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  • Circa 1692-1709, and undated. (Creation)


  • 0.00 Linear metres (Whole)
    113 folios. Folio.



  • Language of Materials


  • Scope and Contents

    The contents of the manuscript are as follows:

    (i) `Scotia illustrata sive Theatrum Urbium, Arcium, Monasteriorum et aedium quarundam illustrium in Scotia`, circa 1692. The Latin text by Sibbald intended for John Slezer`s ‘Theatrum Scotiae’. It is very different from the published text which Slezer had had translated without Sibbald`s authority. The preface is in Slezer`s hand, and each entry is signed by both Sibbald and Slezer. (Folio 1.)

    (ii) Copy of William Harvey`s description of the Bass Rock. See his ‘Opera omnia’, pages 221-222. (Folio 43 verso.)

    (iii) `Of Ancient Scotland`. Eight chapters in Slezer`s hand. Each page is signed by both Sibbald and Slezer. (Folio 44.)

    (iv) Latin verses, copied from one of Sir Robert Cotton`s manuscripts, which were spoken at a feast in the time of Queen Mary. (Folio 48 verso.)

    (v) `Dionisij Alexandrini Περιήγησεος seu orbis descriptiones versiones quatuor Latinae`, with extracts from printed works, 1709. Folios 53 verso-54 verso contain notes taken from ‘Thesaurus Geographicus’. (Folio 49.)

    (vi) `Historia rerum in Scotia naturalium`, book 1. From the preface it appears that this work was intended to be very similar to Sibbald`s ‘Scotia Ilustrata sive prodromus historiae naturalis’, but book 1 consists of a survey of the different areas of Scotland with special reference to their natural resources. (Folio 57.)

    (vii) `Notae in Antiquam Tabulam insularum Britannicarum`, a comparison of five editions of Ptolemy. The table of contents lists 30 chapters, but the text breaks off in chapter 3. (Folio 82 verso.)

    (viii) `Exercitationes Historicae`. A list of chapters in the first of four books on Roman Britain. (Folio 94 verso.)

    (ix) `Scotiae chorographia brevis` in three chapters. The text ends `haec pro brevi Regionum et Insularum Scotiae Chorographia sufficiunt, fusior explicatio in majore opere meo habetur`. (Folio 97.)

  • Bibliography

    Slezer, John. ‘Theatrum Scotiae’ (London, 1693).

    Harvey, William. ‘Opera omnia’ (London, 1766).

    Ortelius, Abraham. ‘Thesaurus Geographicus’

    Sibbald, Robert. ‘Scotia Ilustrata sive prodromus historiae naturalis’ (Edinburgh, 1684).

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Presented, 1925, by the Faculty of Advocates to the nation on the foundation of the National Library of Scotland.

  • Custodial History

    The manuscript was bought by the Advocates’ Library in 1723 at the sale of Sir Robert Sibbald`s library.