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Murray, John Samuel (publisher (II)) (1778-1843)



  • Existence: 1778 - 1843

Found in 833 Collections and/or Records:

Correspondence between Lady Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron, with letters of Lady Caroline Lamb to John Cam Hobhouse., 1812-1824, undated.

Identifier: MS.43465
Scope and Contents The letters between Lady Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron have been placed before those of Lamb to John Cam Hobhouse. They have then been arranged in chronological order. Some of the letters were dated with reference to the website of Professor Paul Douglass, ‘Caro: the Caroline Lamb website’.When first made available for consultation this folder of letters, before it was foliated, included a letter, provisionally dated 1813, which had attributed the recipient as being Lord Byron. ...
Dates: 1812-1824, undated.

Correspondence between Lord Byron and John Murray II; with letters of and to John Murray, publishers, relating to Lord Byron., 1811-1965, undated.

Identifier: MSS.43487-43503
Scope and Contents The publishing house of John Murray was closely connected with the poet, Lord Byron. This relationship started when John Murray [II] published the first canto of 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' in 1812. The poem catapulted Lord Byron to fame and Murray continued to publish the poetry of Byron until they parted over disagreements relating to 'Don Juan'. The correspondence reflects a close personal relationship between the men, as well as including great detail about the publishing process of...
Dates: 1811-1965, undated.

Correspondence between Lord Byron and Sir James and Lady Frances Webster-Wedderburn., 1809-1854.

Identifier: MS.43511
Scope and Contents Letters of Lady Frances have been placed before the correspondence of Sir James. When first made available for consultation, before foliation, the letters of Lady Frances Webster-Wedderburn were housed in Ms.43512. These were moved to their current location during cataloguing. Among them was a letter date 29 August ?1813. This has since been identified as being of Frances Parkyns, so has been moved to Ms.43504 ff.106-108.Letters of Lady Frances Webster-Wedderburn to Lord...
Dates: 1809-1854.

Correspondence concerning the publication of the weekly literary journal "The Miniature"., 1805-1806, 1945.

Identifier: MS.42617
Scope and Contents

Letters of Stratford Canning, John Rennell and Henry Gally Knight to John Murray II concerning "The Miniature". Included are two typescript letters, 1945, of C.G. Des Graz to John Murray V relating to the correspondence.

Dates: 1805-1806, 1945.

Correspondence concerning "The Representative" newspaper., 1824-1826.

Identifier: MS.42625
Scope and Contents

The correspondence concerns the establishment and failure of "The Representative". The correspondents include :

John Murray II;

Isaac D`Israeli;

Benjamin Disraeli;

Thomas Brande;

Walter Henry Watts;

John Diston Powles;

Sharon Turner.

Dates: 1824-1826.

Correspondence, notes, proofs and press cuttings concerning 'Letters and Journals of Lord Byron', by Thomas Moore and to the events surrounding the destruction of the memoirs of Lord Byron, 1821-1835, 1938, undated.

Identifier: MS.43538
Scope and Contents The letters here have been arranged alphabetically by correspondent surname. Notes relating to Lord Byron have then been placed, with printed material ordered chronologically at the end of the sequence.When first made available for consultation, before foliation, this folder contained notes relating to a meeting regarding the placement of a statue of Lord Byron. These were identified during cataloguing as relating to notes in Ms.43533, so have been moved to that folder at...
Dates: 1821-1835, 1938, undated.

Correspondence, poetry and prose of Sir Walter Scott from the Library of Honresfield House., 1796-1832.

Identifier: MS.50703
Scope and Contents LettersArchibald, Joseph JamiesonLetter, 8 November 1825, of Scott to Joseph Jamieson Archibald on his admiration for Robert Burns and the progress of John Gibson Lockhart in London. Folio 1.Ballantyne, JamesLetter, 8 July 1826, of Scott to James Ballantyne on his work for ‘The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte’. Folios 2-3.Bell, JohnLetter, 7 March 1816, of Scott to John Bell on collecting Jacobite songs. Folios 4-5....
Dates: 1796-1832.

Fair copies of various works of Lord Byron, in the hands of Anne Isabella Noel Byron and Claire Clairmont, with related material., ? 1815-1817.

Identifier: MS.43361
Scope and Contents The volume here contains manuscripts relating to ‘Parisina’, ‘Monody on Sheridan’ and ‘Lament of Tasso’ by Byron. The manuscripts have been described in the order they have been arranged within the volume.‘Lord Byron: Complete poetical works’, edited by Jermone McGann, has been used in some of the following descriptions.Manuscripts and proofs of ‘Parisina’, [?1815-1816] folios 1-28 includingManuscript of the first paragraph of the...
Dates: ? 1815-1817.

