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Documents, including accounts, petitions and memorandums, of George Skene and John Skene of Halyards., 1666-1752.

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144. Account between John Skene of Halyeards and Mr Thomas Skene, 1690-99. 1700.

145. Testament dative of Mr Thomas Skein, advocat who deceased November 1700. Inventory given up by Beatrix Hepburne his relict. [part torn away] after 16 August 1701.

146. Copy disposition by Elisabeth Ker, relict of Mr Christopher Irvein, Dr of medicine in. Edinburgh to her son, John Irveine of a bond for 1200 merks granted by Sir William Ker of Greenhead, Kt, Bt & Major James Murray of Chirrietrees dated 18 February 1695; a bond for £550 granted by Christopher Irvein of Castle Irvein in the county of Farmanoch Dr of medicine with Patrick, Lord Polworth as cautioner to Mr Thomas Skene advocate on 23 September 1698 and assigned 18 March 1699. At Edinburgh 1 March 1701. Witnesses: Patrick Scot who writes the document and John Paterson, cordiner.

147. Precept of arrestment at the instance of Janet Drummond, lady Halyeards and Captain John Skein of Halyeards her husband and Mr George, Charles, Hugh, Eupham, Janet, Helen, Elizabeth and Beatrix Skein their children and Robert Kincaid husband to the said Janet, against Charles, Francis, Elizabeth and Francis Skein children to the deceased Mr Thomas Skein advocate and [ ] Hepburne his relict against who action is pending. Edinburgh, 15 August 1702.

148. Account of the money resting of the price of Halyeards at Whitsunday, 1703.

149. Petition by John Skeen of Hallyeards and Janet Drummond his lady to the commissioners of supply and excise of the sheriffdom of Edinburgh about their liability for brewing tax, and answer of the commissioners, 14 June 1703.

150. Memorandum of the process of Edward Marjoribanks against the representatives, relict and creditors of the deceased Mr Thomas Skeen. [circa l705].

151. Memorandum for Halzeards about effect of marriage contract between Mr Alexander Suintoun of Mersingtoun one of the Senators of the College of Justice with consent of Thomas Ker dated 1666 with reminder to John Skene of Halzeards, 1705.

152. Memorandum for Halzeards about effect of marriage contract between Mr Alexander Suintoun of Mersingtoun one of the Senators of the College of Justice with consent of Thomas Ker dated 1666 with reminder to John Skene of Halzeards, 1705.

153. Double interlocutor in the action of Edward Marjoribanks against the creditors of Mr Thomas Skene, 27 June 1705.

154. Account of Beatrix Hepburn relict of Mr Thomas Skene's intromissions with the moveables of her husband, 1705.

155. Letter of John Skene to Mr James Deas, writer in Edinburgh. Business affairs. Thirlston Castle, 18 June 1706.

156. Memorial for libelling the summons of exhibition ad deliberandum at Halyards instance against Hogg of Ramore, 1708.

157. Act by Court of Session 7 January 1708 in favour of John Skeen of Halyeards allowing to inspect certain papers of Mr Thomas Skeen, advocate sequestrate by the courts order.

158. Memorial to prove right of John Skeen of Halyeards as heir to Skeen of Ramore.

159. Bond of relief by Alison Skeen, relict of Sir Alexander Swinton of Mersingtoun, senator of the college of justice to Captain John Skeen of Hallyeards as cautioner in a bond of £40 Scots to John Brown notary in Kelso. At Edinburgh, 12 September 1710. Witnesses: Thomas Taylor, baxter burgess of Edinburgh and John Allan writer in Edinburgh.

160. Memorandum for Skene of Halyeards on his claim to the estate of Ramore as heir male, 1710.

161. Extract registered discharge Frances Fullarton, daughter to the deceased Mr William Fullarton of Craighall to her husband Mr Robert Kincaid of Overgogarmains for 1000 merks due under her contract of marriage. At Edinburgh, 6 April 1704. Witnesses: Alexander Kincaid goldsmith in Edinburgh and Alexander Kincaid writer in Edinburgh. Registered Edinburgh, 14 March 1712.

162. Peititions for John Skein of Halyards to the Lords of Council of Session that he might have delivered up to him certain documents from Thomas Skein’s cabinet which is in the court's hand. 17 June 1712 [printed].

