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Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Refers to books containing the daily, personal accounts of the writer's own experiences, attitudes, and observations. (AAT) Use to refer to all personal diaires, whether by a named individual or not. (NLS) .

Found in 2680 Collections and/or Records:

Diaries of Joseph Macleod, pseudonym Adam Drinan.

Identifier: Acc.13506/1-30
Scope and Contents

Thirty diaries of Joseph Macleod, who wrote under the pseudonym Adam Drinan. Though none of the volumes could be described as journals, they are more substantial than simple appointment diaries and there are sequences of journal-type entries throughout the series. This collection fills many gaps of the run of diaries at Acc.10509/7-15.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1918-1954, 1979.

Diaries of Major James Scott.

Identifier: Acc.13723
Scope and Contents

Diaries, 1945-1946, 1959-1968, and 1992-2014, of Major James Scott. Also includes a volume containing certificates relating to the naval career of Henry C. C. Clarke, and other documents relating to the Clarke family, c.1900-1930s.

Dates: 1945-2014

Diaries of Major William Baird Young of Ascreavie House, Kirriemuir, Royal Artillery

Identifier: Acc.13415
Scope and Contents William Baird Young succeeded to the estate of Ascreavie in 1871 on the death of his mother, James Catherine, wife of Lieutenant Colonel Keith Young, née Ogilvy.The diaries relate largely to William Baird Young’s daily life. There is much detail of domestic affairs and the family’s social activities in Ascreavie and Edinburgh but also when with his regiment in Brighton, Clifton, Exeter and elsewhere. Acc.13415/3 includes an account of a visit to Chaudfontaine in Belgium....
Dates: 1851-1881

Diaries of Margaret Mackenzie Scott.

Identifier: Acc.5385
Scope and Contents

Concerning her personal experiences during the siege of Budapest (with typed transcript of these years) and at home after the War.

Dates: 1940-1966.

Diaries of Margaret Oliphant., 1883, 1887-1888, 1896.

Identifier: MSS.23213-23216
Scope and Contents

The diaries do not contain many entries.

Dates: 1883, 1887-1888, 1896.

Diaries of Mary, Countess of Minto, née Brydone., 1825-1840.

Identifier: MSS.13473-13496
Scope and Contents

This is the main series of Mary, Countess of Minto's diaries.

Dates: 1825-1840.

Diaries of Mary E Haldane., 1850-1925.

Identifier: MSS.20082-20146
Scope and Contents

Several diaries of the early years are lacking, and there are two diaries for 1897, 1898 and 1915. Most of the entries, even in the larger volumes, are fairly brief.

From 1919 onwards (MSS.20140-20146) many of the entries are in the hand of an amanuensis, often Mary Haldane's daughter Elizabeth S Haldane.

Dates: 1850-1925.

Diaries of Nancy Angus, with some related personal papers.

Identifier: Acc.12365/1-41
Scope and Contents

The collection contains the diaries of Nancy W Angus, the daughter of David Angus, civil engineer. They give a view first of an adolescent’s life in Chile, then of a typist’s in London, then of a Voluntary Aid Detachment, and on through her work for the War Graves Commission, and then at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Dates: 1907-1960.

Diaries of Naomi Mitchison recording her daily life and travels., 1930s-1980

Identifier: Acc.10888/7-12
Scope and Contents

Diaries of Naomi Mitchison detailing her daily life and activities, including during the Second World War and her travels in the Soviet Union, Zambia, Kenya and Botswana.

Dates: Other: 1930s-1980

Diaries of Robert Cadell., 1824-1849.

Identifier: MSS.21014-21039
Scope and Contents The diaries consist chiefly of entries concerning Robert Cadell’s business affairs, particularly correspondence and conversations, but there are also references to his social life and other events. At the beginning of each year, Cadell summarized the work in hand, and at the end, the occurrences during the year and his reactions to them. From 1831 onwards Cadell kept diaries of his visits to London in separate notebooks (see MSS.21041-21042) and the corresponding dates in this series of...
Dates: 1824-1849.

Diaries of Robert Garioch Sutherland., 1950-1974.

Identifier: MSS.26637-26662
Scope and Contents

The diaries contain accounts, a few notes of appointments, titles of books and miscellaneous notes. Most of the entries in MSS.26637-26652 concern Robert Garioch Sutherland's work as a schoolteacher. The diaries for 1966 and 1968 are written in printed diaries for 1960 and 1963 respectively.

Dates: 1950-1974.