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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Transcribed collections of numbers, names, or other text indicating tallies of concepts collocated for any particular purpose.

Found in 1671 Collections and/or Records:

Copies of correspondence, and papers of and concerning Charles Grant, Vicomte de Vaux, chiefly on military subjects., 1775-1809, undated.

Identifier: MS.25164
Scope and Contents

The contents are as follows. (i) Copies of correspondence, 1775-1786, between Charles Grant and the Comte de Langeron concerning Grant's military career (folio 1); (ii) Papers, chiefly printed, concerning the Écoles Royales Militaires, 1777-1786, undated (folio 11); (iii) Miscellaneous papers on military and maritime subjects, 1779-1809, undated (folio 22).

Dates: 1775-1809, undated.

Copies of papers concerning the Exchequer and King’s rents.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.2.17
Scope and Contents On the first leaf is the inscription “Concerning the Chekker and the Kingis rent 1591”.The description of the manuscript in the folio catalogue (F.R.186) includes the reference: w.3.11.The contents are as follows: (i) Act of Suretie for Angus McConell of Dunecraig, 1591 (folio 3); (ii) The King’s command to the Seals anent the revocation, 1591 (folio 4); (iii) Act of Suretie for McClane of Dowart, 1591 (folio 11); (iv) Copies of papers by the King, Checker,...
Dates: 1546-Late 16th century.

Copies of the indexes of the principal published collections of Scottish dance music from the 18th to the 20th century, compiled by John Murdoch Henderson., 18th century-mid 20th century.

Identifier: MS.21709
Scope and Contents

The volume includes notes on each of the collections and on pages 100-102 some biographical notes about composers of the tunes. On pages 184-193 there is a list of the first appearances of tunes in these collections.

Dates: 18th century-mid 20th century.

Copies of William Aikman of Cairnie, chronological lists of Lord Chancellors, Lord Presidents, Lord Clerks Register, Lord Advocates, and Lords of Session, and other documents concerning the College of Justice.

Identifier: Adv.MS.25.3.13
Scope and Contents The volume is titled ‘A collection of several Acts of Parliament, Acts of Sederunt and other documents concerning the privileges and Immunities of the College of Justice by W. Aikman of Cairnie, Advocate, 1687’. The original board contained the note, ‘This Book was written by William Grant, Servitor to William Aikman of Cairnie, Advocate, collector thereof 1687’.The contents are as follows.(i) List of the Chancellors of Scotland since the Institution of...
Dates: 1687.

Copy, late 17th century, of `De jure prelationis Nobilium scotie or A Memoriall of the evidents and writs produced ... before the Comissioners ... anent the precedency and prioritie of dignitie [1606]`, incorporating additional information up to 1667.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.7.6
Scope and Contents

The text is followed by a list of titles of the nobility and other related material (folio 34 verso), and verses and notes on the history of Aberdeen (folio 45). An 18th-century hand has added a list of dates of the patents of Scottish nobles (folio 52).

Dates: 1606-1667.

Copy, made apparently in 1729, of ‘the most material passages’ of ‘Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Scotorum’ by Thomas Dempster (Bononiae, 1627).

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.7.22
Scope and Contents Almost all the entries in the printed book have been summarized in the manuscript, which also contains details not recorded in the printed book; many of the entries are partly in English. A later and more detailed entry on Robert Bodie has been written (in English) in the same hand on a small sheet of paper (folio 32) tipped into the volume. The frequent unintentional omissions made in the copying of the manu¬script have been supplied in the same hand in the margins. The dates 2...
Dates: 1627.

Copy made by John Riddell, on paper watermarked 1809, of the `Copy Search of Charters, Diplomas, andc in favours of the Peers of Scotland containing the Charts of Dignities and Series of Heirs` (folio 7), and of the appendix (folio 162) and index (folio 183) thereto in Adv.MS.34.3.20., Early 13th-early 18th century, ?1809-?1842.

