Various printed papers for use of members of the Cabinet. Edit


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  • 1848-1850. (Creation)


  • 46 Leaves (Whole)



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    91 folios.

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    The contents are as follows. (i) 'Case of Captain Cook', a memorandum, undated, but circa 1850, 2 pages; (ii) Copies of dispatches of Thomas Wyse, Athens, to Lord Palmerston 3 and 4 June 1850, 4 pages; 2 pages; (iii) 'Memorandum on the Answer of the Government of Greece to that of Great-Britain respecting the Islands of Cervi and Sapienza', Foreign Office 31 December 1849, 7 pages; (iv) 'Memorandum on the Condition and Prospect of Roman Affairs', 14 January 1850, 14 pages; (v) 'Statement of what has taken place, since 1815, between Great Britain and Spain, France, and the United States, about securing Cuba to Spain', Foreign Office, 12 June 1850, 25 pages; (vi) Copy of convention between France and Buenos Ayres, 1850, 5 pages; (vi) Papers relating to a treaty between the United States and Mexico on a passage of the Isthumus of Tehuantepec, July 1850, 7 pages; (viii) 'Papers respecting the Departure of the King and Queen of the French from France in March 1848’, 9 pages; (ix) 'Memorandum on the Succession to the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein', Foreign Office, 17 August 1850, 2 pages; (x) 'Remarks on the Military Condition of Great Britain', by J F Burgoyne, 29 May 1850, 14 pages.