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Devotional literature.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Religious texts that explore the values, ideas, and behaviours that a religion is seeking to advance, for the purpose of leading the individual, through devotion, closer to an ultimate state of grace or perfection.

Found in 28 Collections and/or Records:

15th-century manuscript of the 'Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ', a translation by Nicholas Love of the Pseudo-Bonaventure 'Meditationes Vitae Christi'.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.1.7
Scope and Contents 15th-century manuscript produced in England, probably London. The volume contains the 'Myrrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ', a translation by Nicholas Love, Prior of Mount Grace Charterhouse in Yorkshire, of the Pseudo-Bonaventure 'Meditationes vitae Christi'. The work dispenses meditative and doctrinal comment on scripture and is made up of 63 chapters in 7 sections, each representing a day of the week. The manuscript was produced for Edmund Grey, 4th Baron Grey of Ruthin,...
Dates: 1445 - 1465

‘1467 MS’ written by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail and the Reverend John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’, written by Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín.

Identifier: Adv.MS.72.1.1
Scope and Contents The manuscript consists of two sections, folios 1-9 ('1467 MS'), written in and about that date (folio 7 recto) by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail (folios 3 recto, 5 recto, 7 recto, 8 recto), who was presumably a MacMhuirich; and folios 10-25 (Reverend John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’), written circa 1425 by Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín (date and hand established by Tomás Ó Concheanainn, “The scribe of John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’”, pages 99-101.The manuscript begins with Cormac’s Instructions...
Dates: [Circa 1425, circa 1467.]


Identifier: MS.3014
Scope and Contents Complete Sanskrit text, preceded by a set of mālāmantras (folio 1 verso) and nine devotional stanzas (folios 3-5 verso). The adhyāyas end as follows: i, folio 14; ii, folio 27 verso; iii, folio 35; iv, folio 42; v, folio 47 verso; vi, folio 56; vii, folio 61; viii, folio 66 verso; ix, folio 72 verso; x, folio 80; xi, folio 91 verso; xii, folio 95; xiii, folio 101; xiv, folio 105 verso; xv, folio 109 verso; xvi, folio 114; xvii, folio 118 verso; xviii, folios 132, 132 verso.The...
Dates: ?Early 18th century.

Book of devotions., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.7131
Scope and Contents The volume contains the Hours of the Cross in Latin at folio 2 and in Dutch at folio 75 verso, the Penitential Psalms in Latin at folio 106, the Litany in Latin at folio 117 verso, psalms and prayers with indulgences, a variety of prayers to Christ, the Virgin, and some of the saints, and other devotional exercises.There are large miniatures of the Crucifixion (folio 1 verso), St Anthony (folio 28 verso), the Annunciation (folio 80 verso), the Deposition from the Cross (folio 90...
Dates: 15th century.

Book of devotions in the form of the Seven Penitential Psalms, and other prayers and devotions, written during the early years of the pontificate of Pius VII.

Identifier: MS.21238
Scope and Contents

The seven penitential psalms begin on folio 2.

The Psalms and several of the prayers are written in Latin (Psalms 1 (51) and cxxix (130) are not written out in full), the rest of the prayers and all the rubrics are in Italian.

A scrap of paper inscribed 'Libriccino che fu di uso del Cardinal Duca d'Yorck' in a nineteenth-century hand is tipped in at the front of the volume (folio i).

Dates: 1800, 1824

Book of hours according to the Use of Tournai., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.7128
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Prayers in Latin and Dutch in the female form (folio 1); (ii) Calendar, containing in red several saints from the Ghent area, such as Veerelt (4 January), Macharis (9 May), Amelberga (10 July), Bave (1 October) and Lievin (12 November) (folio 4); (iii) Hours of the Virgin (folio 16); (iv) Mass of the Virgin (folio 56); (v) Prayers to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Virgin (folio 61 verso); (vi) Penitential Psalms (folio 65); (vii) Litany and...
Dates: 15th century.

Devotional and instructional work compiled for the training of novices in the Franciscan order., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.7137
Scope and Contents The volume contains the Rule of the Franciscans (folio 1), the Mirror of Perfection (folio 11), collections of prayers and devotional exercises (folio 56), various elementary religious and theological instructions (folio 80), and St Bonaventure on the training of novices (folio 128).The volume is in a defective condition, lacking an entire gathering before folio 1, leaves after folio 33, 51, 55, 74, and 88 and all except the pastedown after folio 162. There is a pen drawing of...
Dates: 15th century.

Devotional work in a hand of the fourteenth century., 14th century.

