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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Narratives or histories autobiographical in nature or stressing the author's personal experience of the events.

Found in 366 Collections and/or Records:

15 letters and cards of Annie French to Elinor Black.

Identifier: Acc.8792
Scope and Contents

With an account by Dr Black of their meeting.

Dates: 1938-1952.

41 letters and documents, 1656-1667, mostly of General George Monck to Sir Thomas Morgan, Commander of the army in Scotland and Governor of Edinburgh.

Identifier: Acc.10583
Scope and Contents

Concern miltary arrangements.

With notebook, 1660, of Morgan as governor and later personal accounts, 1680s to 1690s.

Dates: 1656-circa 1699.

Account of "An Adventure with Bengal Dacoits" by Samuel Wauchope.

Identifier: Acc.10654
Scope and Contents

With seven photographs.

Dates: 1850.

"An Account of the Action off the Little Fisher Bank [the Battle of Jutland] May 31st 1916" by the Reverend R H Malden, Chaplain, Royal Navy on HMS Valiant.

Identifier: Acc.11023
Scope and Contents

Includes related letter to Mrs Simpson, Abbotsknowe, Peebles, and a privately printed memoir of "The Battle of Jutland" (Leeds, 1918).

Dates: circa 1918.

Apparently incomplete collection of correspondence and papers of William Marshall and of members of his family, together with related papers compiled by David J Mackenzie, Sheriff-substitute of Glasgow.

Identifier: MSS.15369-15378
Scope and Contents

William Marshall, who was factor to the Duke of Gordon, was known in his own day as a Scottish fiddler and composer of strathspeys, and an inventor. The collection contains almost nothing of musical interest, and the largest single part consists of letters and copies of letters of his sons whilst on active service in India and in the Peninsular War, written to him and to other members of the family.

Dates: 1778-1961, undated.

Autobiographical memoir of John Y Gray, with later additions., 1924.

Identifier: MS.26017
Scope and Contents

The memoir describes village life in Angus in the 19th century, and John Gray's work as a farm labourer, weaver and joiner before he eventually became a teacher in Dundee.

Dates: 1924.

"Autobiographical Reminiscences".

Identifier: Acc.3252
Scope and Contents

Includes "Houses of Bondage", "Sketches from the Student Life of a Vanished Generation", "The Riddle of a Crime".

Dates: circa 1960.

Autograph manuscripts of dramas and other works of Sir David Erskine.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.5.1.16-5.1.21
Scope and Contents

The majority of the works are unpublished, and those which are published present considerable divergences. All the plays were written for the stage, and in some cases the names of the actors appear in the list of dramatis personae. Adv.MS.5.1.16, (i) and (ii) seem to be unconnected with the remainder of the collection.

Dates: Early 19th century.

Autograph manuscripts of dramas and other works of Sir David Erskine., Early 19th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.5.1.16
Scope and Contents (i) Letter, 1811, of Alexander Murray, Professor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh, to Charles Smith, enclosing translation of a letter of Walda Selasse, Ras of Tigre, to George III. (Folio 1).(ii) List of books and manuscripts concerning Egypt. (Folio 2).(iii) `Memoirs of Goldoni`, Part I, Chapters 1-5. Written as autobiography. (Folios 3-50).(iv) ‘Annals and Antiquities of Jedburgh`, Chapter 1. Apparently intended as a sequel to ‘Annals and Antiquities...
Dates: Early 19th century.

Biographical material concerning Tipu, Gangádhar Shastri and Kemal-ud-din-Hussain Khan., ?1st quarter of 19th century.

Identifier: MS.13794A
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Copy of a memoir of the life and principal transactions of Tipu written by a Maratha Sirdar in his service (page 1);(ii) Account by Alexander Walker of the career of Gangádhar Shastri in the service of the East India Company, compiled at St Helena in August 1824, with a translation of Shastri's autobiographical memoir (page 212);(iii) Memoir of the life of Kemal-ud-din-Hussain Khan, another East India Company servant (page...
Dates: ?1st quarter of 19th century.

Biographical memoir and notes on Charles Hodge Mackie, compiled by Anne Mackie.

Identifier: Acc.9177
Scope and Contents

Includes an account of their visits to France, 1892-1893, and meetings with Gauguin, Sérusier and Vuillard.

Dates: 1st half of 20th century.

Biography of John Elphinstone, RN, including his role in the Russian service, by his grandson, Alexander Francis Elphinstone, RN.

Identifier: Acc.12747
Scope and Contents

Comprising a 39-page memoir of Alexander Francis Elphinstone's grandfather, John Elphinstone, arranged by date, with geneaological notes. The volume also includes 9 pen and ink sketches and watercolours of buildings and scenery, probably depicting locations from Alexander Francis Elphinstone's early years in the Baltic.

Dates: c.1820s.

`Continuation of Memoirs of Campaigns on the Peninsula from 1st December 1812 to 11th November 1813. By Captain James Stirling of the 42nd Regiment Royal Highlanders.`, 1812-1813.

Identifier: MS.23631
Scope and Contents

The volume includes four pages of sketches depicting the native Spaniards and their dress. Also included, at the back of the volume, is a list of the places visited and cumulative totals of the distances traveled by the army during its deployment in this period.

Dates: 1812-1813.

Copies, early 17th century, in French, of treaties drawn up between France and her various allies, 1552-1615.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.3.4
Scope and Contents

Also included is a copy of a memoir of Henri IV by Pierre Jeannin, in a different hand from the rest of the volume (folio 1), a number of instructions to ambassadors, commissions, and other related material, and a table of contents (folio 264).

Dates: 1552-1615.

Copies, early 18th century, of letters and memoirs of covenanters.

Identifier: Adv.MS.32.4.4
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) Letters, 1675-1677, of the preacher John Welwood. They are mostly addressed to Elizabeth Collace and her sister Katharine Ross, but there are also a few to the covenanter Richard Cameron. The letters, which are not in strict chronological order, are chiefly religious in nature, but there are occasional mentions of the persecutions in Fife, the Merse and Teviotdale. (Folio 1.)(ii) Memoirs of Katharine Ross. The...
Dates: 1675-early 18th century.