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Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Lettering marked on something, especially for documentation or commemoration. On prints, the specific information lettered on the print, not usually part of a larger text. Regarding material from the ancient period, includes most preserved written matter of any length, other than papyri. For standardized symbols or notations on objects that convey official information, use ""marks (symbols)""(AAT) .

Found in 182 Collections and/or Records:

11 letters, 1967-1983, to and copies of two letters, 1970-1971, of W R Aitken

Identifier: Acc.8951
Scope and Contents

With inscribed copies of Robert Bain, "James the First of Scotland" (1921), and William Montgomerie, "A Selection of Three Poems" (1965), each with letters, 1921 and 1965, from the authors.

Dates: 1921, 1965-1983

22 notebooks, 1942, containing the corrected manuscript of A J Cronin, "The Keys of the Kingdom".

Identifier: Acc.9873
Scope and Contents

With a copy of the novel inscribed by Cronin and a letter, 1950, of Cronin.

Dates: 1942-1950.

64 letters, 1899-1949 and undated, to John Purves, mostly on literary matters, from among others J M Barrie, John Davidson, Luigi Pirandello and Walter de la Mare.

Identifier: Acc.7175
Scope and Contents

With literary and historical manuscripts, 1388, 1798-1911 and undated, collected by Purves, including single letters of D G Rossetti, John Ruskin, Sir Walter Scott, and William Wordsworth.

Also two albums, 1936-1952, of Purves, containing inscriptions in poetry and prose by various contributors.

Dates: 1388, 1798-1952.

‘Act of the Associate Presbytery for Renewing the National Covenant’ (Edinburgh, 1748), bound with blank pages for subscriptions, issued to the Congregation at Muckhart.

Identifier: MS.3923
Scope and Contents The blank pages are filled with: (i) copies, made in 1763, of the sets of signatures for seven years from 1745 to 1758; (ii) original signatures, and the names of those who could not write, for 1769, 1776, and 1781. A Communion Roll of the United Presbyterian Congregation at Muckhart, 1886, is inserted at folio 29.There are on the fly-leaf a modern inscription in shorthand, with the name James Duncan (possibly a relative of the United Presbyterian Church Presbytery Clerk whose...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1745-1781, 1886.

'Alphabetical list of all the Parishes in Scotland, shewing the Shire, Diocese, Presbytery, & Commissariot . . . and there patrons'., 1744.

Identifier: MS.1944
Scope and Contents

The list is inscribed (folio ii): 'Edinburgh, November, 1744. This list ... drawn up by ... William Smith, Esqr., First Clerk of Chancery, was given by him . . . to Andrew Lumisden' (from the handwriting, probably Prince Charles Edward's secretary). From the mention of dioceses, the inclusion of bishops and arch-bishops among the patrons, and the character of the ecclesiastical dignities given on pages 36-37, the drafter seems to have been an Episcopalian.

Dates: 1744.

Alphabetical list of commercial regulations in Old Slavonic.

Identifier: Adv.MS.22.5.4
Scope and Contents The manuscript is written in black ink, with red for the title, numbers and initials, and in a Muscovite skoropis’ hand.Списокь стор ʼroвoro ӳcтaвaThe manuscript begins: ·ã·, Ha двинѣ ẏ̑ аханrecкoro ropo втамо, жнѣ Ϭытна на яман'кеThe manuscript ends: и о напрасноrо ẏ̑божестьа свойхъ, люде хранять..There is a colophon on folio 72: и̓ по ẏ̑ка великоrо rдря й по помѣте,боя̑рина а̇̑ѳонасъя лаврентьė̑вича, а̇̑рдина нащокина й по...
Dates: 17th century-18th century.

Annotated and inscribed printed Harrow School lists., 1853-1860.

Identifier: MS.25640
Scope and Contents From the Series: Sir Charles Dalrymple (1839-1916), formerly Fergusson, was the youngest son of Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, 5th Baronet, of Kilkerran. He succeeded to the estates of Hailes on the death of his father in 1849, when he assumed the name of Dalrymple. He was created a baronet in 1887, and a Privy Councillor in 1905. Sir Charles married in 1874, Alice Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Hunter Blair, 4th Baronet, of Blairquhan. She died in 1884. Sir Charles at first seemed destined for a legal...
Dates: 1853-1860.

Antiphoner of Benedictine use, Italy, probably Lombardy., [Circa 1460.]

Identifier: MS.25241
Scope and Contents A large choirbook containing antiphons of the Sanctorale and the Commune Sanctorum. (i) Sanctorale from the Visitation (2 July) to St Clement (23 November)-front pastedown. It includes 'In festo sanctorum monachorum' (folio 71) and the Presentation of the Virgin (folio 75 verso). There is a lacuna between folios 78 and 79. (ii) Commune Sanctorum (folio 83 verso), including the dedication of a church. It ends with the rubric 'Commemorationes communes seu suffragia sanctorum' and the antiphon...
Dates: [Circa 1460.]

Apparently unpublished poem by Mrs Alison Cockburn entitled 'Adieu to My Garden 23rd Novʳ. 1777', tipped into a copy of ‘Letters and Memoir of her own Life by Mrs Alison Rutherford or Cockburn’ (Edinburgh, 1900).

Identifier: MS.8892
Scope and Contents

On the page facing the half-title page is an inscription dated May 1900 of T Craig-Brown, who compiled the notes to the printed work, presenting this copy to his daughter.

Dates: 1777.

'Appendix ad Repetitionem Institutionem' (Trajecta ad Rhenum, 1740) by Abraham Welling, inscribed 'David Dalrymple’., Mid 18th century.