Identifier: MS.3055
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) Devotions relating to the Passion of Christ, consisting of a meditation on an episode of the Passion, with an appropriate prayer, for each of the canonical hours, namely, matins, from the betrayal of Christ to the mocking before Herod; prime, His appearance before Pilate, the flagellation, etc.; terce, the cry of 'Crucify Him'; sext, the Crucifixion; nones, His death; vespers, the descent from the Cross; compline, the entombment. These are preceded...
Dates: 14th century.

Devotions for All Souls., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.7136
Scope and Contents The volume includes a Calendar (folio 8), possibly of the diocese of Liège, with entries in red for 'Die groet letanye' (26 April), "Franciscus ons h' vad" (4 October, duplex), and Hubrecht (3 November, duplex), and in black for Magdelberte (7 September, duplex); Mass for All Souls (folio 20); Penitential Psalms and Litany (folio 32); 'Den corten souter van der passien' (folio 96 verso); Vespers for the vigil of All Souls (folio 166); the Hours of All Souls (folio 332); and a large number of...
Dates: 15th century.

Fragmentary devotional work., 15th century.

Identifier: MS.7138
Scope and Contents

The fragment consists of seven gatherings (lacking a leaf after folio 47), and the back cover with a flyleaf (folio 56) and pastedown. As well as the front cover, entire gatherings have been lost before folio 1 and after folio 55. Surviving contents consist of prayers to the Virgin. There are a few decorated initials in red and green, and the rubrics are in red.

Dates: 15th century.

Leaf from a devotional work of the sixteenth century containing prayers., 16th century.

Identifier: MS.3057
Scope and Contents Two miniatures in Renaissance architectural frames. That on the recto represents Christ seated at the well while the Woman of Samaria pours water into a pitcher for Him, in front of a landscape background. That on the verso shows the healing of the Nobleman's Son, Christ and the father standing on either side of the youth's bed against a background of curtains. In both pictures ornamental details, Christ's halo, the well-rope, etc., are gilded.The text is surrounded by a plain...
Dates: 16th century.

Manuscript of book I of the ‘Scale of perfection’ by Walter Hilton., Mid 15th-century.

Identifier: MS.6126
Scope and Contents The text begins 'Gostely suster in Jhesu Crist I praye the', and is preceded by a list of chapters. The chapter divisions do not always correspond to those in Evelyn Underhill's edition. The text represents the earlier of the two versions (see Underhill's edition, page xliv). It includes the passage on the Holy Name of Jesus in cap. xliv (folio 33); and belongs to class A of Helen L Gardner's classification.Four leaves have been cut out at the end, the text ending...
Dates: Mid 15th-century.

Microfilm of books of hours and a book of devotion., 15th century.

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.536
Scope and Contents

he contents are as follows: Book of hours, 1473, according to the Use of Utrecht (MS.7130);

Book of devotions, 15th century (MS.7131);

Book of hours, 15th century, apparently according to the Use of Utrecht (MS.7132).

Dates: 15th century.

Microfilm of three Gaelic manuscripts of religious and medical texts.

Identifier: Mf.Sec.MSS.666
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows: ‘1467 MS.’ written by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail and the Reverend John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’, written by Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín, [circa 1425, circa 1467], (Adv.MS.72.1.1);

Manuscript, 16th century-17th century, containing a medical compendium, in Gaelic, asembled by the Mull Beatons (Adv.MS.72.1.2);

‘Materia medica’, 15th century, formerly belonging to the Beaton family of physicians (Adv.MS.72.1.3).

Dates: 15th century-17th century.

Miscellany of medieval manuscripts, chiefly books of hours, which were part of a collection of manuscripts (as well as printed books and paintings) formed by William Finlay Watson, a book-seller in Edinburgh; together with a list of the full collection.

Identifier: MSS.7122-7150
Scope and Contents

In addition to the medieval manuscripts, there are some non-religious books of later date, and a few unrelated fragments.

Dates: 13th century-17th century; 1881-1882.

Prayers and devotional exercises., 16th century.

Identifier: MS.7139
Scope and Contents The text is written in a number of sixteenth-century hands on leaves of paper of various sizes, some of which (folios 98-146 in part, 216-251, and 269-271) have suffered losses to the text when the volume was trimmed.The contents include 'Een regel der zielen leydende toter alder hoechster perfectien der doechden' (folio 1 verso), 'Een schoen exempel van eenen moninck' (folio 93 verso), 'Een suete herdencke op die pasien' (folio 103 verso), prayers to the Virgin and Child...
Dates: 16th century.

Sermons or other devotional writings, 1853, in the language of Old Calabar, by the Reverend William Anderson., 1832, 1853..

Identifier: MS.3112, folios 289-295
Scope and Contents

Also includes a copy made by the Reverend William Anderson in 1873 from a poem on the Reform Bill written on a corn-box in a stable in 1832 (folio 294).

Dates: 1832, 1853..