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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Rules or principles of conduct, morality or prudence, expressed in sententious form. It is often used specifically for precepts of morality or prudence occurring in Old English verse, or for self-evident propositions assumed as a premiss in mathematical or dialectical reasoning. The meaning of this term may overlap somewhat with "aphorisms."

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Book of French maxims., 1629.

Identifier: MS.5786
Scope and Contents

A note by Robert Kerr, 1st Earl of Ancram, explains that it was written and presented to him by Princess Louise Hollandina, daughter of Frederick I of Bohemia, while he was in Holland after the death of her brother, Frederick Henry. It is signed by her brothers Charles, Rupert and Maurice, and her sister Elizabeth (folios 1 verso-2), and contains notes on the births and baptisms of Frederick I's children (folio 36).

Dates: 1629.

Commonplace-book, containing moral discourses, maxims, 'devices', and verse, including hymns and 'bouts-rimés', chiefly in French, but also in Latin and German., Late 17th century.

Identifier: MS.1882
Scope and Contents Some pieces are described as being 'par moi-même'; others are copied from other authors. The sentiments are Protestant. Several of the poems are in honour of persons belonging to the reigning houses of Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Gotha, and Brandenburg; the works from which extracts are given include those of Madam and Mademoiselle Deshoulières, Tavernier, and Gregorio Leti. From these references, the manuscript seems to have been written at the end of the seventeenth century. The first leaf of the...
Dates: Late 17th century.

Compendium of medical treatises in Gaelic written by Angus Beaton.

Identifier: Adv.MS.72.2.10
Scope and Contents The compendium of medical treatises was written 1611-1614 by Angus Beaton. He gives only his patronymic, Aonghus mac Fearchair mhic Aonghuis (pages 126, 192, 260), but this is sufficient to identify him as of the Beatons of Husabost in Skye. Apart from one visit to Skye (Trumpan, page 66), and a meeting or consultation with Cameron of Lochiel at a place called Dunán Eachain (page 106), Angus’ line-fillers and other notes indicate that the manuscript was written on circuit in the contiguous...
Dates: 1611-1614.

Correspondence and family papers of the Marquesses and Marchionesses of Lothian, received unbound., 1729-1900, undated.

Identifier: MS.5801
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Correspondence: an unsigned letter, 1729, to the Marchioness of Lothian from her sister (probably Eleanora, wife of John Craufurd of Craufurdland); eight letters, 1870, written by the 8th Marchioness and the 9th Marquess and Marchioness; and nine letters, 1871-1899, undated, written to the 9th Marquess. (Folio 1.)(ii) Other papers: copy of an inscription on a dirk given to the 6th Marquess, 1797; 'Maxims by my Father', in the hand of...
Dates: 1729-1900, undated.

‘Gaelic Proverbs, Adages, Maxims & Common Sayings, with an English translation & explanatory notes. To which is added, A Specimen of a Gaelic Calendar', by James McIntyre, schoolmaster in Glasgow.

Identifier: MS.1832
Scope and Contents

The author died in January 1835, when the work was about to be published. At the end are printed proofs of part of the preface and selections in manuscript from the proverbs given before. At the beginning is a note on McIntyre's life and work.

Dates: [1835, or before.]

Microfilm of ‘Parte of the life of Lady Margaret Cunning…’ ; and, a book of French maxims.

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.1176
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows: Book of French maxims, 1629 (MS.5786);

‘Parte of the life of Lady Margaret Cunningham, Daughter to the Earle of Glencairn yt she had wt her first husband the master of Evandale. The just and true account yrof as it was first written wt her oun hand’, 1608, with letters and her will, 1607, 1622 (MS.906).

Dates: 1608-1629.

Miscellaneous works, chiefly theological, written in the 12th and 13th centuries., 12th century-13th century.

Identifier: MS.6122
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Part of the 'Historia scholastica' of Petrus Comestor, containing the history from II Maccabees ii to the end of the 'Historia evangelica', beginning 'Mortuo Simone qui ultimus quinque filiorum'; printed in ‘Patrologia Latina’, volume cxcviii, 1525-1644. (Folio 1.)(ii) Commentary on the books of Kings, Tobit, Judith, Esther, Daniel, and Maccabees, beginning ‘Ozia lepra percusso in fronte'. It is apparently complete, but like Corpus...
Dates: 12th century-13th century.

Notes on French grammar, 18th century; dictionary of English proverbs, 18th century; and legal maxims in the hand of Lord Milton., 18th century.

Identifier: MS.17788
Scope and Contents From the Series: The Fletchers were merchants in Dundee, who came to prominence towards the end of the sixteenth century in the person of Robert, burgess and bailie of Dundee, who purchased various lands in Forfar which were consolidated into the estate of Innerpeffer; he died in 1622. His eldest son Sir Andrew was admitted an ordinary judge in 1623 (his brothers were James, merchant burgess of Dundee; Robert, of Bencho; and Sir George, of Restennet, advocate, through whose holding of the priory lands of...
Dates: 18th century.

Specimens of copperplate handwriting written out for his parents by William Prichard.

Identifier: MS.8929
Scope and Contents

A group of samples of handwriting was submitted half-yearly, at Christmas and mid-summer, when the boy was at Watford Academy, and subsequently (1828 onwards) at Prospect House Academy, Bushey. The texts consist of religious and educational maxims, and poems.

Dates: 1826-1831, 1833.