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Coats of arms. devices (symbols).

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Devices that include the full display of armorial bearings: the escutcheon plus its adjuncts (helm, crest, mantling, motto, supporters).

Found in 62 Collections and/or Records:

15th-century manuscript containing the first statutes of the Ordre de Saint-Michel drawn up in 1469, but not those of 1476.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.7.15
Scope and Contents The statutes (folio 5) are preceded by a list of their articles (folio 1). There are lacunae in the text following folios 14 and 16. Written in littera bastarda. Ruling in red ink. Folios 4 and 25 blank but ruled. Initials in gold on red and blue grounds. On folio 5 is a large miniature of the French king, crowned and wearing the collar of the Order, seated on a throne. There are no figures of other members of the Order. The arms of France, surrounded by the collar of the Order,...
Dates: 1469-1476.

Armorial coats-of-arms of the Scottish gentry, drawn first in pencil, then inked over, a very few being partially coloured.

Identifier: MS.6402
Scope and Contents

At the beginning 30 folios have been left blank and the last drawings, on folio 47, have not been completed. From the watermark and the hand, the manuscript may be dated to the late 16th century; it is possibly an English production as many Scottish family names have been misspelt in a non-Scottish manner.

Dates: Late 16th century.

Arms of the Scottish nobility, 1581, bound with leaves of another Scottish armorial dating from ca. 1645 and some heraldic fragments.

Identifier: Acc.13351
Scope and Contents The volume contains:(i) 72 numbered leaves from a disbound 16th-century armorial of the Scottish nobility, measuring ca. 27 x 20 cm. Containing the arms of the Scottish kings (nos 1-18) and coats of arms of the Scottish nobility (19-74). The entry for Mary, Queen of Scots (17) is dated 1570; that for Darnley, Earl of Lennox (23) is dated 1581. Underneath the Lindsay of Crawford arms (26) a sheet is tipped in containing three wax signets with impressions of the Earl of...
Dates: 1581 - 1645

Copy of the statutes of the Order of the Garter presented to James V of Scotland when he was invested with the order in 1535., 1535.

Identifier: MS.7143
Scope and Contents

The text is preceded by a large drawing in colour (most of the silver in which is oxidized) of the royal arms of England (impaled with those of St George) and of Scotland (folio ii verso). The preface and the first of the statutes are introduced by large illuminated initials and the remainder by small gold initials within alternate red and blue squares. Lacking the seal formerly attached to the cords visible at folios 1 and 18 verso.

Dates: 1535.

Correspondence and papers of the publisher, Robert Cadell, and of his grandchildren in the Stevenson family.

Identifier: MSS.21001-21069
Scope and Contents

Robert Cadell (1788-1849) was the partner of Archibald Constable, and, after the dissolution of that partnership in 1825, the sole publisher of Walter Scott's novels. His papers reflect his personal and business relations with Scott and other authors, as well as his family affairs.

Dates: 1802-mid 20th century, undated.

Diploma certifying the award of the insignia of office as Protonotary Apostolic to Giovanni Paolo Pongelli at Camerino, 1582., [1566, or after]-[1589, or after.]

Identifier: MS.25247
Scope and Contents

With a copy of Giovanni Paolo Pongelli's doctoral diploma, 1582 (folio 11) and privilege of citizenship of Camerino, 1589 (folio 20). Illuminated with the arms of Pongelli and two cardinals.

Dates: [1566, or after]-[1589, or after.]

'Disegni ad illustrazione della Divina Commedia, di Dante Alighieri...' being a collection of prints, drawings, etc., archaeological, topographical, and heraldic, formed by Elizabeth Macleod of Cadboll., 1842-1848.

Identifier: MSS.2168-2172
Scope and Contents From the Series:

The manuscripts of the Society of Antiquaries include the ‘Hawthornden Manuscripts’, MSS.2053-2067, the papers of William Drummond of Hawthornden and of his uncle, William Fowler.

Dates: 1842-1848.

Early 16th-century manuscript of the allegorical poem 'Le Chevalier délibéré' by Olivier de la Marche, composed in 1483.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.8
Scope and Contents The manuscript is listed with eleven others in 'Etude biographique, littéraire et bibliographique sur Olivier de la Marche' by Henri Stein. It is also included in La Marche, Olivier de. 'Le Chevalier Deliberé (The Resolute Knight) ed. by Carleton W. Carroll, 1999. There are ten miniatures, each in a pillared frame. The subjects are the author writing his work (folio 1), the knight setting out on his quest (folio 3), the knight approaching the hermit (folio 5 verso), the hermit...
Dates: Early 16th century.

Extracts, early 19th century, made from a copy of the Lyon Register belonging to Andrew Plummer of Middle Steed and Sunderland Hall.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.35.6.15-35.6.16
Scope and Contents

There are additions up to 1822 by the copyists David Deuchar, and his son Alexander, the seal-engravers.

The volumes are interleaved with pages engraved with blank shields, some of which have been completed in watercolours or in trick to illustrate the text.

Dates: 1672-1822.

Extracts made from a copy of the Lyon Register belonging to Andrew Plummer of Middle Steed and Sunderland Hall., 1672-1822.

Identifier: Adv.MS.35.6.16
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) Notes of dues for matriculation of arms, 1768, 1798, and undated (folio ii).(ii) Arms of the nobility copied, with some additions, directly from the Lyon Register. Engravings of the arms are pasted on the facing pages (folio 3).(iii) Arms of knights and baronets copied from the Sunderland Hall manuscript (folio 56).(iv) Funeral escutcheons engraved by David Deuchar, with blanks left for...
Dates: 1672-1822.

Genealogy of the family of Harry Robertson, Minister of Kiltearn., [Circa 1890.]

Identifier: MS.19403
Scope and Contents From the Series: Thomas Traill was born in Orkney in 1781 of the family of Traill of Tirlot and the collection includes miscellaneous genealogical, legal and historial material relating to Orkney. He graduated in medicine in the University of Edinburgh in 1802 and by 1803 had settled in practice in Liverpool where he became a prominent figure being prime mover in the foundation of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool of which he was first Secretary, and assisting in the foundation of the Royal...
Dates: [Circa 1890.]

Grant signed by Cardinal Francesco Sforza to Baldassare Zuccola of Burmio and his successors of the titles of Miles Auratus, Comes Palatinus, and Comes Aulae Lateranensis., 1622.

Identifier: MS.3059
Scope and Contents

The grant quotes as authority a letter, 1539, of Pope Paul III conferring on the Sforza family of Sta Fiora (Sforza, Carlo, Mario, Paolo, and Alessandro and their descendants) these titles and the right to grant them.

Written in gold and black.

Arms of Cardinal Sforza, coloured, on folio 1 verso.

Dates: 1622.

'Illustrations of the genealogy of Sir Coutts Trotter', 1st Baronet of Westville, being an abridgement, 1830, of a manuscript genealogy then in Trotter’s possession of the various branches of the family of Moubray, his maternal ancestors., 1830.

Identifier: MS.20265
Scope and Contents

The title is taken from folio 5.

The abridgement was made by John Philp Wood for presentation to Alexander Trotter of Dreghorn, brother of Sir Coutts.

A drawing of the arms of Sir Coutts Trotter is pasted inside the front cover.

Dates: 1830.