Identifier: MS.25344
Scope and Contents From the Series: Sir David Dalrymple, 3rd Baronet of Hailes, (1726-1792), was the son of Sir James Dalrymple, 2nd Baronet of Hailes, and Lady Christian Dalrymple, daughter of the 6th Earl of Haddington. Sir David was educated at Eton and entered the Inner Temple in 1742. From 1747-1748 he studied Civil Law at Utrecht, and in 1748 was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates. He was raised to the Bench as Lord Hailes in 1766 and appointed a Lord of Justiciary in 1776. In addition to his legal activities, Lord...
Dates: Mid 18th century.

Assorted, printed items concerning William Gifford either personally, or in his capacity as editor of the "Quarterly Review"., 1815-? 1827.

Identifier: MS.42258
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series: Editor and satirist William Gifford (1756-1826) was an important figure in the history of the publishing house of John Murray. As editor of the 'Quarterly Review', Gifford was heavily involved in producing a significant, highly respected and popular periodical. In addition, Gifford acted as a literary advisor to John Murray [II] and his opinion was highly valued by the publisher.There is a vast amount of correspondence here, including hundreds to John Murray [II]. There is...
Dates: 1815-? 1827.

Autograph album of Cherna Schotz.

Identifier: Acc.9021
Scope and Contents

With inscriptions by, among others, Duncan Grant, Hugh MacDiarmid and Francis George Scott.

Dates: 1942-1948.

"Bibliography of Thomas Carlyle's writings and ana" by Isaac Watson Dyer (Portland, Maine, 1928), presented by the author to James A S Barrett, with pencil notes and other additions.

Identifier: MS.9852
Scope and Contents

James A S Barrett contributed Section C (a list of the principal portraits, etc., of Carlyle, pages 533-542) to the work.

The volume contains Isaac Dyer's inscription to James Barrett, dated 1928, on the flyleaf, and pencil notes and amendments in Barrett's hand throughout. Press cuttings and a letter, 1930, of Robin Flower, Deputy Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum, doubtless to Barrett, which were loosely enclosed at various places within the volume, have been tipped in.

Dates: 1928-1930.

Bifolium containing parts of a commentary on the Gospel of St Matthew in a version similar to the earlier Wycliffite translation., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.6124
Scope and Contents

The leaves are not consecutive. The commentary runs from Matthew iii, 16-iv, 7, and v, 10-12.

Large initial in blue with pen-work decoration in red. Paragraph marks in red and blue.

On folio 1 is a sixteenth-century inscription relating to a survey of Swanton Abbot (Norfolk).

Dates: 15th century.

Book of hours according to the Use of Utrecht., 1473.

Identifier: MS.7130
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Calendar and tables for finding Easter. The Calendar includes many Utrecht saints in red. (Folio 1.) (ii) Hours of the Cross. (Folio 15.) (iii) Hours of the Virgin. (Folio 17.) (iv) Penitential Psalms. (Folio 39.) (v) Litany and Supplications. (Folio 44.) (vi) Office of the Dead. (Folio 49.) (vii) Prayers at Communion. Four of these occur in Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, MS.11171, folios 75, 81-82, 98 verso. See M Meertens, ‘De Godsvrucht in de...
Dates: 1473.

'Book of verses’ by W E Henley (London, 1888), inscribed on the flyleaf and presented to Frederick Locker-Lampson by the author.

Identifier: MS.9047
Scope and Contents

W E Henley's letter accompanying the volume, together with a later letter, 1890, to Frederick Locker-Lampson, are enclosed in an envelope that has been tipped in inside the front cover.

Dates: 1888, 1890.

Bound volumes of official military returns, orders and correspondence concerning the War of the Austrian Succession., 1746-1748.

Identifier: MSS.25699-25703
Scope and Contents From the Series: The main interest of the papers lies in the military and diplomatic material relating to General St Clair's career in the British army over thirty years. The 2nd son of the 10th Lord Sinclair, James St Clair succeeded as titular 12th Lord Sinclair in 1750 on the death of his brother, who was attainted in 1715. In 1747 he married Janet, daughter of Sir David Dalrymple, 1st Baronet of Hailes, and widow of Sir John Baird, 2nd Baronet of Newbyth. He served with the Foot Guards in Gibraltar in...
Dates: 1746-1748.

'Cokkils' (Edinburgh, 1953) by Sydney Goodsir Smith, with an inscription by the author to Robert Garioch Sutherland., 1953.

Identifier: MS.26634
Scope and Contents From the Fonds:

Robert Sutherland (1909-1981) who wrote under the name 'Robert Garioch', was educated in Edinburgh and, after the war of 1939-1945 when he was a prisoner in Italy and Germany, became a schoolteacher in Kent. He returned to Edinburgh in 1959, where he taught and worked for the School of Scottish Studies in the University.

Dates: 1953.

‘Collection of epitaphs and inscriptions out of the counties of Hampshire (Isle of Wight), Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, as copied literally from tomb & other stones by Russell Skinner'.

Identifier: MS.3000
Scope and Contents

Only Hertfordshire inscriptions are given, but the index of first lines (folio i) refers to those in other counties.

Dates: 19th century.

Collection of works, mainly theological, written in Germany in the early fifteenth century., Early 15th century.

Identifier: MS.2739
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) An exposition of the Canon of the Mass, beginning 'Videte quomodo caute ambuletis. . . . Ita scribitur ad Ephesios'; ends 'cuius nomen in secula sit benedictum. Amen. Explicit hoc dictum’. For a work with a similar ‘initium’, from the library of the Benedictines at Erfurt, see Bodleian Library, MS.Hamilton 17, folio 227. (Folio 3 verso.)(ii) Sermons, from Advent to the first Sunday after Easter, beginning 'Emitte manum tuam de alto,...
Dates: Early 15th century.