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Agreements. Legal instruments.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Writing made to evidence the terms and conditions, or the fact, of an accord or arrangement.

Found in 119 Collections and/or Records:

Accounts, chiefly relating to the household of Mary of Lorraine, but with a few items of the late 16th century., 1532-1600, and undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.2.5
Scope and Contents Unless otherwise stated all items are in French. Accounts of Jacques Girard, treasurer; Longueville, 25 May 1544 (folios 1-6; the correct order should be folios 1-2, 5, 4, 3, 6). - There is a partial translation in ‘Foreign correspondence with Marie de Lorraine’ (SHS, 3rd Series, volume 4), page xxvii.Wine account of Jean Mean, butler to Mary, Queen of Scots, March 1544 (folios 7-8).Building expenses at Stirling Castle, March-April 1544 (folio...
Dates: 1532-1600, and undated.

Agreement between Andrew Kinninmond of Kinninmonth and William Melville of Raith concerning a perpetual chaplainry at the altar of St Ninian in the parish church of Ceres., 1484.

Identifier: Ch.10483
Scope and Contents From the Series: The charters of the Minto family include titles to all the lands owned by the family in Roxburghshire, Fife, and Angus. The Roxburghshire titles include a few from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries but they and the Angus titles are not numerous until the seventeenth century. The earliest Fife titles however go back to the twelfth century, and the series is virtually complete from then until modern times.The lands of Headshaw were acquired by Sir Gilbert Elliot, 1st Baronet,...
Dates: 1484.

Agreement between George and Alexander More, trustees of Agnes Aitchison, and Archibald Simpson, millmaster at Spilmersford, concerning George Ramsay and a house at West Saltoun., 7, 10 February, 1 May 1851.

Identifier: Ch.14697
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

Sir Andrew Fletcher of Innerpeffer purchased Saltoun and Glencorse in 1642; Glencorse was sold in 1647. The documents concern both the estate and individual members of the family.

Dates: 7, 10 February, 1 May 1851.

Agreement between George, Earl of Kinnoull and Sir Andrew Fletcher of Innerpeffer concerning Reidmoss., 7 December 1641.

Identifier: Ch.13844
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

The family acquired various properties in Angus which were consolidated into the baronies of Innerpeffer and Turin; after Sir Andrew`s purchase of Saltoun the Angus property was sold, some to Col Sir Francis Ruthven in 1648, some to George, Lord Spynie in 1650, and some to George, Earl of Panmure in 1663; current titles will have passed to the purchasers.

Dates: 7 December 1641.

Agreement between John Bunch, son of Andrew, burgess, Perth, and Patrick Murray of Tibbermuir in favour of the latter, of an annualrent of property on the north side of North Street, Perth., 11 March 1567.

Identifier: Ch.15295
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Comprised of: charters and sasines of property in North Street, Perth, 1544-1668 (further records of the Incorporation held in the Scottish Record Office - GD1/427 - show that by 1718 the Hammermen had acquired much of the North Street property by purchase from David Moncrieff who in turn had acquired it from Sir William Stewart of Inneruytie) and one for property in South Street, 1781. Also the oath sworn by the Perth Hammermen on the Test Act 1681, in 1682, and extracts from the Burgh...
Dates: 11 March 1567.

Agreement between Michael, abbot of the Monastery of St Columbus, with consent of his chapter and of William of Balmanach, his tenant, of the half of Kyrkveth, and William Haket, laird of Dumfulan, with consent of Henry Wardlaw, laird of Lochor, his superior, respecting the bounds of the lands of Lurgnok., 5 July 1468.

Identifier: Ch.6038
Scope and Contents From the Series:

The charter and legal material contained here is of importance as giving the continuous history of a landed family in Fife from the 13th to the 18th century. The Halkett family appear to have risen partly on the decline of the Lochores of Lochore. By 1431, the former are having transumpts made of charters of the early 13th century granted to the latter (Ch.6018-6019).

