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Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 501 Collections and/or Records:

`Miscellany collections out of the Registers of the justiciary parliament and containing historical and genealogical Collections`, a transcript, late 17th century, partly in the hand of Robert Mylne, of the historical part of Sir Lewis Stewart`s collections, compiled early in the 17th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.3.11
Scope and Contents Compared with Stewart`s own manuscript (Adv.MS.22.1.14), this transcript has several additional texts (which also mostly appear in the other transcript, Adv.MS.34.3.12); as only a few of these can ever have been in Adv.MS.22.1.14, it is likely that this transcript was not made from it, but from a lost expanded version; and if the Lues Stewart mentioned on folio 145 as a borrower of books is Sir Lewis, the expansion may not have been by him.The correspondence between the two...
Dates: 1134-[circa 1627].

Miscellany of antiquarian papers compiled by Richard Augustine Hay in 1725-1726 and probably over a somewhat longer period, consisting for the most part of transcripts of royal, episcopal, baronial and other charters and other formal documents from the 12th to the 17th centuries, together with some extracts from medieval cartularies, and a few notes on contemporary published works.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.35.4.16-35.4.17
Scope and Contents

The papers are in some confusion and many others dispersed. Some (Adv.MS.25.9.10) were acquired by the Advocates` Library in 1881 as part of the Riddell Papers; and others (Acc.5022 and Acc.5694) were acquired by the National Library of Scotland in 1970 and 1972.

The purposes for which the papers were originally compiled and the circumstances of their dispersal are alike unknown.

Dates: 12th century-17th century.

Notebook of Richard Augustine Hay apparently originally intended for notes (folio 1), meditations and extracts (folios 1-10 inverted) of a religious character, but used almost entirely for transcripts of documents relating to the family of Sinclair of Rosslyn (folios 3-83).

Identifier: Adv.MS.32.6.2
Scope and Contents Following the transcripts are a list of books ‘of help for Composing our history’ (folio 84) and transcripts of two charters apparently unrelated to Rosslyn or the Sinclairs. The notes and transcripts are all undated but were doubtless made before the writing of Adv.MSS.34.1.8-34.1.9 was begun in 1700. Most perhaps were made by Hay when he was in Scotland between 1686 and 1690; Slezer`s ‘Theatrum Scotiæ’ (first published 1693) is mentioned at folio 86. The watermark of the leaves...
Dates: 4th quarter of 17th century.

Notes and transcripts concerning the Knights Templar and Knights of St John in Scotland.

Identifier: Acc.8090
Scope and Contents

With bookplate of James Maidment.

Dates: early 19th century.

Notes, transcripts and extracts compiled by and for Lieutenant-General George Henry Hutton relating to Aberdeen and its ecclesiastical antiquities.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.22
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows: (i) Extracts in Hutton`s hand from the index to the Records of the City of Aberdeen by William Kennedy, advocate,Aberdeen, 1814. The entries, which are alphabetically arranged by subject, range in date between 1401 and 1799. (Folio 1.)(ii) Translations in another, unidentified hand of formal documents relating to the Dominicans of Aberdeen ranging in date between 1392 and 1585. According to a note in Hutton`s...
Dates: Late 12th century-1799.

Offprints and extracts of articles and lectures by George M Robertson, held as file copies by William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn., 1910-1931.

Identifier: MS.50228
Scope and Contents The offprints are arranged chronologically. 1910.Offprint, 1910, from the ‘Journal of Mental Science’ of an article, ‘Treatment of Mental Excitement in Asylums’, by George M Robertson. Folios 1-9.1911.Offprint, 1911, from the ‘British Medical Journal’ of an article, ‘Some Medico-Legal and Practical Considerations Relating to Melancholia’, by George M Robertson. Folios 10-15.Offprint, 1911, from the ‘Journal of Mental Science’ of an...
Dates: 1910-1931.

Offprints and extracts of articles and lectures by various authors, held as file copies by William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn., 1923, 1954-1956.

Identifier: MS.50229
Scope and Contents The offprints and extracts are arranged chronologically. 1923.Extract, 1923, from ‘The Caledonian Medical Journal’ of an article, ‘Psycho-Analysis: An Occupational Psychosis, or Volvulus of the Psyche’, by Ivy Mackenzie. Folios 1-6.1954.Transcript, 1954, of a talk ‘Science and the Freudian Unconscious’ by Nigel Walker, broadcast on BBC radio’s ‘Third Programme’ service, 13 September 1954. Folios 7-17. 1956.Offprint,...
Dates: 1923, 1954-1956.