163. Discharge Charles, Earl of Lauderdale to Mr Robert Kincaid of Gogarmaines for 80 bolls bear, 32 bolls wheat, 32 bolls as two years fueduty of Overgogarmaines for 1711-12 and for 4 bolls 3 firlots meal, 3 bolls bear and six firlots wheat. At Edinburgh 1 February 1714. Witnesses: John Corss, writer in Edinburgh and Alexander Kincaid, writer in Edinburgh.

164. Memorandum on affairs between Edward Marjoribanks of Halyeards and the deceased Mr Thomas Skene, advocate, 1714.

165. Memorandum on Lord Mersingtoun’s contract of marriage with Alison Skeen, eldest daughter to John Skeen of Halyairds, 26 April 1666, 1714.

166. Copies of assignations viz.

(a) Thomas Dalmahoy, son and heir to the deceased Robert Dalmahoy one of the creditors and adjudgers of Samwell Drummond of Carlowry's estate to Mr Thomas Skene, advocate of certain rights over the estate of Carlowry now in the hands of Henry Sinclair of Carlowry. At Edinburgh 7 December 1695. Witnesses: Mr William Stirling W S and James Reid, servitor to Mr Thomas Skeen,

(b) John Hope, late provost Peebles as having right from James Tweddy, creditor as above of rights as in (a). At Edinburgh 19 December 1695. Witnesses: David Denham writer in Edinburgh and James Reid as above.

(c) Sir John Gibson of Pentland heir to Sir Alexander Gibson his father, creditor as above of rights as in (a). At Edinburgh 22 February 1696. Witnesses: George Gibson, clerk of session and Thomas Gibson, brothers to the granter.

(d) Beatrix Lumsden, spouse to Andrew Kerr portioner of Dudingstoun with consent of her husband and of Beatrix Melvell relict of Mr Charles Lumsden minister at Dudingstoun her mother and of Mr Michael Lumsden, advocate, creditor as above of rights as in (a). At Edinburgh and Dudingstoun, 13 September 1695. Witnesses: Charles and John Thomson indwellers in Dudingstoun, James Allan, son to William Allen portioner of Dudingstoun, Alexander Neilson writer in Edinburgh and Charles Bell, writer in Edinburgh.

(e) James Weir, son to William Weir tutor of Blackwood, Archibald and George Stirling sons to Archibald Stirling in Hillhead of Evendale creditors as above of rights as in (a). At Edinburgh 4 March 1696 Witnesses: Mr George Diksone of Buchtrig, advocate and Mr William Stirling W S.

167. Petition of Beatrix Hepburn, relict of Mr Thomas Skeen, advocate, John Jollie and George Watson merchants in Edinburgh and the representatives of Sir James Turner to the Court of Session for access to certain documents of Mr Thomas Skeen in possession of the court, with deliverances February - August 1704.

168. Memorandum for Lt George Skeen about the estate of Ramore, 1720.

169. Draft bond of provision by Mr Robert Kincaid of Gogarmains and Thomas Kincaid his eldest son in favour of Elizabeth Murray spouse to the said Thomas, 1721.

170. Fiars prices for the sheriffdom of Edinburgh, crop of 1722.

171. Inventory of bonds and bills in Lieutenant George Sken's cabinet at Edinburgh, 1727.

172. Testament dative of Bernard Ross, periwig maker, St Martin in the Fields, London by his executor Lt George Skeen in the Royal Regiment of Scots Fuzeliers, Edinburgh, 7 October 1730.

173. Inventory of silver plate and linnings left by Captain George Skene with his sisters, 14 July 1731.

174. Extract registered discharge John Belsches of Toftis, advocate to Mr John Skene of Halyardis for 12,000 merks due by marriage contract dated 11 March 1631 between his eldest son Mr Alexander Belsches advocate and Jean Skene daughter to the said Mr John and Alison Rig his spouse. At Edinburgh 14 June 1631. Witnesses: Mr Alexander Gibsoun younger fear of Durie, Mr Andrew Aytoun of Logy, advocate and Mr John Rollocke his servitor. Extracted Edinburgh, 4 August 1631.

175. Information for the creditors of Mr David Thoirs, for the children of the deceased Lt George Skeen against Elizabeth and James Skeens, children and assignees to Beatrix Hepburn. [February 1734]. [Printed].

