Miscellaneous law tracts. Edit




  • 16th century-17th century. (Creation)


  • 0.00 Linear metres (Whole)
    548 + several blank pages. Folio.



  • Scope and Contents

    The contents of the volume are as follows.

    (i) Copies of various Royal patents, gifts, and commissions, 1642-1669 (the majority from the early 1660s). Most are in a 17th-century hand; an early 18th-century hand has added two, on pages 125 and 532. A detailed list is given on pages 536-540, and they have been fully indexed. (Page 1.)

    (ii)-(xiii) are copies, in an 18th-century hand, of sections of Adv.MS.6.2.2.

    (ii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(xii): `The Retour ... of the haill shyres in the Kingdome or the Retoured dewtie of the haill shyres`. (Page 127.)

    (iii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(xiii): `Note of prices at ye Chancery office.` (Page 202.)

    (iv) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(xiv): `Note of the soumes due to my lord lyon, with his heraulds pursevants and to the Kings trumpets for new creationes, and to the Macers.` (Page 205.)

    (v) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(xv): `Abreviat of his Maties proper and constant rent ... Collected ... by Sir Wm Purves of Woodhouslie ... in anno 1667’. (Page 205.)

    (vi) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(ii): `The Roole or Sea Lawes of Oleron.` (Page 334.)

    (vii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(iii): `The old and ancient Gothish Sea Lawes made at Wisbuy`. (Page 355.)

    (viii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(iv): `A Treatise concerning averidge Written originallie in Dutch by Quijntyn Weytsen Counseller to the King of Spain in the Court of Holland.` (Page 377.)

    (ix) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(v): `The Jurisdiction off the Admiralitie off France Both in tyme off peace and warre.` (Page 399.)

    (x) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(vi) `A declaratione of the King off France [Louis XIV] for regulating Navigatione Equipping off Ships and Concerning prizes`, 1 February 1650, with Acts of the Council of State on the same subject till 1670. (Page 422.)

    (xi) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(vii): `Ane placaet or ordinance concerning Sea Lawes made by His Imperiall Majestie Charles the 5th and published [19 July] anno dom. 1551.` (Page 446.)

    (xii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(viii): `Ane placca or ordinance concerning the riging out off Ships Concerning Sea Lawes and Concerning assurances Made by Philip [II] King of Spain and published [31 October] anno dom. 1563.` (Page 462.)

    (xiii) = Adv. MS. 6.2.2(ix): `The Customs of Amsterdam Concerning assurances`. (Page 514.)

    (xiv) `Note of the Shore Dues at the Port of Leith payable to the City of Edinburgh by virtue of Grants from the Crown,` excerpted from documents in the city charter-chest. In the same hand as sections (ii)-(xii). (Page 528.)

    (xv) Index to the volume. (Page 536.)

  • Existence and Location of Originals

    Adv.MS.6.2.2: Volume containing inter alia translations or copies of treatises on maritime law, chancery styles, and Crown patrimony, an index to Stair’s ‘Institutions of the Law of Scotland’, and copies of Scottish patents.

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Deposited, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates.

  • Custodial History

    The volume was bought by the Advocates’ Library in 1801.