Papers and accounts concerning the University of Saint Andrews., 1438-1630.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.7
Scope and Contents Most of the papers relate to, or resulted from the various Royal Commissions to Saint Andrews University in the late 16th century. Copy of the statutes of the Faculty of Theology, 1438; in Latin (folios 1-8). - This has been printed from other manuscripts in Hannay, page 112.Transcript, 1570, of the statutes of the Faculty of Arts, signed by John Rutherford; in Latin (folios 9-15). - This has been printed from another manuscript in Hannay, page...
Dates: 1438-1630.

Papers compiled and collected by James Dennistoun for a projected history of Dumbartonshire., 1825-?1842.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.19.2.16-19.2.24
Scope and Contents The material was compiled over a number of years, probably between about 1825 and 1840, and consists of accounts of parishes and families, notes and extracts from printed sources and collections of formal documents, and some original documents and printed items. The complete title of the work was apparently intended to be `Dumbartonshire Illustrated with regard chiefly to its Territorial History and Family Antiquities`, but the work appears never to have been finished (for example, there are...
Dates: 1825-?1842.

Papers concerning an article, “Critical Observations on Fairbairn’s Theory of Object Relations”, by Karl M Abenheimer, and the reply, “Observations in Defence of the Object Relations Theory of the Personality”, by William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn., 1953-1955.

Identifier: MS.50227
Scope and Contents The papers are arranged chronologically. 1953.Letter, 1953, of Karl M Abenheimer to William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn. Abenheimer forwards a copy of his own paper, ‘Critical Observations on Fairbairn’s Theory of Object Relations’ (folios 2-37, below), for Fairbairn’s comments and reply. Folio 1.Amended carbon copy of a typescript, 1953, of ‘Critical Observations on Fairbairn’s Theory of Object Relations’, by Karl M Abenheimer. The typescript has been amended...
Dates: 1953-1955.

Papers concerning the controversy over the publication of "Conversations of Lord Byron" by Thomas Medwin., 1822-1960.

Identifier: MSS.42469-42476
Scope and Contents

The papers include correspondence, proofs of pamphlets written by John Cam Hobhouse and John Murray in response to Medwin`s publication, and miscellaneous papers concerning Medwin.

Dates: 1822-1960.

Papers concerning the family history of Dumbartonshire, compiled and collected by James Dennistoun for a projected history of Dumbartonshire., ?1827-?1828.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.2.17
Scope and Contents

The papers consist of draft genealogical accounts, compiled for the most part about 1827-1828, of families possessed of territories in the county (or otherwise strongly connected with it) arranged in alphabetical order. Some of the accounts are supplemented by transcripts of documents or of relevant letters.

Dates: ?1827-?1828.

Papers, consisting of historical and genealogical notes and extracts, transcripts of formal and legal documents of earlier periods (as well as a number of original documents and papers), and a few unrelated letters.

Identifier: Adv.MS.22.2.9
Scope and Contents The papers, written in many different 18th-century hands, are very mixed and are quite brief. The largest groups are:(i) part (pages 17-32) of a collection of transcripts, in the hand of one of Walter Macfarlane`s assistants, of documents relating to members of the family of Stirling of Keir (folios 23-30); (ii) part of a collection of transcripts, in the hand of another of Macfarlane`s assistants, of royal and other letters to members of the family of Mure of...
Dates: ?17th century-18th century.

Papers of and collected by James Dennistoun (including some printed items), together with some correspondence mostly relating to the Scots monasteries at Würzburg and Ratisbon, being materials towards a projected book by Dennistoun on the Scots monasteries in Germany and elsewhere on the Continent (cf. folio 408)., ?1650-1839.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.2.25
Scope and Contents The more substantial items include:(i) a copy in the hand of Friar Alan Chisholm of a version brought up to date in 1687 of `Indiculus Monasteriorum Scotorum S. Benedicti Extra Scotiam` by James Brown (see `"Germania Sancta": a seventeenth-century trilogy`, pages 118-140) (folio 1).(ii) two engravings depicting the Scottish Benedictine monastery of St James, Ratisbon, followed by notes by Dennistoun on the library, the funerary monuments, extracts from the necrology,...
Dates: ?1650-1839.

Papers of and concerning Caroline Norton., 1834-1974.

Identifier: MSS.42507-42509
Scope and Contents Caroline Norton (later Stirling Maxwell) was a social campaigner for the rights of women and children and an author of poems, political pamphlets, novels and plays. John Murray published her poem 'A Voice from the Factories', which raised the problems faced by child workers, in 1836.The letters here are of Caroline Norton to John Murray [II] and largely relate to the publication of her poem. However, there are also references to her reputation in society, attacks on her...
Dates: 1834-1974.