reverend Charles Rogers), it seems that the grammar was written by James...
Dates: 1773-1850.

Album of ‘Jacobite relics’, containing printed and manuscript material and portraits, formerly owned, perhaps started, by James Maidment, and containing additions made by a later owner.

Identifier: MS.2960
Scope and Contents The printed matter is recorded in the Catalogue of Printed Books. In addition to some forgeries, the manuscript material is as follows:(i) Letter, undated, of John Stevenson, James Maidment's publisher, probably to Maidment (folio 2);(ii) A version, in a hand of about Maidment's time, of part of the poem on Lord justice Clerk Whitelaw, 'Old Nick was in want of a lawyer in hell,' printed by Maidment in ‘A book of Scotish pasquils’ (Edinburgh, 1827), page 73 (folio 2...
Dates: 1696-1891, undated.

Album of miscellaneous printed and manuscript matter.

Identifier: Adv.MS.81.1.20
Scope and Contents

The printed items are mostly newspaper cuttings, from the period circa 1780-circa 1830; they have not been indexed. The manuscript items, a list of which has been added at the beginning of the volume, are mostly Scottish, several relating to Bo`ness and Linlithgow, and date from 1562 to 1826. On folio 44 is a note signed `A.E.N.`

Dates: 1562-circa 1830.

Album of Walter Bowman.

Identifier: Acc.10717
Scope and Contents

Contains manuscript letters, prints, drawings and watercolours.

Dates: 1764.

Alexander Nimmo`s copy of his account of the survey made by him in the summer of 1806 of the northern, eastern and southern boundaries of Inverness-shire, which he undertook on Telford`s recommendation, whilst rector of Inverness Academy, for the parliamentary commission appointed to fix the county boundaries of Scotland.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.4.20
Scope and Contents The copy is in Nimmo’s own hand, written up in the form of a journal, from the notes which he took in his pocket-book whilst engaged upon the survey. It is written on the rectos of the leaves, the versos being left for maps (folios 11 verso, 12 verso), notes, bearings, and additions to the text. It appears to be incomplete, for it ends rather abruptly (folio 50). It is followed by an explanatory letter to John Rickman, who at the time was secretary to the commissions for making roads and...
Dates: 1806.

Alexander Skinner's Manuscript of Piobaireachd, so-called from the inscription 'Presented to Mr. Duncan Campbell, Piper to Sir Charles Forbes, Bart., of Newe, by Alex. Skinner, Teacher of Dancing ... London, June 15, 1855'.

Identifier: MS.3746
Scope and Contents What Alexander Skinner presented was, it seems, the blank volume, cf. MS.3745. The music was almost certainly written by Duncan Campbell.According to a note (folio ii) by Archibald Campbell, Secretary of the Music Committee of the Piobaireachd Society, Duncan Campbell left at least two manuscripts, one referred to simply as Duncan Campbell's Manuscript in the publications of the Piobaireachd Society, the other, this, an incomplete and probably unrevised copy of the first. The...
Dates: [1855, or after.]

`Alphabet of Honnor: or The Succession and Armes of the Kinges, Princes, Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, Barons, and Gentry of England since the Conquest’.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.3.19
Scope and Contents The contents include notes on and blazons of the arms of the five conquerors of England and the seven Saxon kings (page 1) based on ‘The Accedence of Armorie’, pages 35-40; notes on and blazons of the arms of the English dioceses (page 5) and the Oxford and Cambridge colleges (page 16); the succession of English princes, dukes and earls since 1066 (page 25); the order of viscounts and barons (page 88); and an alphabetical list chiefly of the English gentry with blazons (page 92)....
Dates: 1618.

Alphabetical list of medicinal ingredients, incipit `Ambra secundum quosdam est sperma ceti`., 14th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.6.9(iv), folios 69-80
Scope and Contents

There are later additions on folio 80.

Initials are alternately in red or blue, and the first under each letter of the alphabet has tracery in the other colour.

Dates: 14th century.

Alphabetically indexed volume containing references to members of Dumbartonshire families in printed works, manuscripts in the Advocates` Library, and manuscripts and documents kept in private repositories, compiled by James Dennistoun for a projected history of Dumbartonshire., ?1825-?1842.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.2.19
Scope and Contents

The references begin on folio 2, and are preceded by lists of sources inspected (folio 1). The volume is un¬dated, but an event dated 1842 is mentioned at folio 179. A number of leaves containing notes (folios 18, 25-26, 38, 202, 208-209) are bound in, and a bifolium (folios 211-212) found loosely enclosed has been tipped in at the back.

Dates: ?1825-?1842.