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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Religious discourses delivered as part of a church service, usually delivered from a pulpit, based upon a text of scripture, and with the purpose of giving religious instruction or exhortation.

Found in 388 Collections and/or Records:

Theological works of St Bernard of Clairvaux and others, probably from a Cistercian house.

Identifier: MS.9153
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) The 'De consideratione' of St Bernard. Printed by J P Migne in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxxii, 727-808. (Folio 2 verso).(ii) Four sermons of St Bernard on Luke I, 26-38. Printed in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxxiii, 55-88. (Folio 85).(iii) Hugh of St Victor, 'Soliloquium de arrha animae'. The prologue and 'confessio’ are in a shorter version than that printed in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxvi, 951-970. (Folio...
Dates: 13th century.

Two documents concerning Scottish history., 1666-1700.

Identifier: MS.2206
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows.

(i) Account, probably original, by a Covenanter, of his examination and imprisonment in 1666 and 1667. He seems to have been associated with Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire. (Folio 1.)

(ii) 'A sermon preached by Mr. James Webster in the Tolbooth Church of Edr. Febry. 11 ... 1700 ... on the occasion of that terrible conflagration that happened in the Parliament Close upon ... Febry. 4th . . . 1700.' Eighteenth-century copy. (Folio 15.)

Dates: 1666-1700.

Two manuscripts bound in a volume of seventeenth-century printed sermons: a sermon, undated, preached by James Fergusson, Minister of Kilwinning (died 1667); and a treatise, 1717, entitled 'A vindication of set forms in generall and of the English service in particular', apparently by Thomas Law., 17th century, 1717.

Identifier: MS.6540 [L.C.563]
Scope and Contents From the Series:

These are the more substantial of the letters, papers and notes found in the Lauriston Castle Collection of printed books, whether pasted or inserted loosely into volumes or as inscriptions written in books.

Dates: 17th century, 1717.

Two of a series of volumes of sermons., 1704-1706.

Identifier: MSS.2751-2752
Scope and Contents

The sermons, of which there is a list at the beginning of each volume, were apparently copied out during the years 1704 and 1706 by one Stephen Ewens, whose name is inscribed in MS.2751, folio iv.

Dates: 1704-1706.

Various manuscripts written or owned by Thomas Ruddiman.

Identifier: MSS.20491-20496
Scope and Contents

The manuscripts are lettered RA-RK (RC missing) and some also have Roman numerals.

Dates: 4th quarter of 17th century-1st half of 18th century.

Various sermons of Alexander Carlyle., 1749-1803, undated.

Identifier: MSS.23864-23908
Scope and Contents From the Series: They consist of sermons preached before and after the Sacrament (MSS.23786-23805), series of sermons on the Sermon on the Mount (MSS.23806-23816), on the Lord's Prayer (MSS.23817-23825) and on righteousness (MSS.23826-23834), sermons on death (MSS.23835-23840), sermons preached on public occasions (MSS.23841—23863), some of which were, printed subsequently, and sermons preached on various topics (MSS.23864-23906), followed by drafts, fragments and summaries of sermons and schemes of services...
Dates: 1749-1803, undated.

Volumes containing texts of sermons preached by John Gray on various occasions., 1668-1712, undated.

Identifier: MSS.16448-16467
Scope and Contents

The volumes have been arranged chronologically as far as possible, but many of the volumes are composite, consisting of unrelated gatherings of leaves (including some blank) bound together, containing sermons preached in different years (a large number are undated: some were preached more than once, at intervals of several years). It is not known whether some of these volumes were bound after John Gray's death.

Dates: 1668-1712, undated.

Volumes of sermons and notes of various ministers of Scotland., 17th century to 18th century.

Identifier: Acc.9270/1-18
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:


18 volumes of sermons

three volumes of library catalogue

papers concerning the management of the Library and of the affairs of the parish.

Dates: 17th century to 18th century.

Writings of Anna Seward, copied in her autograph and bequeathed by her to Sir Walter Scott., 1762-1768, 1804-1807.

Identifier: MSS.879-880
Scope and Contents

The sheets which Sir Walter Scott published in his edition of Anna Seward's ‘Poetical works’, 1810, were evidently taken out by him, and this collection consists of the unpublished remainder. These writings are described in her letter of 17 July 1807, sent to Scott posthumously (MS.870, folio 14, printed in her ‘Poetical works,’ volume i, page xxxiii).

Dates: 1762-1768, 1804-1807.

Writings of Savonarola, translated into English, in the hand of Alexander Falconar, Advocate, who added some comments in the margins, late seventeenth or early eighteenth century.

Identifier: MS.3859
Scope and Contents

Contains: ‘De Simplicitate Christianae Vitae’, preceded by the ‘Epistola’, as in the Cologne edition (1550), and followed by a sermon on John, iv, I, preached on 9 June 1495 (folio 101).

There are notes on the manuscript and its writer on folios i and iii.

Dates: Late 17th century-early 18th century.