176. Short case of the creditors of Sir David Thoirs in the question betwixt them and Elizabeth and James Skeen, 3 December 1734. [Printed].

177. Inventory of writs belonging to John Skene, son of Lt George Skene ... in order to get conveyance of Bonds to the said John, 12 December 1734.

178. Copy report by the magistrates of Edinburgh of the commission directed to them by the spiritual court of Canterbury about proving marriage between Elizabeth Carrie and Lt George Skene, 15 January 1735.

179. Answers for John Skeen of Hallyards to the two petitions against him by Robert Hog designed of Ramone and John Dowglass of Tilliquhilly and David Dowglass of Blairdregine, undated.

180. Double of 179.

181. Decree in the prorogative court of Canterbury in favour of Elizabeth Currie as relict of Lt George Skene against the claim of Helen Skene and Elizabeth Russell, his sisters to be his heirs, 26 June 1735.

182. Summons of awakening and transferrance at the instance of Alexander Kincaid, bookseller in Edinburgh against [Elizabeth] Skeen as only sister german of the deceased John Skeen in an action relating to the lands of Overgogarmains. Executed by Alexander Martine, Isla herald, 30 June, 1743. Witnesses: William McLagan writer in Edinburgh & William Mitchell indweller there.

183. Memorial for Mrs [Elizabeth] Skeen and her daughter Elizabeth on succession to estates of Lt George Skeen and right over lands of Overgogarmains, 14 November 1743.

184. Inventory of writs produced by Elizabeth Skene only daughter and heir of the deceased Lt George Skene of the Scots Fuseliers and by Elizabeth Curry her mother and curatrix in the process of reduction at the instance of Alexander Kincaid bookseller in Edinburgh adjudger of the lands of Over Gogarmains and assignee in trust for John Kincaid only son to the deceased Mr Robert Kincaid elder and brother to the deceased Thomas Kincaid younger of Overgogarmains, 12 January 1744.

185. Condescendence of the special reasons of reduction to be insisted on for Alexander Kincaid bookseller in Edinburgh, against the daughter of Lt George Skene, 12 February 1744.

186. Note of the process of reduction maills and duties Alexander Kincaid, bookseller in Edinburgh, adjudger of the lands of Gogar Mains against John Skene eldest son to the deceased Lt George Skene. Elizabeth Currie relict of the said George and now transferred against Elizabeth as heir to John her brother, John Somervell, tenant in Over Gogar, Helen Thomson, relict of John Cunningham, sometime tenant there and Thomas and Robert Cunningham their son.

187. Account rendered by William Eliott, writer in Edinburgh to Mrs Skeen, widow of Lt George Skeen and Elizabeth Skeen, her daughter, 1738-44. Discharged Edinburgh, 3 August 1744.

188. Discharge James More of Stonnywood to John MacKenzie of Ardross for 4000 merks due as tocher with Margaret Mackenzie his eldest daughter. At Ardross, 24 November 1744. Witnesses: Colin MacKenzie of Breackach, Murdoch Mackenzie son to Ardross and Murdoch Mackenzie of Cline.

189. Horning and poinding at the instance of Elizabeth Skene only daughter of the deceased Lt George Skene against Elizabeth and Helen Skene sisters of the said Lt George for sums of money and household plenishing of the said Lt George [part missing]. Endorsed with executions by George Glas, Rothesay herald 31 July 1745. Witnesses: George Steuart and James Briges, councill posts in Edinburgh and 16 August 1745. Witnesses: George Steuart and George Weston, council posts in Edinburgh.

190. Memorandum for James Clarkson in behoof of Elizabeth Skeen and her mother (including inventory of plenishing, 25 August 1746).

191. Interlocutor in the action Alexander Kincaid, against Elizabeth Skene, 4 January 1749.

192. Memorial for Elizabeth Skene regarding action against Alexander Kincaid, 21 July 1749.

193. Representation for Elizabeth Skeen and her mother in the action against Alexander Kincaid, 11 December 1749. [Thomas Kincaid fled to Holland after the murder of his wife].

194. Petition to the magistrates of Edinburgh by Elizabeth Skene daughter of the deceased Lt George Skene and her mother to prohibit Elizabeth Skene sister to the said Lt George from selling any of her property and furniture, 27 February 1752.


  • Creation: 1666-1752.

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