Dates: 5 July 1468.

Agreement between the Honorable Patrick Maxwell with John London, and Henry Hope, Henry Harman and Jeremiah Harman., 10 March 1772.

Identifier: Ch.12637
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The papers relate to the various activities in which members of the family were involved. An inventory of these charters is available.

Dates: 10 March 1772.

Agreement between William, Lord Keith and Michael Jaffray in Corthis over the lands of Corthis., 22 November 1613.

Identifier: Ch.17220
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

Included are charters of Deer Abbey which passed to the family on the Reformation as the lordship of Altrie. Notes on these charters appear in Patrick Keith Murray`s `Inventory of Marischal Papers, 1905`, MS.21114.

Dates: 22 November 1613.

Agreement by Glasgow University in favour of James Durham and his wife., 1655.

Identifier: Ch.8449
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The documents are mostly marriage-contracts, burgess-tickets, and similar documents concerning members of the Dunlop family in the 17th and 18th centuries. Three items concern William Dunlop`s affairs in South Carolina, 1688-1689 (Ch.8456-8458). An inventory is available.

Dates: 1655.

Agreement by William Durham of Grange and Jean Ouchterlony his wife, to John Wood of Ballegno and Elizabeth Durham his future wife., 26 December 1629.

Identifier: Ch.15144
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Some of the items in this series belong in other parts of the Saltoun collection, but their relationship was not discovered until after the arrangement had been finalised; others may have been acquired by various members of the family.

Dates: 26 December 1629.

Agreement concerning plantations slaves and premises in Tobago between John Campbell and John Balfour., 16 July 1804.

Identifier: Ch.12687
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The papers relate to the various activities in which members of the family were involved. An inventory of these charters is available.

Dates: 16 July 1804.

Agreement to mortgage by Louise T G P C Papin to Messrs Phyn, Inglis and Comapny., 30 April 1798.

Identifier: Ch.12698
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The papers relate to the various activities in which members of the family were involved. An inventory of these charters is available.

Dates: 30 April 1798.

Antiquarian papers of James Dennistoun of Dennistoun, advocate and antiquary.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.19.2.16-19.2.27
Scope and Contents The papers consist of materials for a projected history of Dumbartonshire (Adv.MS.19.2.16-19.2.24), materials towards a projected work on the Scottish religious houses on the Continent (Adv.MS.19.2.25), and notes and extracts of Scottish interest from manuscripts in continental libraries (Adv.MS.19.2.26), together with a record of the bequest of Dennistoun`s manuscripts and a calendar of them (Adv.MS.19.2.27). The papers were arranged and bound by Mark Napier, executor of James...
Dates: ?1825-1856.

Articles concerning the depositation of papers [? title deeds] with Alexander Irvine of Drum by Master Robert Irvine of Cults, giving the terms and conditions of deposit., 1684.

Identifier: Ch.12811
Scope and Contents From the Series:

As well as charters relating to the Chalmers family itself, there are other items which are apparently unrelated but which came with the bulk of the papers. Only one document (Ch.12806) is of 15th century date, and only one (Ch.12776) is of the 16th century. The rest of the collection dates largely from the 17th and 18th centuries. A detailed list is available.

Dates: 1684.

Articles of agreement, 1797, previous to the marriage of Robert Nugent-Dunbar and Catherine Lister, with other family papers.

Identifier: Acc.6190
Scope and Contents


1. four letters, 1844, to the Reverend John Oldershaw (brother-in-law of Catherine Lister)

2. papers, 1795-1796, concerning Machermore estate.

Dates: 1795-1797, 1844.

Articles of agreement between Sir John J Scott-Douglas, Arthur Byram Gowan, William Readman and William Denovan, concerning the sale of timber., 1828.

Identifier: Ch.7662
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

Formal documents from the papers of the Douglas family of Springwood Park. They consist mostly of marriage-contracts, certificates and military commissions of members of the family, but also include a few documents relating to the family estates.

Dates: 1828.