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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Transcribed collections of numbers, names, or other text indicating tallies of concepts collocated for any particular purpose.

Found in 1671 Collections and/or Records:

Act of the inhabitants and Kirk Session of the North-west quarter of Edinburgh (in St. Giles), agreeing to remove a partition wall in their kirk., 1599.

Identifier: MS.98, folios 32-35
Scope and Contents

The list of 32 names includes those of 'Andro Hairt' and 'George Heriot Eldar', who may be the printer and the goldsmith or his father. There is also a ith modern transcript.

Dates: 1599.

Acts of the Fife Chapman Society, Cupar., 1764-1858.

Identifier: MS.200
Scope and Contents

Includes 'The Acts of the Fife Chapman Society', Cupar, 25 October 1797, records of election of officials, various lists and minutes of meetings.

Dates: 1764-1858.

'Additions and corrections' to a work of the writer's own, which appears to have been entitled 'The History of the Rebellion in the years 1745 and 1746'.

Identifier: MS.3865
Scope and Contents The manuscript was probably written in or shortly after 1755, a date which occurs on page 31.The original work has not been traced; it may or may not have been printed. It was divided into at least twelve sections, and should be identifiable from many references to its pages in the present manuscript, for example: page 86, Lovat's escape from Inverness; pages 15, 153, the meeting of Jacobite leaders at Muirlaggan in May, 1746; pages 165, 246, Murray of Broughton's capture and...
Dates: [1755, or after.]

Address book of Sir Patrick Geddes, probably early 20th century., Early 20th century.

Identifier: MS.19999
Scope and Contents

The address book contains a list of visitors to 81A Princes Street, Edinburgh (folio 70 verso).

Dates: Early 20th century.

`Adversaria`, being miscellaneous notes and copies of correspondence of Sir Robert Sibbald, with scholars such as William Nicolson, Edward Lhuyd and John Smith of Durham on Scottish history and antiquities.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.3.19
Scope and Contents Smith`s letters (folios 47-61), some of which are originals, concern the records of Scottish history surviving at Durham. Other contents are as follows:(i) Notes on historical manuscripts in Edinburgh University Library (folio 2).(ii) The life of Robert Morison copied from his ‘Plantarum Historiae Universalis Oxoniensis’, part 3, with notes on the same volume (folio 4 verso).(iii) `A list of Gold Scotch Coyns` (folios 13 verso, 18).(iv) `The...
Dates: Circa 1682-1706, and undated.

Album labelled, 'Letters &c. from 1791 to 1796 from George Ellis, Esq., to his [half-] sister Elizabeth Lindsay, afterwards Mrs. Schutz', but really a commonplace-book, containing poems, riddles, etc., of Ellis and others., 1791-1796.

Identifier: MS.2907
Scope and Contents

Poems ascribed to George Ellis occur on folios 16 verso-20, 28 verso-39 verso. A list of letters of Ellis to Miss Lindsay, found loose, has been pasted on to folio 1. The name 'E. Lindsay' appears on folio ii verso and that of 'Aug. Schutz' on folio 26 verso.

Dates: 1791-1796.

Album of ‘Jacobite relics’, containing printed and manuscript material and portraits, formerly owned, perhaps started, by James Maidment, and containing additions made by a later owner.

Identifier: MS.2960
Scope and Contents The printed matter is recorded in the Catalogue of Printed Books. In addition to some forgeries, the manuscript material is as follows:(i) Letter, undated, of John Stevenson, James Maidment's publisher, probably to Maidment (folio 2);(ii) A version, in a hand of about Maidment's time, of part of the poem on Lord justice Clerk Whitelaw, 'Old Nick was in want of a lawyer in hell,' printed by Maidment in ‘A book of Scotish pasquils’ (Edinburgh, 1827), page 73 (folio 2...
Dates: 1696-1891, undated.

Album of miscellaneous printed and manuscript matter.

Identifier: Adv.MS.81.1.20
Scope and Contents

The printed items are mostly newspaper cuttings, from the period circa 1780-circa 1830; they have not been indexed. The manuscript items, a list of which has been added at the beginning of the volume, are mostly Scottish, several relating to Bo`ness and Linlithgow, and date from 1562 to 1826. On folio 44 is a note signed `A.E.N.`

Dates: 1562-circa 1830.

Alchemy: a compilation.

Identifier: Adv.MS.5.2.1
Scope and Contents (i) Medical notes. (Folio 1).(ii) `De Alchemia Dialogi II. Quorum prior, Genuinam librorum Gebri sententiam, de industria ab Authore celatam, et figurato sermone involutam retegit, et certis Argumentis probat. Alter Raimundi Lullij Majoricani, Mysteria in lucem producit. Quibus praemittuntur, propositiones centum viginti novem, idem argumentum compendiosa brevitate complectentes. Norimbergae apud Joan. Petretum. Anno MDXLVIII.’ A copy from the printed work (the first part of...
Dates: 17th century.

`Alphabet of Honnor: or The Succession and Armes of the Kinges, Princes, Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, Barons, and Gentry of England since the Conquest’.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.3.19
Scope and Contents The contents include notes on and blazons of the arms of the five conquerors of England and the seven Saxon kings (page 1) based on ‘The Accedence of Armorie’, pages 35-40; notes on and blazons of the arms of the English dioceses (page 5) and the Oxford and Cambridge colleges (page 16); the succession of English princes, dukes and earls since 1066 (page 25); the order of viscounts and barons (page 88); and an alphabetical list chiefly of the English gentry with blazons (page 92)....
Dates: 1618.

'Alphabetical list of all the Parishes in Scotland, shewing the Shire, Diocese, Presbytery, & Commissariot . . . and there patrons'., 1744.

Identifier: MS.1944
Scope and Contents

The list is inscribed (folio ii): 'Edinburgh, November, 1744. This list ... drawn up by ... William Smith, Esqr., First Clerk of Chancery, was given by him . . . to Andrew Lumisden' (from the handwriting, probably Prince Charles Edward's secretary). From the mention of dioceses, the inclusion of bishops and arch-bishops among the patrons, and the character of the ecclesiastical dignities given on pages 36-37, the drafter seems to have been an Episcopalian.

Dates: 1744.

Alphabetical list of commercial regulations in Old Slavonic.

Identifier: Adv.MS.22.5.4
Scope and Contents The manuscript is written in black ink, with red for the title, numbers and initials, and in a Muscovite skoropis’ hand.Списокь стор ʼroвoro ӳcтaвaThe manuscript begins: ·ã·, Ha двинѣ ẏ̑ аханrecкoro ropo втамо, жнѣ Ϭытна на яман'кеThe manuscript ends: и о напрасноrо ẏ̑божестьа свойхъ, люде хранять..There is a colophon on folio 72: и̓ по ẏ̑ка великоrо rдря й по помѣте,боя̑рина а̇̑ѳонасъя лаврентьė̑вича, а̇̑рдина нащокина й по...
Dates: 17th century-18th century.

Alphabetical list of medicinal ingredients, incipit `Ambra secundum quosdam est sperma ceti`., 14th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.6.9(iv), folios 69-80
Scope and Contents

There are later additions on folio 80.

Initials are alternately in red or blue, and the first under each letter of the alphabet has tracery in the other colour.

Dates: 14th century.