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Booksellers' catalogues.

Subject Source: Other Source
Scope Note: Catalogues containing the descriptions and prices of books, manuscripts, maps or other bibliographic material obtained and offered for sale by book dealers. The catalogues are usually issued regularly : monthly; bi-monthly; quarterly, etc. Source: National Library of Scotland.

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

(1) `Monthly Review Almanack`, 1902-1903; and,(2) `Monthly Review`, number 65, February 1906. Included are two inserts to the magazine : (i) "Mr Murray`s Monthly List of books published during the month preceding and of books about to be published during the month succeeding the present date", 1 February 1906; and, (ii) handbill, [1906], "`Arethusa` training ship New Year gifts earnestly solicited"., 1902-1903, 1906.

Identifier: MS.42618
Scope and Contents From the Series: This series is of the correspondence and papers, including some manuscripts, of many of the most prominent authors published by John Murray, publishers. The papers represent the relationship between author and publisher. There are particularly significant holdings relating to Isabella Bishop (Isabella Bird), George Crabbe, Charles Darwin, Sir Charles and Elizabeth Eastlake, Richard Ford, John Franklin, William Gladstone, Sir Francis Head, Sir Austen Henry Layard, David Livingstone, Thomas...
Dates: 1902-1903, 1906.

Glossed manuscript of German provenance, written in or about 1508, of the first part (Epp. 1-88) of Seneca's 'Epistulae Morales'., [Circa 1508.]

Identifier: MS.7142
Scope and Contents The text does not seem to belong to any of the better-known groups of manuscripts and contains numerous differences from modern editions. Ep. 53 is placed after 37, 58 after 82, and 59 after 56. Ep. 48 is divided in two at paragraph 6. (This serves to correct the numeration, which is faulty following Ep. 4.) Throughout the text is considerably shortened, and there are numerous variants of vocabulary and word-order. Each letter is preceded by a summary. Ep. 88 is followed by a summary of Ep....
Dates: [Circa 1508.]

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames and company names from Scott, M. to Scouller., 1812-1924.

Identifier: MS.41072
Scope and Contents The letters are arranged alphabetically by the surnames of the writers. Where more than one letter is held for a writer, the letters are arranged by date.Scott, Anne, 1830. Folios 1-2.Scott, Mary Monica Maxwell, 1880-1919. Folios 3-53. Partially dated. Folios 54-69.Scott, Percy, estimates for “Antarctic Expedition”, by Captain Percy Scott. Folios 70-71.Scott, Peter, 1854. Folios 72-73.Scott, R.A., 1812. Folios 74-75....
Dates: 1812-1924.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames from Cunningham, A. to Cunningham, M., 1774-1910.

Identifier: MS.40301
Scope and Contents All the letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent and by date under each name.Cunningham, Anne.Letters, 1822, of Anne Cunningham, to John Murray II. Folios 1-4.Cunningham, David Douglas.Letters and an envelope, 1903-1904 and 1910, of David Douglas Cunningham to John Murray IV. Folios 5-20.Folio 6. Corrected proof of Cunningham’s ‘Some Indian Friends and Acquaintances’, published by John Murray in 1903....
Dates: 1774-1910.

Miscellaneous papers concerning George Crabbe., 1905-1984.

Identifier: MS.42125
Scope and Contents Folios 1-9. Copies of letters : ff. 1-2 : typescript transcription, ? 3rd quarter of 20th century, of a letter, ? 1817, of George Crabbe to an unknown correspondent; f. 3 : photocopy, ? 4th quarter of 20th century, of a typescript transcription of a letter, 1819, of George Crabbe to James Asperne; ff. 4-9 : photocopy, ? 4th quarter of 20th century, of a typescript transcription of a letter, 1834, of Thomas Moore to ...
Dates: 1905-1984.

Papers of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

Identifier: Acc.11632

`Recherches sur l`origine des théatres, sur l`invention de l’imprimerie, leurs perfections and accroissement. Par Mr Chardin de la Chardiniere. A Paris, 1779`.

Identifier: Adv.MS.5.2.13
Scope and Contents

The manuscript appears to be the introduction to a bookseller`s catalogue (not, however, that of Charles Chardin, ‘Catalogue des livres rares et singuliers du cabinet de M. Filhal’, Paris, 1779).

A calligraphic copy, with the colophon: `Exaravit Calamo Franciscus Florentius Fyot. Anno Domini MDCCLXXIX.`

Dates: 1779.

Sale catalogues of books and transcripts of letters of Scottish interest in the Caligula section of the Cotton Library.

Identifier: Adv.MS.5.1.12
Scope and Contents On folio i is written `No. 14 of Mr. Matthew Crawfurd`s printed Catalogue of Manuscripts. in fol.`, which appears to be intended as a title for the volume, although it does not correspond to the contents. On the same folio the letter `B` and the signature `John Wright` appear twice. All of these are in eighteenth-century hands. Section (iii) is the earliest, and the volume must have been later adapted by the writers of sectitons (i) and (ii).Section (i): Sale-catalogue of books,...
Dates: Late 16th century-early 18th century.

Theological works of St Bernard of Clairvaux and others, probably from a Cistercian house.

Identifier: MS.9153
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) The 'De consideratione' of St Bernard. Printed by J P Migne in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxxii, 727-808. (Folio 2 verso).(ii) Four sermons of St Bernard on Luke I, 26-38. Printed in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxxiii, 55-88. (Folio 85).(iii) Hugh of St Victor, 'Soliloquium de arrha animae'. The prologue and 'confessio’ are in a shorter version than that printed in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume clxxvi, 951-970. (Folio...
Dates: 13th century.

Transcripts and translations (some abridged), 1778, of charters and other documents, 1241-1559, belonging to the Blackfriars, Carmelites and Carthusians at Perth, made by the Reverend James Scott., 1241-1559.

Identifier: Adv.MS.13.1.2
Scope and Contents Pages 1-64 are more exact copies of charters to be found in Adv.MS.13.1.1. From page 110 the author has mostly stopped making exact transcripts and begun to translate and sometimes abridge instead.The contents are as follows:(i) sale receipt and sale catalogue for the Scott manuscripts, 1818 (folio i).(ii) transcripts and translations of charters relating to the Blackfriars of Perth, 1241-1557, some not from the cartulary (page 1)....
Dates: 1241-1559.