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Accounts, chiefly relating to the household of Mary of Lorraine, but with a few items of the late 16th century., 1532-1600, and undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.5

Scope and Contents

Unless otherwise stated all items are in French.

Accounts of Jacques Girard, treasurer; Longueville, 25 May 1544 (folios 1-6; the correct order should be folios 1-2, 5, 4, 3, 6).

- There is a partial translation in ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS, 3rd Series, volume 4), page xxvii.

Wine account of Jean Mean, butler to Mary, Queen of Scots, March 1544 (folios 7-8).

Building expenses at Stirling Castle, March-April 1544 (folio 9).

Accounts of Jacques Girard, 20 September 1544 (folios 10-15; the correct order should be folios 10, 12-13, 11, 14-15).

- Part of folios 11-12 is translated in ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS, 3rd Series, volume 4), page xxviii.

Copy account of household expenditure of Mary of Lorraine, mostly covering the years 1546-1547; Châteaudun, 13 May 1548 (folios 16-17, 22-25, 30-34; the correct order should be folios 16, 22-23, 25, 31, 30, 24, 32-33, 17, 34).

- These were used in ‘Hir Rob Ryall’, pages 1-12.

Copy correspondence of the Duchesse de Guise, concerning the purchase of materials for Mary, Queen of Scots, with the relative accounts of Jean de Beaucaire, January-February 1547/1548 (folios 18-19).

Gift of 500 crowns to Anthoine de Layac by Mary of Lorraine, 28 January 1547/1548 (folios 20-21).

Account of payments by Mary of Lorraine to her household in France for 1548 (folio 26).

Part of an account of Jacques Girard, Châteaudun, 13 May 1549 (folios 27, 35-37).

Account of Jacques Girard, Rouen, 17 July 1549 (folios 28-29).

Account of payments by Mary of Lorraine to her household in France, 1549 (folios 38-39).

Number of army pioneers employed on Inchkeith, June-July 1549 (folios 40-41).

Signed receipt of Mary of Lorraine in favour of Raoul Moreau, treasurer to Henri II, Edinburgh, 11 December 1531 (folio 42).

Signed receipt of Mary of Lorraine in favour of Henri Cleutin, Seigneur d`Oysel, Stirling, 16 March 1553/1554 (folio 43).

Order signed by Mary of Lorraine for the payment of a sailor, Stirling, 28 December 1553 (folio 44).

Accounts of the royal household, kept by Legier Chesneau, for October-December 1553; Stirling, 10 January 1554 (folios 45-48; the correct order should be folios 47, 45-46 ,48).

Account of materials supplied by Robert Fichepain, René Tardif and Pierre Galland, 1550-1551 (folio 49-55, 58; the correct order should be folios 50-51, 55, 54, 52-53, 49, 58).

- Partial translation in ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS, 3rd Series, volume 7), pages xxvi-xxix.

Account of Timoteo Cagnioli, 1553 (folios 56-57).

Three accounts of Henri Cleutin, Seigneur d`Oysel, [?1547], and undated (folios 59-62).

Account of payments to French, German and Scottish soldiers, [circa 1548] (folios 63-66). Part of this is identical to folios 68-69.

Account by Jean Astier of payments to members of the household, 13 April 1555 (folio 67).

Account of payments to footsoldiers, [circa 1548] (folios 68-69). This is identical to part of folios 63-66.

List of French captains in Scotland, undated (folio 70).

Account of Guillaume Bochetel for money needed to maintain the French army in Scotland, Compiegne, 6 August 1549 (folios 71-72).

Inventory of weapons and equipment delivered by the Master of Ordinance, [circa 1548]; in Scots (folios 73-74).

Account of Sir Hew Kennedy of Girvanmains, for items provided for the ship ‘Lion’, [?1555]; in Scots (folios 75-76).

Materials supplied for Mary of Lorraine, [1551] (folios 77-80; the correct order should be folios 77, 79, 78, 80). This is a shortened version of folios 50-51, with a few additional items.

Account for a mattress and other items ‘pour monsieur l`ambassadeur’, undated (folio 81).

Two accounts of miscellaneous payments, undated (folios 82-83).

Incomplete account of payments by Jean Astier, Stirling, April 1554 (folio 84).

