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Gray, Alasdair James (writer and artist) (1934-2019)



  • Existence: 1934 - 2019

Found in 45 Collections and/or Records:

20 letters and cards, 1990-1996, of Ronald Stevenson to Michael Lister, on musical and personal matters.

Identifier: Acc.11318
Scope and Contents


copies of 23 letters, 1990-1996, of Lister to Stevenson

copy of letter, 1994, of Lister to Alasdair Gray

correspondence, 1989-1996, of Lister, concerning Ronald Stevenson.

Dates: 1989-1996.

Artwork by Alasdair Gray for his novel 'Old men in love'.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.12915/1-4
Scope and Contents

This collection includes all of the original artwork for the novel 'Old men in love' (Bloomsbury, 2007).

Dates: 2007.

Colour transparencies, 2006, of artworks by Alasdair Gray, 1950s-2005.

Identifier: Acc.12637/1-6
Scope and Contents

Tansparencies of paintings and drawings by Alasdair Gray, many of which were collected and annotated in this collection to be scanned for use in 'A life in pictures' (Canongate, 2009).

Dates: [2006].

Colour transparencies, 2006, of book designs and illustrations, 1983-2005, by Alasdair Gray.

Identifier: Acc.12632/1-3
Scope and Contents

Contains transparencies of book designs for most of Alasdair Gray's own works, and for books by other writers.

Dates: [2006].

Colour transparencies, 2006, of posters, 1977-2002, designed by Alasdair Gray.

Identifier: Acc.12630/1-2
Scope and Contents

Transparencies of posters designed by Alasdair Gray for various events or campaigns, including book readings, plays and university events. The transparencies were produced around 2006, but the original artworks date from 1977-2002.

Dates: [2006].

Drafts and proofs of film scripts, short stories, articles and illustrations of Alasdair Gray, with some related correspondence.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.12557/1-21
Scope and Contents The largest portion of this collection is taken up by drafts of film scripts for 'Poor things', co-written by Alasdair Gray and Sandy Johnson, director, with comments and changes of both, as well as comments and changes of Iain Brown, producer, and Brian Gibson, another director who was later attached to the project.There are also some files of correspondence and drafts of articles and illustrations for other projects, as well as typescripts and proofs of the short story...
Dates: 1988-2003.

Eight letters to David Morrison.

Identifier: Acc.13341
Scope and Contents

Eight letters, 1984-2010, to David Morrison; correspondents include Alasdair Gray, Norman MacCaig and John Manson. With manuscript drafts of two poems by David Morrison.

Dates: 1984-2010.

Eighteen family photographs and reproductions of six artworks by Alasdair Gray.

Identifier: Acc.12828
Scope and Contents

Apparently collected and arranged for use in 'A life in pictures' (Canongate, 2009), this collection consists of 5 large photograph album pages containing photographs, mostly of Alasdair Gray's family and early childhood, with photographs of some murals, and reproductions of several early artworks annotated 'Unceilinged blood verse'.

Dates: circa 1932-1957.

First edition of Alasdair Gray's "Lanark" (1981) with annotations in the hand of the author.

Identifier: Acc.14530
Scope and Contents

Manuscript annotations to the text on pages 490, 491, 538, 539 and 545 were intended by Gray to be included in new editions of the novel.

Dates: 1981; 2017-2019.

Ledgers, notebooks, literary correspondence and audiovisual and printed material of Alasdair Gray.

Identifier: Acc.13416/1-100
Scope and Contents Literary papers of Alasdair Gray, including ledgers and notebooks used for journal entries, drafts of letters and poems, working notes and illustrations. Literary papers and correspondence include material relating to 'A life in pictures' (Canongate, 2010) and 'Every short story' (Canongate, 2012). The collection of CDs and DVDs includes scans and drafts for these works as well as 'A Gray play book' (Luath, 2009).There is also a small collection of printed material, mostly...
Dates: 1909-2012.

Ledgers of Alasdair Gray containing diary entries and drafts of works, with typescripts of 'Fleck' and a file of press cuttings.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.13021/1-15
Scope and Contents

Eight ledgers or notebooks contain diary entries, draft letters and literary notes and drafts of stories, poems, plays and the novel 'Old men in love'; with six corrected and annotated typescripts of 'Fleck', a play; and a file of cuttings of reviews of the French edition of 'Lean tales'.

Dates: 1845-2008.

