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Memorials. Legal documents.

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Scope Note: In a legal context the term can denote either an abstract of the essential parts of a deed made for the purposes of official registration, or else a brief prepared by a solictor for counsel, summarizing the facts of the case and setting out the questions on which counsel's opinion is requested. Also, a term used in the early modern period as an alternative to memorandum, meaning a note recording something to be remembered. For the latter use use 'Memorandums'. Source: Beal, Peter. 'Dictionary of English manuscript terminology, 1450-2000' (2008). In Scots law a memorial is also a statement of facts submitted to the Lord Ordinary as a preliminary to a hearing. Source: Concise Scots Dictionary (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1987).

Found in 188 Collections and/or Records:

Accounts and miscellaneous papers concerning the ‘Royal Charlotte’., 1797-1826.

Identifier: MS.9645
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: (i) Pay-bills, 1816, 1818-1820. Those for 1816 are for Thomas Robertson's salary only. (Folio 1.) (ii) Boatswain's, carpenter's, and gunner's demands and accounts, 1816-1820. (Folio 21.) (iii) Lists of defects to be made good, 1817-1819 (Folio 62.) (iv) Certificates of pilotage, 1817-1820. (Folio 74.) (v) Miscellaneous accounts and papers, 1804, 1815-1820, including a leaf from a log-book, a record of ships boarded, and abstracts of wages and beer-money. (Folio...
Dates: 1797-1826.

Accounts of Andrew Stuart with the Hamilton Trustees, chiefly concerning the Douglas Cause., 1762-1769.

Identifier: MS.5363
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Account of expenditure abroad, July 1762, to January 1766 (folio 1), followed by drafts of this account giving more detail (folio 36);(ii) Accounts relative to the Douglas Cause, 1762-1769 (folio 122);(iii) 'General abstract of the whole expence in relation to the Douglas Cause in Scotland', 1769 (folio 134), with other abstracts and a memorial concerning the proportion to be paid by Sir Hew Dalrymple (folio 142);...
Dates: 1762-1769.

`Book of Opinions`, volumes 2 and 3, containing copies of opinions and memorials of English Crown counsel in matters of customs and excise arising in the Exchequer or Treasury.

Identifier: Adv.MS.28.3.1(i)-(ii)
Scope and Contents

The volumes were copied in July 1751 for John Maule, Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, from other copies belonging to the Board of Customs in Edinburgh.

Dates: 1727-1746.

`Chronicle of Perth`, 1210-1668, also known as Mercer`s Chronicle and Fleming`s Chronicle, with other documents relating to the burgh of Perth.

Identifier: Adv.MS.35.4.4
Scope and Contents

The `Chronicle` was compiled probably between 1600 and 1668 by more than one person. Though attributed to John Mercer, town clerk of Perth, only the latter part appears to be his work. From 1660 it is almost entirely a register of burials.

Other items in the volume are a fragment of a legal memorial, circa 1597, concerning the foundation of the King James VI Hospital in Perth (folio 1), and a group of letters concerning Royal Burgh affairs (1614-1628), all copies (folio 20).

Dates: ?1600-1688.

Collection of papers concerning the Jacobite Rising of 1745.

Identifier: MS.1081
Scope and Contents The papers fall into three divisions. The first (folios 1-8) contains copies of letters and documents, August-September 1745, concerning Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s movements, chiefly letters of the 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and the 2nd Duke of Atholl, which retail current rumours. The second division (folios 9-47) contains letters and documents, some original, some copies, September 1745-January 1746, concerning the course of the rebellion. Many of the letters are addressed to Robert...
Dates: 1745-1746, 1755.

Commonplace book of Sir David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes., 1753-1765, undated.

Identifier: MS.25426
Scope and Contents

Included in the volume are 'Memorials concerning myself, my friends and native country, 1759' (folio 32), a copy of Lieutenant Colonel James Dalrymple's account of the capture of Quebec, a list of Lord Hailes' publications up to 1766 and notes on his literary activities, Horatio Walpole, and James MacPherson (folio 140), and 'Hints for the Public Good', undated, being suggestions for amending the legal, military, and religious establishments in Scotland (folio 169).

Dates: 1753-1765, undated.

Copies of memorials, 1786-1788, addressed by the Carron Company to Sir Thomas Dundas as arbiter, claiming repayment of water lost to them through the construction of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Identifier: MS.3006
Scope and Contents

Copies of reports of the Carron Company's inspectors, 1772, ?1775, and of George Whitworth, for the Company of Proprietors of the Forth and Clyde Navigation, 1785, 1788, are included.

Dates: 1786-1788.