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Forms. Documents.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: General term referring to formulary documents having an established arrangement of different parts and often a fixed order of words. Forms are used for acquiring particular information or for presenting particular information in a prescribed sequence and format. Forms may be handwritten, printed, typed, or online. Forms for acquiring information typically have titles for each type of data accompanied by blank spaces or lines, check boxes, pull-down lists, data entry fields, or other methods to prompt for the insertion of the requested information for each data type; they may also include instructions for how to fill out the form. Forms that present information do so in a standardized sequence and format, typically with a sequence of titles naming the types of data followed by the values of information related to that type of data.

Found in 32 Collections and/or Records:

Anonymous manuscripts and proofs of works offered to William Blackwood and Sons, publishers, for publication., 1842-1885, undated.

Identifier: MS.4891
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Manuscript of an apparently unpublished article describing Queen Victoria's visit to Edinburgh in 1842. (Folio 1.)(ii) Manuscript of an apparently unpublished article, 'The finances', concerning Peel's introduction of income tax in 1842, written by George Croly. (Folio 3.)(iii) Manuscript of an apparently unpublished article reviewing the portion of the final volume of Sir Archibald Alison's ‘History of Europe during the...
Dates: 1842-1885, undated.

Copies of rules and directions concerning the Exchequer., 1726.

Identifier: MS.6290, folios 140-156
Scope and Contents

Included is a copy of "Rules of the Procedure of His Majestie's Court of Exchequer in North Brittain", with diplomatic forms relating to Exchequer writs, 1726 (folio 140); and 'Rules and Directions to Read, write and understand the Exchequer Hand', 1726 (folio 151).

Dates: 1726.

'Eastwood militia society. Minutes 1810-1867.' 'Minutes Continued from Vol. 2d.', 1810-1867.

Identifier: MS.2693
Scope and Contents

The object of the Society was to provide substitutes for its members balloted for the militia. It cooperated with similar societies in the West of Scotland. From 1831 it was virtually defunct and in 1867 it was wound up. The volume contains several independent sheets: letters, printed forms with manuscript notes, and other papers.

Dates: 1810-1867.

John Sawers` Armorial, containing the arms of the Scottish nobility, mostly painted on engraved outlines.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.4.4
Scope and Contents The later entries are unfinished and some are merely pencil sketches. The manuscript was shown in the Heraldic Exhibition in Edinburgh in 1891 (see ‘Memorial Catalogue’, number 60).The armorial is preceded by a printed form of charge concerning the right to bear arms, 1675 (folio ii verso) and a list of Scottish peers (folio iv). It is followed by an index and, on inverted pages 1-47, by a copy of a list of Scottish families and their arms by Thomas Craufurd,...
Dates: 1st half of 17th century.

Letters and papers of William Strang Petrie, calling himself William Henry Augustus Fitzstrathern, 'law genealogist'.

Identifier: MSS.622-632
Scope and Contents

These papers are in continuation of MS.535.

The papers relate chiefly to claims to estates, especially that of Innes of Stow.

Dates: 1804-1857.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames and company names from Hassall to Hathorn., 1820-1914.

Identifier: MS.40531
Scope and Contents All the letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent and by date under each name.Hassall, Arthur.Letters, 1891, 1894-1895, 1897-1898 and 1900-1901, of Arthur Hassall to John Murray III and John Murray IV. Folios 1-54.Folios 3-4. Circular, ?1891, advertising a work entitled ‘Five Queens of the Eighteenth Century’. Sent as an enclosure of letter, 1891, of Arthur Hassall to John Murray III, folios 1-2.Folio 39. Title page, 1900, for ‘A...
Dates: 1820-1914.

Letters to John Murray, publishers, of correspondents with surnames from Harries to Harrison, D., 1822-1917.

Identifier: MS.40526
Scope and Contents All the letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent and by date under each name. A further correspondent has been added to the end of the sequence.Harries, Roger.Letter, 1823, of Roger Harries to John Murray II. Folios 1-2.Folio 1. Includes an excerpt of a letter, 1823, of Peter Lee to Roger Harries.Harris, Charles.Letters, 1903-1905 and 1917, of Charles Harris to John Murray IV and Alexander Henry Hallam Murray. Folios...
Dates: 1822-1917.

Microfilm of correspondence and papers of General Sir George Murray., 1808-1811

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.1076
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: Instructions to officers in the quartermaster-general’s department, with specimens of forms and returns, compiled by George Murray apparently in 1811 (Adv.MS.46.5.2);Copies of letters and orders, October 1808-November 1809 (Adv.MS.46.5.3);Copies of letters and orders, September 1808-February 1810 (Adv.MS.46.5.4);Copies of letters and orders, February 1810-May 1914 (Adv.MS.46.5.5);‘Registre de la campagne d’Espagne’,...
Dates: 1808-1811

Miscellaneous papers of John Hill Burton., 1674-1880, undated.

Identifier: MS.9445
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Statements, 1879-1880, concerning the sales of John Hill Burton's books, ‘History of Scotland’ and ‘Queen Anne’. (Folio 1.)(ii) A list of the obituary dates of various friends of Burton. (Folio 6.)(iii) 'The history of Peter Anderson', an anonymous short story in the form of an autobiography. (Folio 11.)(iv) Notes on accounts of building works, 1674-1679, carried out by Sir William Bruce. (Folio 41.)...
Dates: 1674-1880, undated.

Miscellaneous papers of the Douglas family of Springwood Park., 1790-1904, undated.

Identifier: MS.8114
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Certificates of registration of births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, 1828-1864. (Folio 1.) (ii) Masonic and military certificates, and passports, 1847-1878. These include a passport to Venezuela and a certificate issued to Sir George H Scott-Douglas on a visit to the Holy Land. (Folio 17.) (iii) School reports of Sir George Brisbane Douglas, 1867-1872. (Folio 26.) (iv) Recipes, chiefly for puddings, 1790, undated. (Folio 57.) (v) Prayers,...
Dates: 1790-1904, undated.

Miscellaneous purchases.

Identifier: MS.20766
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: (i) Correspondence, 1802-1815, undated, of and concerning R B Sheridan (including letters of Sir John Macpherson and Samuel Whitbread, and material on the Drury Lane Theatre) and his son Thomas (including descriptions of a journey to Edinburgh and of Madeira); a poem, 1772, of Sheridan to his future wife; and various notes and press cuttings, 1788-1914, undated, on Sheridan and his works (folio 1); (ii) Letters, 1922-1928, of Sir James G Frazer to William...
Dates: 1772-1930, undated.