Payments to Lady Livingston and others, 1554 (folio 85).

Account of Thomas Troup, merchant, Stirling, 22 December 1545 (folio 86).

Account of expenditure of 1200 crowns from the Bishop of Ross, undated (folio 87).

List of silver supplied for Mary, Queen of Scots, off Dumbarton, 29 July 1548 (folio 88).

Letter, undated, to Seigneur Thomas [?Troup] asking for items to be sent to the Queen (folio 89).

Weights of [silver] plates and other items, undated (folio 90).

Payments to Lady Livingston and others, undated (folio 91).

Account for foodstuffs, etc., for twenty horses, undated (folio 92).

Expenditure of the household and stables, January-April, no year (folio 93).

Valuation of plate for the Bishop of Ross, undated (folios 94-95).

Payments made by Claude Antiez to members of the household, undated (folios 96-97).

Three memoranda concerning linen, 1552-1553 (folios 98-101).

Notes concerning the property of the Duc de Châtelherault, undated (folios 102-103).

Agreement between Duncan Burnett and John Atkinson, and François van Cralote, concerning the weaving of a tapestry, 7 May 1532 (folio 104).

Promissory note of Jean Thomassin, comptroller, Edinburgh, 11 May 1541 (folios 105-106).

Two receipts of Guillaume Honesson, merchant, 1540 (folio 107).

Receipt of Guillebert Straton, burgess of Dieppe, in favour of James Bassenden, burgess of Edinburgh, 31 October 1543 (folio 108).

Promissory notes of François du Fou, secretary and comptroller:

to Robert Craig, merchant, 5 November 1543 (folio 109);

to Clement Leitch, merchant, 5 November 1543 (folio 110a);

to the wife of Robert Maclellan, merchant, 14 June 1544 (folio 110b);

to William Fisher, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, 13 and 24 December 1544 (folios 111-112).

Account for milk and butter for February and March 1545 (folio 113).

Receipt of Robert Maclellan, merchant, Stirling, 14 July 1545; in Latin (folio 114).

Account by Jean Thomassin, of sums assigned to Alexander Durant and John Kemp, Stirling, 26 February 1549/1550 (folios 115-116).

Two receipts, Stirling, 1545, of William Fisher, merchant burgess of Edinburgh; in Scots (folio 117).

Receipt of Raoulin Dertot and Guillaume Lubias, merchants of Dieppe, April 1548 (folio 118).

Receipt for the provisioning of Hermitage Castle, 20 June 1548 (folios 119-120).

Receipt of Sir John Home of Cowdenknowes, 1 July 1549 (folio 121).

Receipt of Patrick Home of Broomhouse, 1 July 1549 (folio 122).

Receipt of Alexander Hume, cavalry captain, 1 July 1549 (folio 123).

Promissory note of Jean Thomassin, 14 December 1549 (folio 124a).

Receipt, possibly of Nicolas de Lorraine, Comte de Vaudémont, Dundee, 30 January 1549/1550 (folio 124b).

Two receipts of F Chatillion, huissier, 12 March 1549/1550 and 12 October 1553 (folios 125-126).

Note of payments by Jean Thomassin, 20 May 1541 (folio 127a).

Receipt of Jeanne Piedefer, Lady Livingston, in favour of Henri Cleutin, Holyrood, 12 May 1550 (folio 127b).

Receipt of William Bell, merchant, Stirling, 12 July 1550 (folio 128).

Receipt of Servais de Condez, valet de chambre, in favour of Robin Gourlay, merchant, Edinburgh, 20 October [circa 1560] (folio 129).

Unsigned receipt, 24 March 1550/1551 (folio 131).

Receipt signed by Patrick, 3rd Lord Ruthven, on behalf of his farther, Paris, 27 March 1550 (folio 134).

Signed obligation of James Stewart, Commendator of Kelso and Melrose, in favour of Mary of Lorraine, Fontevrault, 23 May 1551 (folios 136-137).

Receipt of James, 4th Lord Fleming, undated (folios 138-139).

Receipt on behalf of George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly, and William Keith, Earl Marischal, undated (folios 140-141).

Receipt of William Keith, Earl Marischal, Joinville, 7 August 1551 (folio 142).

