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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Condensed, orderly arrangements of data, especially those in which the data are arranged in columns and rows.

Found in 154 Collections and/or Records:

Account and letter book of William Angus of North Grange, Lindores, elder of Abdie Church.

Identifier: MS.17949
Scope and Contents

The account and letter book contains tables of agricultural wages 1857-1873, letters concerning local affairs 1846-1867, and letters and statements of Abdie church 1835-1875. At the back there is a record of baptisms of the Angus Family 1789-1840 (folio 17).

Dates: 1835-1875.

‘Account of the Ecclesiastical Benefices ... and the number of people in Scotland’, ‘prepared for the information of Government by the late Doctor Alexander Webster’, and dedicated by his son, John Webster, to Pitt.

Identifier: MS.89
Scope and Contents The manuscript begins with an account of the manner in which the figures were collected, and contains:(i) ‘An alphabet list of the parishes of the Church of Scotland, shewing the extent of each parish, the number of Papists and Protestants, the name of the patron, and the stipend payable to the Minister,' as at ‘end of the year 1785' (see ‘Explanation of Scheme First’);(ii) ‘A list of the several shires in Scotland, shewing the number of parishes, ministers, Papists,...
Dates: 1755, 1785

Anonymous description of a proposed route from Port Patrick, Wigtonshire, to Edinburgh for Sir Edward Baker, formely Littlehales, 1st Baronet of Ashcombe, Surrey, with maps and mileage tables.

Identifier: MS.17958
Scope and Contents

This is a carefully planned tour. The writer states his reasons for the selection of the route and for rejecting the alternatives, and comments on the history and contemporary situations of the major settlements en route.

Dates: 1819.

Bibliographies and offprint distribution lists relating to the published papers of William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn; with press cuttings, some relating to Fairbairn’s papers, others to psychoanalysis generally., 1929-1958.

Identifier: MS.50226
Scope and Contents The items are arranged by genre and by date within each genre.Bibliographies.Addition to a bibliography, [?1953], of William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn: ‘Publications by W. Ronald D. Fairbairn bearing the imprint 1953’. Folio 1.Typescript bibliography, [1956 or after], of the published papers, 1928-1956, of William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn. Folios 2-5.Carbon copy of a typescript bibliography, [1956 or after], of the published papers, 1928-1956, of...
Dates: 1929-1958.

Collection of late sixteenth- and seventeenth-century accounts of places in Scotland, partly compiled by Sir John Skene, Lord Curriehill.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.3.15
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i)-(ix) Accounts compiled by Sir John Skene.(i) ‘Ane tabill and repertour of the Cheker Rollis [...] collectit and put in ordour conforme to the number and ordour of Kingis [...] be Mr Jhone Skene [...] 1595.’ (ii) ‘Ane particular and perfyte rentall ... collectit be Maister Johne Skene Clerk of the Register. 1595.’ (iii) ‘The rentall buik of the propertis.’ (iv) ‘Computa et libri thesaurariorum.’ (v) ‘Libri responsionum.’ (vi) ‘Libri...
Dates: Late 16th century-17th century.

Collections of papers of General Sir George Murray concerning campaigns in wars against France., 1793-1806.

Identifier: Adv.MS.46.1.1
Scope and Contents The contents of the volume are as follows:(i) Orders and papers concerning service in the 3rd Foot Guards in the Netherlands, 1793-1795 (folio 1).(ii) Orders and copies of memoranda concerning service in the quartermaster-general`s department in Egypt, 1801-1802 (folio 16).(iii) Statistical returns and memoranda concerning the various islands of the West Indies where he served as adjutant-general, 1802-1803 (folio 43).(iv) Letters and reports...
Dates: 1793-1806.

Commonplace book chiefly containing historical material., 17th century.

Identifier: MS.2095
Scope and Contents The contents include copies of speeches, letters, and various documents, abstracts, tables, and notes relating to history (chiefly Scottish, of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries; also Highland and some English), foundations of religious houses at Restalrig and St Andrews, rents of Church benefices, coinage, Crown rents, Dutchmen fishing with busses in British waters, the Royal Navy, merchant adventures, etc., with notes from Scripture, epitaphs, etc. In various different...
Dates: 17th century.

Commonplace book of Alexander Keith of Ravelston, (died 1751), but written in more than one hand., 1684-?1688.

Identifier: MS.21186
Scope and Contents The commonplace book contains Latin poetry (including extracts from Horace, Virgil and Juvenal), songs, prose and exercises; astronomical, navigational, and mathematical notes and exercises, with some diagrams and tables; notes on the art of gunnery; some common psalm tunes; prayers; English proverbs, verse and poetry; extracts from a guide to the education of children and youth; instructions concerning card tricks; some verse attributed to the 1st Marquis of Montrose and notes on his role...
Dates: 1684-?1688.