Literary, artistic and personal correspondence and papers of Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.14602/1-431
Scope and Contents At the heart of this archive are the contents of the two filing cabinets which sat in Alasdair Gray’s study, and which have been catalogued here in their original filing order. These contain correspondence and papers relating to Alasdair Gray’s literary and artistic endeavours, as well as extensive personal correspondence and research materials.The most recent sections of the archive mainly relate to his last great work, his ‘paraphrasing’ of Dante’s ‘Divine comedy’, published by...
Dates: 1885-2019, undated.

Literary papers, correspondence and artwork of Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.13289/1-109
Scope and Contents This collection includes personal and working papers of Alasdair Gray, with the great majority of the papers concerning 'A Gray play book' (Luath, 2009) and 'A life in pictures' (Canongate, 2009).The 'play book' papers include typescripts from throughout Gray's life of many of the plays which made up the book, as well as annotated proofs, and correspondence concerning the book's production.There are extensive visual materials collated by Gray for the production of 'A...
Dates: 1951-2011.

Manuscript and typescript drafts of 'Something leather', by Alasdair Gray, with proofs, illustrations and related correspondence.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.10371/1-32
Scope and Contents Includes nine manuscript and typescript drafts of the novel, drafts of individual chapters, and related notes, correspondence and illustrations. Post-publication material includes copies of the US hardback edition, revised paperback edition, and cuttings of UK press coverage of the book.Alasdair Gray's descriptions have been retained in the scope and contents notes for each file, and include insights into his working process, comments on how the novel progressed, and how...
Dates: 1968-1991.

Manuscript drafts, corrected typescripts and proofs of 'A history maker', by Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.11203/1-12
Scope and Contents

Drafts, proofs and some source materials and correspondence for 'A history maker', by Alasdair Gray.

Alasdair Gray's own manuscript drafts are accompanied by typescript transcriptions produced by his typist Scott Pearson, which are then in turn heavily annotated and corrected by Gray. These annotations then inform the next set of manuscript drafts, giving a unique insight into how the book developed and grew.

Dates: 1967, 1985, 1993-1994.

Manuscripts and typescripts of 'Mavis Belfrage' and 'Old negatives', by Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.11530/1-29
Scope and Contents

Manuscript and typescript drafts of 'Mavis Belfrage' and 'Old negatives: 4 verse sequences', by Alasdair Gray, heavily annotated and revised by Gray and with extensive notes to his typist and assistant Scott Pearson.

Dates: 1966-1996, undated.

Manuscripts and typescripts of 'Poor things', 'Ten tales tall and true' and 'Why Scots should rule Scotland', by Alasdair Gray, with some related correspondence and source materials.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.10749/1-89
Scope and Contents Includes corrected manuscript and typescript drafts and revised versions of 'Poor things', 'Ten tales tall and true', and 'Why Scots should rule Scotland', along with finished copies of all three books. There are some files of correspondence concerning the publication of 'Poor things' and 'Ten tales tall and true', as well as some material concerning 'Something leather'.Most files have an A4 sheet inserted at the beginning by Alasdair Gray with a brief summary of the file's...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1896, 1972-1993.

Manuscripts, typescripts and other papers relating to the publication of works of Alasdair Gray, with some articles, reviews and biographical material.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.9247/1-52
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of manuscripts, typescripts, proofs and illustrative material relating to a wide range of Alasdair Gray’s work, including twenty-nine stage, radio and television plays, and the following published works:

'Lanark' (Edinburgh: Canongate, 1981). 'Lean tales' (London: Jonathan Cape, 1985). 'Lean tales' (London: Abacus, 1987). 'Old negatives' (London: Jonathan Cape, 1989).

Dates: 1954-circa 1987.

Manuscripts, typescripts, proofs and correspondence of Alasdair Gray, mainly concerning 'Working legs', as well as other works.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.11655/1-34
Scope and Contents

Includes extensive working papers and proofs for 'Working legs', including cast notes and publicity materials, as well as papers relating to the 1997 editions of 'Why Scots should rule Scotland' and 'Unlikely stories, mostly'.

Dates: 1966-1997.

Manuscripts, typescripts, proofs and correspondence relating to 'Old men in love', by Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.12899/1-38
Scope and Contents These working papers for 'Old men in love', the final novel of Alasdair Gray, reflect the book's journey from three plays written by Gray for stage and television in the 1970s to their reworking some thirty years later into the fictional John Tunnock's unfinished novels. The novel changed title several times throughout its development, and descriptions of material have been provided based on the title used in that draft.The set of twenty bound typescripts highlight Alasdair...
Dates: 1975-2007.

Notebooks, diaries and personal papers of Alasdair Gray, with some literary papers and printed material.

Identifier: Acc.9417/1-100
Scope and Contents

Includes notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, literary fragments and personal documents.

Dates: 1944-1986.

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