Identifier: Adv.MS.26.3.6
Scope and Contents The copy is written in a formal hand on alternate leaves, the others being left blank for notes and additions, which have been added at various times until 1842 (folio 79 verso), or possibly later.Stitched in at folio 7 is a `List of ancient Peerages to be met with in the Registers of Parliament` in Riddell`s hand (folio 1). A note (folio 9) formerly stitched to folio 7 verso has been tipped in at folio 11. A letter of Lord Lindsay to Riddell, 1855, which was formerly pinned to...
Dates: Early 13th-early 18th century, ?1809-?1842.

Copy made by Thomas (Dom Placid) Fleming, Abbot of Ratisbon, of papers in the dispute between the Irish and the Scottish benedictines over the rightful ownership of the former Irish monasteries in Germany, and particularly that of St. James, Ratisbon.

Identifier: Adv.MS.29.7.1
Scope and Contents The papers copied are:(i) the supplication for the return of the monasteries made on behalf of the Irish benedictines by Dom Columbanus Duffy, Prior of St. John`s, Waterford, with a list of questions for the Scottish benedictines to reply to (folio 2); (ii) excerpts from documentary and printed sources referred to in the supplication (folio 7); (iii) Fleming`s notes, with additional observations, on all the foregoing (folio 26); (iv) his reply...
Dates: Late 17th century.

Copy made in or about 1690 by James Clapperton, Dalkeith, of the chronicles of the Civil War in Scotland compiled by Henry Guthrie, Bishop of Dunkeld.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.7.23
Scope and Contents The text of this manuscript is the same as that common to the other copies in this Library, agreeing with them against the printed book in some small omissions and additions, and numerous variants in vocabulary, spelling and word order. In addition to the text, the manuscript contains: summaries (in red) in the margins of most of the pages; at page i, a table of contents (as far as page 105 only); at page 161, a list of Royalist supporters executed in England during the Commonwealth period;...
Dates: Circa 1690.

'Copy of original letters &c. &c. by Queen Mary, King James VI, &c. &c. to the Lairds of Barnbarroch &c. from 1559 to 1618', 1794.

Identifier: MS.3002
Scope and Contents

The copies of letters are preceded by an engraved table of the branches of the family of Vaux, Vaus, or Vans, 1815, pasted inside the front cover, and a list of members of the Barnbarroch family who have held public office (folio ii), and followed by a manuscript pedigree of that family to 1809 (folio 89).

Dates: 1559-1618.

Copy of "Shaw's Diary for 1864" containing various accounts of William Green, bookseller, Edinburgh (who became macer to the Court of Justiciary in 1871).

Identifier: MS.8918
Scope and Contents

The accounts consist chiefly of a list of books supplied to Dundee Free Library, July-December 1869 (folios 1-7), and accounts rendered (chiefly for law books), 1869-1871 (folios 1-45 inverted).

Dates: 1869-1871.

Copy of the official report, 31 January 1725 [i.e. 1726], by Major-General (later Field-Marshal) George Wade, of his proceedings in disarming the Highlands; followed by copies of several papers.

Identifier: Adv.MS.17.1.21
Scope and Contents The report is signed by Major General George Wade, folio 15.A copy of each of the following papers follows the official report:a list of the arms surrendered by the clans between August and October 1725 (folio 15 verso);Wade’s instructions to the Officers Commanding the Highland Companies, 22 September 1725 (folio 16 verso);letters of submission of persons attainted of high treason, written between August and October 1725 (folio 17 verso);...
Dates: 1726.

Copy of “The Royal Naval Engineers` Note Book” by John R Harvey (Chatham, 1889), in which are written lists of Scottish topographical works arranged in order of county, followed by a list of family histories.

Identifier: Adv.MS.81.5.3
Scope and Contents

The lists appear to have been compiled about 1896 in the Advocates` Library and kept up until about 1903, which appears to be the latest date quoted.

Dates: 1889, 1896-1903.