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Musical compositions.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: General term for the creation and conceptual arrangements of music into works to be performed.

Found in 240 Collections and/or Records:

Musical compositions of Ronald Center and a miscellany of papers of Center and his wife Evelyn.

Identifier: MSS.22171-22194
Scope and Contents

The musical compositions consist of final versions (MSS.22171-22186), and sketches, drafts and fragments (MSS.22187-22193). The other papers consist largely of press cuttings.

Dates: Mid 20th century-1988, undated.

Notebook of Rose Ethel Bassin, containing children’s songs, obtained from Annie Johnston, Barra, and others., 1924-1931.

Identifier: MS.14924
Scope and Contents Most of the songs are revised copies of songs noted in MSS.14910-14913. They include ‘Na mucan beaga’ (folio 2 recto); ‘Brochan lom’ (folio 2 verso); ‘A chalumain, a ghille ghrinn’ (folio 3 recto); ‘An fheannag’ (folio 3 verso); ‘An laugh beag’ (folio 3 verso); “Mo thasdan bòidheach” (folios 5 recto, 30 recto); ‘Uisdean Friseal’ (folio 5 verso); ‘Mo bhalachan’ (folios 7 recto, 31 recto); “Nighean an Fhìdhleir” (folio 9 recto); “Clach mhìn mheallain” (folio 10 recto, 35 recto); “Tobar, tobar,...
Dates: 1924-1931.

Notebook, undated, of Evelyn Stewart-Murray containing Gaelic grammatical notes, exercises and music., Late 19th century-early 20th century.

Identifier: MS.14889
Scope and Contents The grammatical notes and exercises are on folios 1-106, and the music is on folios 107-123.The contents are as follows.(i) Small envelope bearing Evelyn Stewart Murray's address (folio i);(ii) Tale headed ‘An t-seana bhantrach’ (folio 1), and an English translation entitled ‘The poor widow’ (folio 2);(iii) Moral tale headed “Tha irioslachd agus bochdainn a' trearachadh gu neamh” (folio 3) and an English translation, “Humility and poverty lead...
Dates: Late 19th century-early 20th century.

Orchestral and band music of David Stephen., 1927-1940, undated.

Identifier: MS.22155
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows:

(i) Short score, with instrumentation indicated in red ink, of 'Sinfonietta', an orchestral work in three movements, 1927-1928 (folio 1);

(ii) Full score of 'A Scottish pastoral', an orchestral work in one movement, 1940 (folio 15);

(iii) Full score of 'In honorem' a work in one movement for band (folio 25), undated but would appear to have been composed during or shortly after the First World War.

Dates: 1927-1940, undated.

Orchestral, vocal and other music scores of Ian Whyte, and papers and music of his son, Don Whyte, chiefly undated.

Identifier: MSS.22082-22094
Scope and Contents

Apart from the film music, which is datable to 1947-1948 from the accompanying correspondence and papers (MSS.22085-22086), almost all the music is undated; but from the ink used, some of it may be dated to about the same period.

Except where otherwise stated the music is written as for keyboard.

Dates: 1947-1960, undated.

Papers, mostly of Marshall Anderson, from the Attic Archive, Dundee.

Identifier: Acc.13227 Box 1-Box 51(19)
Scope and Contents The Attic Archive evolved organically from the activities of Pete Horobin, beginning in 1978. When Horobin's association ended, the archive was continued in turn by Marshall Anderson, Peter Haining and, lastly, aitch. Each change of custody coincided with the start of a new phase of activity, each phase undertaken, usually, over ten years.The papers of the Attic Archive are now dispersed through various cultural institutions, each having a particular association with the archive,...
Dates: Circa 1980-2010.

Papers of John Murdoch Henderson.

Identifier: MSS.21669-21713
Scope and Contents The papers consist of the transcriptions, arrangements, and research notes compiled by John Murdoch Henderson between the mid 1920s and his death in 1972. Henderson's particular interest was in music for the Scottish fiddle, and in addition to extensive work on the older sources of such music, he was an authority on the compositions of his contemporaries, who seem frequently to have sought his advice. In addition to his own material, the collection contains many autograph compositions of...
Dates: 17th century-1972.

Papers of Rose Ethel Bassin, Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, Associate of the Royal College of Music (1889-1974), music-teacher, song-collector, and biographer of Frances Tolmie.

Identifier: MSS.14910-14946
Scope and Contents Rose Ethel Bassin was born in Edinburgh of Ukrainian extraction, and studied music under Marjory Kennedy-Fraser and others. She taught in schools in England (1907-1911, 1919-1920), Edinburgh (1915), Newton Stewart (1916-1919), Stornoway (1920-1924) and Skye (1924-1927). During 1927-1934 she lectured in the University of British Columbia. After some time in London she spent the war years teaching in Harris, the Uist and Barra. She moved to Dingwall Academy in 1945, finally becoming Music...
Dates: 1926-1968, undated.

Papers of the Edinburgh Harmonists’ Society., 1829-1961, undated.

Identifier: MSS.21643-21664
Scope and Contents

The Edinburgh Harmonists’ Society was founded in 1822 as the direct successor to the Catch Club and thereby of the Edinburgh Musical Society which began in 1728. It continued until 1950, when it became part of the Edinburgh Musical Society to which it transferred its papers and above all its valuable library, much of which had belonged to the Catch Club.

Dates: 1829-1961, undated.

Papers of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians.

Identifier: MSS.21580-21668
Scope and Contents These papers, the surviving archive of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians, run from the foundation of the Society in 1887 - though it includes a small amount of earlier material - to 1982, and in addition to providing a very full account of the Society's own history, it contains much concerning the history of music-making in Edinburgh in the 20th Century. Included in the collection are the papers of the Edinburgh Harmonists' Society which could trace its descent from the Edinburgh Musical...
Dates: 1887-1982.

Papers of Thomas H Collinson, organist of St Mary's (Episcopal) Cathedral and conductor of the Edinburgh Royal Choral Union.

Identifier: MS.21880
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Unfinished copy of 'Thou O God art praised in Sion' (Psalm 65) by Thomas H Collinson, an exercise for the degree of Bachelor of Music, Oxford, 1877 (folio 1), followed by drafts of several of the sections (folio 68). The unfinished parts of the scoring have been supplied in pencil, apparently by the composer's son Francis M Collinson. Folios 21-24 appear to be from an earlier copy in the composer's autograph.(ii) Setting for choir and...
Dates: 1877-1928, undated.