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Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 501 Collections and/or Records:

Letter, 1980, of Robert Garioch to John Milligan.

Identifier: Acc.10354
Scope and Contents

With Milligan`s reply and transcript, an Empire Theatre poster on the same topic, and donation letter, 1991.

Dates: 1980-1991.

Letter of Edwin Muir to A J McGeoch.

Identifier: Acc.4764
Scope and Contents

With transcript.

Dates: 1945.

Letter of Gordon Bottomley to Alexander Gray.

Identifier: Acc.12767
Scope and Contents

Includes vendor`s transcript and notes.

Dates: 1942.

Letter of Joyce Cary to Ruari McLean.

Identifier: Acc.11559
Scope and Contents

Concerns the morality of fighting evil.

Includes transcript of the letter by McLean and signatures of Cary, intended for reproduction in a book.

Dates: 1939.

Letter of Thomas Muir to George Dyer., 1794.

Identifier: MS.23638, folios 111-114
Scope and Contents

Concerns Muir`s journey to Brazil.

A transcript of the letter along with bibliographical information on Muir is also included.

Dates: 1794.

Letters, 1916-1918 and undated, of Cecile Walton to Eric Robertson, and a letter, 1929, of Dorothy Ratcliffe.

Identifier: Acc.11858
Scope and Contents

Includes letters, 1917-1942 and undated, of various correspondents and a transcription of the diary, 1907, of Eric Robertson.

Dates: 1907-1942 and undated.

Letters and papers of Sir John Hope, 11th Bart., of Craighall and Pinkie.

Identifier: Acc.13030
Scope and Contents

Letters largely addressed to Auguste Duvau and E´douard Mounier; with letters from Hugh Hope and other members of the Hope family to European contacts; with an agricultural journal, 1825-1827 and a typescript transcription of another 1807 journal.

Dates: 1801-1844.

Letters, and typed transcripts of letters, of Mountstuart Elphinstone, mostly to William Erskine, the historian of India.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.28.5.15-28.5.16
Scope and Contents

The letters concern Indian, Turki and Persian literature, philology and geography, with special reference to Erskine`s translation of Bābar`s Memoirs, and Elphinstone`s ‘Account of the Kingdom of Cabul’. There are very few references to current events, but a small number of letters to Elphinstone are included (Adv.MS.28.5.15, folio 183) which concern the administration of justice in India.

Dates: 1811-1834.

Letters of and concerning Richard Ford, including typescript transcriptions., 1837-1907, ? 4th quarter 20th century.

Identifier: MSS.42224-42229
Scope and Contents Richard Ford wrote letters to his publisher, John Murray [III], for more than twenty years. The letters contain details relating to the publications, family, opinions and life of Richard Ford and provide insight into the publishing process of some of his most important works. There are also letters relating to Ford, including letters of his wife and his son.In addition, there are typescript transcriptions of letters of Ford to the art dealer, Dominic Colnaghi. These typescript...
Dates: 1837-1907, ? 4th quarter 20th century.

Letters of and concerning Richard Ford, with miscellaneous papers concerning Ford., 1831-1994.

Identifier: MSS.42224-42230
Scope and Contents Critic and writer on Spain, Richard Ford (1796-1858) was the author of one of the most notable editions of the Murray Handbooks - 'Handbook for Travellers in Spain'. In addition to this work, Ford also contributed articles for the 'Quarterly Review' and wrote other books relating to Spain, most of which were published by John Murray.There are over 200 letters here of Ford, mainly to John Murray [III], which include information relating to his works, his family and his opinions...
Dates: 1831-1994.

Letters of Caroline Norton to John Murray II, with typescript transcriptions of the letters., 1834-1843, ?1974.

Identifier: MSS.42507-42508
Scope and Contents The letters of Caroline Norton (later Stirling Maxwell) to John Murray [II] mainly concern the publication of her poem, 'A Voice from the Factories'. The letters demonstrate the personality of the author and her distress at public attacks on her character. The contents of the letters also refer to the Infant Custody Bill and 'Don Juan' by Lord Byron. There is also a synopsis of another poem by Norton entitled 'A Maiden's Dream' and a draft of a letter of Murray to Norton.There...
Dates: 1834-1843, ?1974.

Letters of Henry Fox and of Elizabeth Fox to John Murray II., 1812-1825, 1948.

Identifier: MSS.42233-42234
Scope and Contents The letters here are mainly of Henry Richard Vassall Fox (Lord Holland) to John Murray [II], although there are also some of Elizabeth Fox to the same recipient. The letters largely relate to the publication process for works about Walpole and Waldegrave in which Lord Holland was involved, but there are also letters of introduction and mentions of other topics, including the poetry of Lord Byron.In addition to these letters are typescript transcriptions of other letters of Henry...
Dates: 1812-1825, 1948.

Letters of Maria Edgeworth to John Murray II; with typescript transcriptions of the letters., 1821-1843, ?mid 20th century.

Identifier: MSS.42180-42181
Scope and Contents

There are 28 letters of novelist Maria Edgeworth to John Murray [II]. Murray was one of her publishers and they shared many acquaintances. Edgeworth writes to introduce friends, discuss copyright, comment on the situation in Ireland, and recommend works. There are also typescript transcript copies of the letters.

Dates: 1821-1843, ?mid 20th century.

Letters of members of the Walker family of Dundonald, Ayrshire.

Identifier: Acc.12085
Scope and Contents

Includes letters from relations in America and one reporting on anti-Catholic riots in Edinburgh 1779, also includes a 19th century transcript (and 20th century typescript copy) of a journal of Josiah Walker, originally written in 1780.

Dates: circa 1772-1783.

Letters of Sir Walter Scott., 1817-1824.

Identifier: Acc.11407/2
Scope and Contents

Correspondence, 1817-1827, of Sir Walter Scott, John Wilson Croker, Jessie Huxley (née Scott) and his sister-in-law Mrs Thomas Scott (Elizabeth McCulloch). Of the nine letters, seven are to Elizabeth mainly about affairs in Canada, and on Walter’s visit to Ireland.

Transcriptions of the letters have been tipped in.

Dates: 1817-1824.

Letters of, to or concerning William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn relating to publications and offprints., 1927-1961.

Identifier: MS.50103
Scope and Contents Correspondence, 1927-1961, between William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn and various publishers. The correspondence has been arranged alphabetically by publisher, and by date under each publisher. Edward Arnold and Co, publishers.Letter and business card, 1930, of Tom H Clare, Edward Arnold and Co, publishers, to William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn. Folios 1-2.Horizon Press.Letter, 1961, of William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn to Ben...
Dates: 1927-1961.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of Charles Longman., 1880-1929.

Identifier: MS.40710
Scope and Contents Letters of Charles Longman to John Murray IV, with a few letters to John Murray III and with related letters and papers.The letters concern the business relations between Longman and the Murrays and their associates. The letters are arranged chronologically:1880-1885: folios 1-15;1886-1889: folios 16-45*;1890-1895: folios 46-63;1896-1899: folios 64-88**;1900-1904: folios 89-98;1906-1909: folios 99-112***;...
Dates: 1880-1929.