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Hymns. Songs.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Songs of praise in honor of gods, countries, famous people, or other objects of high esteem, especially settings of metrical strophic nonbiblical texts intended to be sung at religious services.

Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

13th-century manuscript of the 'Metamophoses' of Ovid, written in France, with numerous contemporary and later interlinear and marginal glosses.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.3.8
Scope and Contents The initials of each book are alternately blue and red. There are numerous contemporary and later interlinear and marginal glosses. In the lower margins of folios 81 verso-87 is written in a 14th-century hand a hymn to the Virgin in French, in 97 verses, beginning 'Dame resplendissant roine gloriose' ( ‘Répertoire d`incipit de prières en ancien français’, number 330; attributed to Gautier de Coinci). In the lower margin of folio 112 verso is written `Aue Maria, bene dicamus` with music above...
Dates: Late 13th century.

Book of hours according to the Use of Rome, written in France., [Circa 1500.]

Identifier: MS.1903
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (folio 1);(ii) Hours of the Holy Cross (folio 51);(iii) Hours of the Holy Ghost (folio 54);(iv) Penitential Psalms (folio 57); Litany (folio 67);(v) Office of the Dead (folio 73); Sequences of the Gospels (folio 98); Eight Verses of St Bernard (folio 102);(vi) Prayers, 'Obsecro te' (folio 104) and 'O intemerata' (folio 108); 'Les sept ioies principales de...
Dates: [Circa 1500.]

Book of hours, according to the Use of Rome, written in northern France., Late 15th century.

Identifier: MS.6130
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Calendar in French in red and black; added in black in a later hand at the end of March are Saints Dennis [sic], Patrick and Grizel, in English (folio 6);(ii) Hours of the Cross (folio 18);(iii) Hours of the Holy Ghost (folio 26);(iv) Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (folio 31);(v) Office of the Dead (folio 92);(vi) Penitential Psalms and Litany (folio 132);(vii) 'Obsecro te'...
Dates: Late 15th century.

Book of hours, according to the Use of Rouen., Late 15th century.

Identifier: MS.6129
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Calendar in French in gold, red and blue; entries in gold include Saints Eloi (25 June), Martial (3 July) and Romain (23 October) (folio 1);(ii) Sequences of the Gospels (folio 13);(iii) 'Obsecro te' and 'O intemerata' (folio 18);(iv) Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The office of Nones is incorrectly described as Vespers (folio 25);(v) Penitential Psalms and Litany (folio 72);(vi) Hours...
Dates: Late 15th century.

Book of United Presbyterian hymn tunes of the Rev. Dr Hugh Aird, Brechin, with associated material.

Identifier: Acc.13951
Content Description

Book of hymn tunes, with a label reading "Hugh Aird 1839" pasted onto the inside front cover. The book contains ca. 80 tunes, without texts, of the United Presbyterian Church. The tunes are arranged for four voices, and a contents list is found at the front. Paginated by the scribe 1-100, followed by 19 blank pages. With a photograph of the Rev. Hugh Aird, ?ca. 1890, and a printed obituary entitled "In Memoriam. Rev. Hugh Aird, M.A., D.D., Brechin."

Dates: 1839-1895

Collection of sacred religious hymns and verses.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.3.17
Scope and Contents

The hymns and verses are by William Lighton, Robert Sandeman, William Sandeman, J.G?, and others whose initials are given.

Dates: 1741-1742.

Commonplace-book, containing moral discourses, maxims, 'devices', and verse, including hymns and 'bouts-rimés', chiefly in French, but also in Latin and German., Late 17th century.

Identifier: MS.1882
Scope and Contents Some pieces are described as being 'par moi-même'; others are copied from other authors. The sentiments are Protestant. Several of the poems are in honour of persons belonging to the reigning houses of Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Gotha, and Brandenburg; the works from which extracts are given include those of Madam and Mademoiselle Deshoulières, Tavernier, and Gregorio Leti. From these references, the manuscript seems to have been written at the end of the seventeenth century. The first leaf of the...
Dates: Late 17th century.

Commonplace book of Robert Edward., [?1635-?1670.]

Identifier: MS.9450 [Manuscript]
Scope and Contents The book originally belonged to Robert Edward's father, Alexander, a Dundee merchant, and a business account dated 1622 is on folio 1. The volume chiefly consists of songs, psalms, notes, and instrumental items, several of which appear twice or with parts separated, scraps on the history of music, and poetical items alone. Many of the pieces are of Scottish origin but English and Continental composers appear, as well as both pre- and post-Reformation music.The...
Dates: [?1635-?1670.]