Two receipts of Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassillis, 3 April 1551, and undated (folios 143-146).

Receipt, Joinville, 7 August 1551, of Gavin Hamilton, Commendator of Kilwinning (folios 148-149).

Receipt, Amiens, 5 September 1551, of James Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater (folio 150).

Receipt, Joinville, 7 August 1551, of Jeanne Beton of Creich (folio 151).

Promissory note of Marie, Lady Seton, Dieppe, 20 October 1551 (folio 152).

Five receipts of Legier Chesneau, treasurer, Dieppe, 1551 (folios 153-154).

Receipt of Captain James Dog, 2 May 1551 (folios 155-156).

Five receipts of Legier Chesneau, October-November 1551 (folios 157-161).

Receipt of Jacques Quenart for six measures of barley, in favour of William Thomson, 21 January 1552/1553 (folio 162a).

Promissory note of N Chardet, comptroller, in favour of Guillaume Collimant, tailor, 5 March 1552/1553 (folio 162b).

Testimony of Pierre Raulet, secretary, to a receipt by Marie Perrvie, 20 May 1552 (folio 163).

Promissory note of Pierre Raulet in favour of Guillaume Collimant, 1 March 1552/1553 (folio 164).

Cancelled receipt of Pierre Raulet, Edinburgh, 3 October 1553 (folios 165-166).

Testimony of Pierre Raulet to a receipt by Jeanne de Longueval, wife of Pierre Ratte, 3 October 1553 (folio 167).

Two receipts of Alexander Carpenter, for plate, 1 January and 14 May 1550 (folios 168-169).

Promise of Timoteo Cagnioli, banker, Stirling, 28 April 1553 (folios 170-171).

Promissory note of Pierre Martin, weaver, in favour of Guillaume Collimant, 3 June 1553 (folio 172).

Receipt of Pierre Ratte, for hay, 13 July 1553 (folio 173).

Receipt of George Livingstone, Edinburgh, 11 January 1553/1554 (folio 174).

Receipt of Bessie, wife of Alan Barker, master mariner, 10 January 1553/1554 (folio 175).

Two receipts of Nicolas Vincent, 14 December 1553, and 17 April 1555 (folios 176-177).

Receipt of Jean Godefroy, merchant, 17 April 1555 (folio 178).

Testimony of Jean Astier to a receipt by Thomas Marshal, 17 April 1555 (folio 179).

Receipt of Alexander Carpenter, 25 April 1555 (folio 180).

Part of an account for soap, undated; in Scots (folio 181).

Account of household and personal expenditure, possibly of David Paniter, Bishop of Ross, undated (folios 182-183).

Request of the monks of Absie-en-Gâtine, for furnishings, missals, etc., undated (folios 184-185).

Notes of provisions to be supplied for the monks of Absie-en-Gâtine, undated (folios 186-187).

Medicinal recipes, undated (folios 188-190).

Account for glass bought in France, [?1581]; in Scots (folio 191).

Accounts of money received from Sir William Keith of Delnies, October 1588; in Scots (folios 192-195).

Receipt of François de Civille, French ambassador, in favour of James VI, Edinburgh, 11 September 1589; in Scots (folio 196).

Two accounts of gold and silver received from John Maitland, Lord Thirlestane, 20 June and 26 September 1589; in Scots (folios 197-200).

Account of Jean Maitland, Lady Thirlestane, 1 August 1590; in Scots (folios 201-202).

Account of money received by Sir John Carmichael, 1590; in Scots (folios 203-204).

Notes of minutes concerning the Edinburgh cloth trade, undated; in Scots (folios 205-206).

Precept of arrestment of James Malcolm against Thomas Couper and others, Dunblane, 27 February 1600; in Scots (folio 207).


  • Creation: 1532-1600, and undated.

Language of Materials

French, Middle (circa 1300-1600) ; Scots; Italian; English


0.00 Linear metres (207 folios.)


‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’, edited by Marguerite Wood. Scottish History Society, 3rd Series, volumes 4 and 7 (Edinburgh, 1923, 1925).
Marshall, R K. ‘Hir Rob Ryall’, in ‘Costume’, volume xii (1978).

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