Commonplace book of Robert Edward., [?1635-?1670.]

Identifier: MS.9450 [Manuscript]
Scope and Contents The book originally belonged to Robert Edward's father, Alexander, a Dundee merchant, and a business account dated 1622 is on folio 1. The volume chiefly consists of songs, psalms, notes, and instrumental items, several of which appear twice or with parts separated, scraps on the history of music, and poetical items alone. Many of the pieces are of Scottish origin but English and Continental composers appear, as well as both pre- and post-Reformation music.The...
Dates: [?1635-?1670.]

Composite volume of 15th-century manuscripts of miscellaneous works by four hands bound together, with an incunable, in the 16th-century or earlier.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.4.8
Scope and Contents The collection has been in one volume since the 16th century at least. The contents are as follows:[(i) A printed book: Johannes de Hildesheim, ‘Liber de gestis ac translatione trium regum’, etc., ([Cologne], 1478) = National Library of Scotland Inc.43 (B.M.Cat. IB 4236) (folio 1)]. Folio 56 blank.(ii) Baebius Italicus (?), `Ilias latina` (‘Poetae latini minores’ ii.3; this manuscript is not included in the list given by P Vollmer in ‘Sitzungsberichte der Bayerischen...
Dates: 15th century.

‘Contents of the Winton Estate’, that is, the Lordship of Seaton and the Baronies of Long Niddry, Tranent and Winton in East Lothian.

Identifier: MS.104
Scope and Contents

In tabular form, showing the names of the tenants, 'the number of acres in each lot and barony, with the total rents and rent of an acre', with a covering letter.

Dates: 1778.

Copies, 17th century, of Ramón Lull, ‘Ars juris’ and ‘De inventione mediorum juris civilis’.

Identifier: Adv.MS.28.6.4
Scope and Contents

The description of the manuscript in the folio catalogue (F.R.185) includes the reference: (W.5.7).

Dates: 13th century-14th century.

Copies of letters and reports from Captain John Barlow and other officers commanding detachments of the Buffs in the Western Isles and the Laggan and Loch Rannoch areas.

Identifier: MS.10691
Scope and Contents

Captain Barlow reports on his searches for arms and Catholic priests in the islands, and on shipping in the area. He also comments on the topography and social conditions, and puts forward suggestions for a permanent garrison, the building of schools and customs houses, etc. Reports from the mainland are chiefly concerned with cattle thieving and the power of the chiefs. The inverted folios contain tables of military posts in the Highlands and Scotland generally.

Dates: 1753-1754.

Correspondence and papers of and concerning Edward Sang.

Identifier: Acc.10780
Scope and Contents

Includes mathematical tables.

Dates: 1821-1942.

Customs and excise papers, 1662-1687, undated, being accounts, vouchers and miscellaneous papers., [Circa 1660]-1687.

Identifier: MS.14491
Scope and Contents

The papres includes ‘The rules and method practised in the Custome House of Leithe’, circa 1660; accounts of customs duties levied at, and of goods imported into, various Scottish ports; and a table, 1669, of customs officials’ fees.

Dates: [Circa 1660]-1687.

Description by Sir William Burrell of a tour made by him, chiefly in Scotland.

Identifier: MS.2911
Scope and Contents Sir William Burrell’s route takes him from London through the eastern counties of England to Durham, and by Carlisle into Galloway. After an excursion into County Antrim, he proceeds by the Ayrshire coast to Greenock, and thence to Glasgow and Stirling. Having explored Perthshire, he goes to Edinburgh, and visits many places in the neighbourhood. He then takes the route marked by Dumbarton, Inveraray, Fort William, Inverness, Banff, Aberdeen, St. Andrews, and Kinghorn. After further visiting...
Dates: 1758.

Fifteenth-century manuscript of the 'short version' of the 'Polychronicon' of Ranulph Higden.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.4.12
Scope and Contents This is a copy of the original, short version ending in 1327. It contains preface (folio iii), alphabetical table (folio v; the reference-system, explained at the beginning, is to the foliation of this manuscript), map of the world (folio xiii verso), and text in seven books (folios 1, 33, 57, 92, 122 verso, 159 verso, 183), not formally divided into chapters.The presence of a map is unusual in this version (‘Universal Chronicle of Ranulf Higden’, pages 63-68, 97-98). It is...
Dates: 1327, and before.