Financial instruments issued in the course of business conducted between John Murray II and Archibald Constable and Co., publishers., 1806-1812.

Identifier: MS.40253
Scope and Contents Bills of exchange, 1806-1812, issued to order against John Murray II by Archibald Constable and Co., publishers. The bills are arranged by date.1806: folio 1;1807: folios 2-26;1808: folios 27-74;1809: folio 75;1812: folio 76.Bills of exchange, 1807-1808, issued against John Murray II by Archibald Constable and Co., publishers, in favour of specified companies and individuals. The bills are arranged...
Dates: 1806-1812.

Financial instruments relating to Washington Irving., 1820-1835.

Identifier: MS.42317
Scope and Contents The instruments are arranged chronologically, as follows :folio 1 : receipt, 16 August 1820, for 250 guineas (£262-10-0) received by Washington Irving from John Murray II for the copyright of the "Sketch Book";folio 2 : receipt, 12 March 1822, for 1000 guineas (£1050) received by Washington Irving from John Murray II for the copyright of "Bracebridge Hall";folio 3 : receipt, 13 August 1824, for 1500 guineas (£1575-0-0) received by...
Dates: 1820-1835.

Incomplete, marked proofs of "England and France; or, A cure for the Ministerial Gallomania" by Benjamin Disraeli, assisted by Baron de Haber., 1832.

Identifier: MS.42158
Scope and Contents Annotation at the front of the work : "England and France or a cure for the Ministerial Gallomania. This book was written by Benjamin Disraeli, assisted by his friend Baron Haber, and published in 1832. These are the proof sheets which were submitted to and annotated by the Rt Honble John Wilson Croker."Three letters of Disraeli to John Murray II are included at the front of the volume.The proofs relate to pages [1]-84 of the...
Dates: 1832.

Legal instruments concerning the interests of John Murray, publishers, in the copyright of certain works by Washington Irving., 1828-1851.

Identifier: MS.42316
Scope and Contents Folios 1-2 : indenture, 1828, between Washington Irving and John Murray II : the sale by Irving to Murray of the copyright in "A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus";folio 3 : indenture, 1829, between Washington Irving and John Murray II : the sale by Irving to Murray of the copyright in the "Chronicles of Granada";folios 4-5 : cancelled agreement, 1835, between Washington Irving and John Murray II : Murray to have borne...
Dates: 1828-1851.

Letter of John Murray II to James Hogg.

Identifier: Acc.12406
Scope and Contents

In the letter Murray discusses his forthcoming publication of "Jacobite Songs", the reissue of "The Queen`s Wake" and his withdrawal from "Blackwood`s Magazine".

Dates: 1819.

Letters and copies of letters of Augusta Leigh to Elizabeth Vassall Fox (Lady Holland), John Murray II and John Murray III., 1816-1850, 1960, undated.

Identifier: MS.43482
Scope and Contents The letters have been arranged alphabetically by correspondent name and then chronologically within each section, with those of uncertain date placed at the end of the sequence.Copy, 1960, of a letter of Augusta Leigh to Elizabeth Vassall Fox (Lady Holland), undated: folios 1-3;Letters of Augusta Leigh to John Murray [II] dated:1816: folios 4-36;1817: folios 37-49;1818: folios 50-60;1819: folio 61-65;1820:...
Dates: 1816-1850, 1960, undated.

Letters, assignments and receipts concerning the sale of papers and copyrights relating to Lord Byron., Undated.

Identifier: MS.43541
Scope and Contents The papers in this manuscript have been arranged alphabetically by the main correspondent surname or company name.Barry, Matilda and Richard. Letters of Matilda Barry and Richard Barry to Hugh Ferguson and John Murray [III], with one of Ferguson to Murray, regarding the sale of Lord Byron letters, 1849: folios 1-6;Blayney, Mabella. Letter of Lady Mabella Blayney to John Murray [II], 1824: folio 7;Breese, John. Letters of John Breese to John Murray III,...
Dates: Undated.

Letters concerning the funeral and will of Lord Byron; including letters relating to Greek and Italian property of Lord Byron., 1824-1853.

Identifier: MS.43532
Scope and Contents The letters have been arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent surname.Letter of William John Bankes to John Cam Hobhouse, 1824: folios 1-2;Inventory of the possessions of Lord Byron signed by Samuel Barff, 1824: folio 3;Letter of Henry Drury to John Murray [II], 1824: folios 4-5;Letter of John Ireland to John Murray [II], 1824: folios 6-7;Letter of E Jones to Douglas Kinnaird, 1824: folios 8-9;Letter with...
Dates: 1824-1853.

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