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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Brief statements of a fact or experience, written down for review, or as an aid to memory, or to inform someone else; also includes short, informal letters.

Found in 5133 Collections and/or Records:

10th Marquess of Tweeddale papers., 1845-1903.

Identifier: Ch.11007-11025
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

Papers deemed unsuitable for inclusion in the MS. bound series.

Dates: 1845-1903.

12 letters of Lord Randolph Churchill to Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery.

Identifier: Acc.8654
Scope and Contents

With notes, 1887 and 1892-1893, by Rosebery of conversations with Randolph Churchill.

Dates: 1871-1894.

12 photographs of the Thistle Chapel.

Identifier: Acc.4855
Scope and Contents

With photocopies of notes of James Grieve.

Dates: 1911.

12 volumes relating to the peerage of Great Britain collected by James Maidment.

Identifier: Acc.12424
Scope and Contents

Includes cuttings from newspapers and magazines, portraits, broadsides, genealogical tables and notes. Also includes notes on cases on which Maidment was working.

Dates: 18th century to 19 century.

13th-century manuscript of 'Aurora' by Peter Riga.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.5.4
Scope and Contents The text is that of the third mediaeval version (see Paul E Beichner`s edition, volume 1, page xix), but like Notre Dame University Library MS.2, does not include the Liber Iob and Cantica Canticorum. The author`s name is given in a colophon to the Evangelium (folio 155 recto).The manuscript has been misbound, and folios 89-104 should precede folio 81. One passage in III Kings, which Beichner (volume 1, page 300, lines 13-66) attributes to the first recension of Aegidius, is...
Dates: 13th century.

13th-century prayer book from France, probably according to the Use of Paris

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.7.22
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) Noted masses from the Nativity to Holy Innocents (folio 1). Leaves following the epistle for Holy Innocents are missing.(ii) Capitula for the Sanctorale and Common of Saints (folio 11). Leaves are missing at the beginning: the surviving text starts with the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.(iii) Collects for the Temporale, Sanctorale and Common of Saints (folio 16). There are lacunae between the Octave of...
Dates: Late 13th century.

14th-century manuscript of the `Historia Anglorum` of Henry of Huntingdon.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.5.2
Scope and Contents It contains prologue (folio 1) and books 1-10 (folios 2, 17, 29 verso, 46 verso , 60 verso, 75, 91, 106, 128 verso, 142); the end of book 9 is missing (from page xxvi, paragraph 19, 1.6 in T Arnold’s edition, who prints only extracts of this book), and of book 10 only a single leaf remains (page 276, paragraph 20, 1.10-page 279, paragraph 3 in Arnold).The text is written by one hand as far as folio 131; the remainder is by another contemporary, smaller hand, who uses a different...
Dates: 14th century.

14th-century manuscript of the 'Historia Anglorum' of Henry of Huntingdon.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.5.4
Scope and Contents The manuscript contains prologue (folio 1) and books 1-7 (folios 2, 12 verso, 23 verso, 38 verso, 50 verso, 64, 76 verso), ending in the year 1138, the first 11 paragraphs of the later book 8 being included in book 7 (cf. Arnold, pages xii, xxxix note 3). Book-numbers are added at the tops of folios 315 and 24 only.There are initials throughout; that of the prologue is zoomorphic, and that of book 1 more elaborate than the rest. On folios 1-20 they are in red and/or green, with a...
Dates: 14th century.

15 stereoscopic photographs of Scottish scenes.

Identifier: Acc.11919
Scope and Contents

Taken by members of the Stereoscopic Society of which R W Copeman was President. The versos bear technical notes.

Dates: 1901-1915.

15th-century English manuscript containing three Middle English texts: 'Liber maundevyle'; the chivalric poem 'Sir Cleges'; and, 'De regimine principum' by Thomas Hoccleve.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.11
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) ‘Liber maundevyle` (folio 1). The manuscript belongs to sub-group E of the Defective Version on which the earliest editions were based (`English manuscripts of Mandeville`s Travels`, pages 169-171). Several leaves are missing, containing the end of the prologue and beginning of chapter 1 (after folio 1), chapters 6-9 (after folio 10), and the end of chapter 32 onwards.(ii) `Sir Cleges` (folio 71). ‘The Index of Middle...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript written in the Low Countries, containing various works attributed to, or written by, St Bernard.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.8.9
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) Extracts from the `Vita beatissimi Malachie`, caps. 1-25. See ‘Patrologia Latina’ 182, 1073-1104 (folio 1 verso).(ii) Notes on vipers with reference to Aristotle (folio 8 verso).(iii) `De conversione ad clericos`, cap. 3. ‘Patrologia Latina’ 182, 856-857 (folio 9).(iv) `Bernardus de servitute vitiorum et incertitudine mortis` (folio 10).(v) Anonymous commentaries on the Song of...
Dates: 15th century.

22 letters, 1843-1847, to John Stevenson.