Gaelic songs and verse., 1752-1823 and undated

Identifier: MSS.14851-14857
Scope and Contents

Gaelic songs assembled by Rev. Donald MacNicol and his son Dugald, containing Ossianic poetry, versions of the spiritual songs of Dugald Buchanan, and songs of Donnchadh Bàn Macintyre and other poets contemporary with the collectors, not all of them identified. Most of the material is in the form of single sheets or sheets folded into small booklets. With a few items of correspondence.

Dates: 1752-1823 and undated

Hymns of Dugald Buchanan., ca. 1760

Identifier: MS.14852
Scope and Contents A small booklet of 10 folios, 18.8 x 11.7 cm. It contains two hymns of Buchanan, who is not identified as the author, and a fragment of another song. Formerly Acc.2152/3. The two hymns by Buchanan are in the hand of Rev. Donald MacNicol, while the fragment is possibly in a different, unidentified hand. On the relationship between the versions of Buchanan's hymns with manuscripts of the same texts found in McLagan MS Gen 1042/20 and 1042/4, Glasgow University Library, see Donald Meek,...
Dates: ca. 1760

Hymns of Dugald Buchanan and songs of unidentified poets., ca. 1760

Identifier: MS.14851
Scope and Contents The booklet contains versions of three hymns of Buchanan, who is not identified as the poet, and a few other items. On the relationship between the versions of Buchanan's hymns with manuscripts of the same texts found in McLagan MS Gen 1042/20 and 1042/4, Glasgow University Library, see Donald Meek, 'Dugald Buchanan (1716-68): the poet, the translator, and the manuscript evidence. The Canna Lecture 2016' (Scottish Gaelic Texts Society 2019), esp. pp. 20-25. Formerly...
Dates: ca. 1760

Manuscript music-book, containing ballads, dances, and pianoforte pieces, hymns, and vocal exercises and scales.

Identifier: MS.3282
Scope and Contents The music-book is made up of pages watermarked 1794. The volume contains ballads, dances, and pianoforte pieces from Scotland and various European countries (passim), hymns (folios 22 verso-31), and vocal exercises and scales (folios 22, 32 verso-33 verso, 70-71 verso). Among the more extended pieces are extracts for pianoforte from Méhul's 'Jeune Henri' of 1797 (folio 67 verso), and from an opera 'Paul and Virginia', possibly that produced in London in 1800; and 'Favourite dances at...
Dates: ?1794-1813.

Manuscript of the Gaṇapatisūkta, a hymn to Ganapati or Ganesha, the God of Wisdom, and Śāntisūtra, a hymn of atonement.

Identifier: Adv.MS.13.2.13
Scope and Contents The manuscript is in Devanāgarī script.The contents are as follows:(i) Gaṇapatisūkta (Hymn to Ganapati or Ganesha, the God of Wisdom). Side margins drawn in red, daṇḍas highlighted in red, accents marked in red, incipit daubed with red (all marks of a carefully prepared and valued manuscript). No colophon.(ii) Śāntisūtra (Hymn of Atonement). No margins or colouring. Colophon (folio 21 verso): ॥ oṃm ॥ śrīkṛṣṇārpaṇam astu ॥ cha (6 times) [that is, a...
Dates: Undated.

Manuscripts from Blairs College Library.

Identifier: Dep.221
Dates: 1177, 15th century-1924.

Microfilm of assorted music, and notes on music and songs, chiefly Scottish.

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.295
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows: Notes, 1826-1827, of Lady John Scott on music, and songs, chiefly Scottish (MS.842);

Airs, 1824, chiefly of ballads, also of marches, etc., dedicated to Sir Walter Scott by Andrew Blaikie (MS.1578);

Copies of songs, dances, and other tunes, arranged for violin, made by members, relatives, and friends of the family of Brown, residing at Linkwood, Elgin, late 18th century (MS.3378).

Dates: Late 18th century-1827.

Miscellaneous educational, cultural and literary papers of the Chalmers family of Auldbar., 1758-1867.

Identifier: MS.15508
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows: (i) Papers concerning the classical, literary and historical education of Patrick Chalmers (died 1824) (folio 1); (ii) Notes of Patrick Chalmers, Advocate, on Roman law (folio 31); (iii) Papers concerning the legal career of Patrick Chalmers, including his admission papers to the Inner Temple (1758) and the Faculty of Advocates (1762-1763; admitted 1764) (folio 54); (iv) Miscellaneous classical exercises (folio 76); (v) Testimonials in favour of, and academic...
Dates: 1758-1867.