Identifier: Acc.6271
Scope and Contents

Concerning the transactions of the committee for the erection of a memorial to James Wilson, leader of the Radical Rising of 1820, in which Stevenson took part.

With a biographical note on Stevenson by George Maddocks, and a colour photograph of his portrait.

Dates: 1843-1847 and undated.

267 letters of André Raffalovich to Francis H Wright and his family.

Identifier: Acc.5287
Scope and Contents

With 19 letters of John Gray to Wright, and explanatory notes by Sir Norman Wright.

Dates: early 20th century.

‘1467 MS’ written by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail and the Reverend John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’, written by Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín.

Identifier: Adv.MS.72.1.1
Scope and Contents The manuscript consists of two sections, folios 1-9 ('1467 MS'), written in and about that date (folio 7 recto) by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail (folios 3 recto, 5 recto, 7 recto, 8 recto), who was presumably a MacMhuirich; and folios 10-25 (Reverend John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’), written circa 1425 by Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín (date and hand established by Tomás Ó Concheanainn, “The scribe of John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’”, pages 99-101.The manuscript begins with Cormac’s Instructions...
Dates: [Circa 1425, circa 1467.]

A portion of the 'Orkney Sea Snake', widely known as the 'Beast of Stronsay', sent to Lord Byron; with correspondence, a transcription and press cutting concerning the same, , 1815-1977.

Identifier: MS.43544
Scope and Contents The box containing the specimens contains a labels reading "A portion of hte bone and bristle of the sea snake found off Orkney 1808. Sent with a descriptiove letter by Joanna Baillie to Lady Byron, for Byron, 1815".The box also has notes and captions relating to the contents attached to the box. There is also related correspondence, press cuttings and notes:Letter of Joanna Baillie to Anne Isabella Byron, Lady Byron, 1815: folios 1-2;...
Dates: 1815-1977.

A series of notebooks containing biographical information on British poets used, or intended to be used, in the publication of a dictionary of British poets., Mid 19th century.

Identifier: MSS.42592-42595
Scope and Contents

The notebooks serve more as an assortment of information - notes, press cuttings and documentary evidence, such as copies of wills - to be used in the preparation of the specific entries of the dictionary, than as a considered manuscript. In many cases only the heading of the name of the poet has been entered.

None of the volumes has an index.

Dates: Mid 19th century.

“A vindication of our blessed Saviour's genealogy” (Edinburgh, 1696); with various notes, 1694, undated, of Thomas Ruddiman., 1694-1696.

Identifier: MS.20492
Scope and Contents The manuscript is labelled ‘RB, XI’.The contents are as follows: (i) A printed book, “A vindication of Our Blessed Saviour's genealogy” (Edinburgh, 1696). (ii) Various notes by Thomas Ruddiman some dated 1694. The subjects include shorthand (folio 1), world religions (folio 4), languages (folio 15 verso), additions to Despauter's grammar (folio 20), a Sibylline prophecy of Christ in Greek, Latin and English (folio 28), European universities (folio 38 verso), and a description of...
Dates: 1694-1696.

A volume containing miscellaneous historical notes (some for Regiam Majestatem) and a few small vignette watercolour sketches by Lord Cooper., Undated.

Identifier: Acc.6188/3
Scope and Contents

Also included in the volume is the draft of the biographical appreciation of T.M. Cooper by his brother for Selected Papers, with additional notes and comments by Dr. H.W. Meikle, Historiographer-Royal and Librarian of the National Library of Scotland.

Dates: Undated.

Abridgement of the ‘Chroniche’ of Giovanni Villani (died 1348) continued by his brother Matteo (died 1363) and by Matteo`s son Filippo, to the end of 1365.

Identifier: Adv.MS.81.4.2
Scope and Contents The abridgement breaks off, in mid-sentence, in 1363 (in the middle of Chapter 69 of Book XI of the Matteo-Filippo Chronicle), 3¾ folios at the end being blank. The manuscript was written, probably in Florence, shortly after 1500; there are two water-marks, an eagle (Briquet 87: Florence, 1495) and a hat (Briquet 3383-3393: mostly Florence, 1470-1500). It is therefore possible that it is the autograph of the author of the abridgement, who was alive in 1500 (see folio 14 verso)....
Dates: After 1500.

'Abridgement of the History of the Orkneys, or Islands of Orkney, from Tharmodus Torfaeus, Historiographer to the King of Denmark', by the Reverend Alexander Pope, Minister of Reay., [Circa 1780.]

Identifier: MS.2096
Scope and Contents This is an incomplete version of the Abridgement; another version, Alexander Pope's manuscript of which is preserved in Caithness County Library, was published at Wick in 1866. This abridgement corresponds to pages 1-157 of the 1866 edition; the translation is similar but not the same, the notes are quite different, and there is no Introduction. The handwriting is Pope's, except on pages 11-12, where it is the same as that on pages 113-117 of the Caithness County Library manuscript....
Dates: [Circa 1780.]